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Age: 10
Postmark: New Jersey

This week’s memory exercise: who was your first “crush?”  As always, you don’t have to make any great point, just try to render the memory as vividly as you can.  (Names may be changed to protect the guilty and to incriminate the innocent!)

50 responses to “Advice from a 4th Grader”

  1. Emily Croke says:

    Consistently, I too am in live with Justin Bieber. I felt like I was the one who discovered him. I too like many young girls found his music on YouTube which made me feel like I had found him. People always ask me why I love him so much and I never know how to answer because I think it is because he has some element of innocence to me. He sings about love like it’s a fairytale. He sings of a special someone for everyone which I think is refreshing in today’s modern rap culture. Also he has an adorable face.

  2. Amanda Plaksin says:

    Sorry but, Justin Bieber is a disgrace to the music industry, and at seventeen sadly has not yet hit puberty. You can have a crush on someone famous but that kind of crush is superficial; I guess if you live that kind of life it’s okay, but my first crush was on someone I actually knew, interacted with everyday, and made me happy. I was in 5th grade and he, having got held back a year, was a little older but still in my class. He was the class clown, always distracting the teacher and making everyone laugh. He also lived right down my street. We used to ride bikes and go to the neighborhood park, you know, do kid things. It was pretty simple back then. When he kissed me the first time it was on the cheek and I remember that the whole school bus freaked out. You can’t get butterflies like that from Justin Bieber.

  3. Holly Osifat says:

    Justin Bieber is adorable and quite the catch, if youre into 17 year old boys… My celebrity crush has always been Bam Margera since i was in 8th grade and will always be him. I met him in New Hope at John & Peter’s when the bartender called me to tell me he was there. She introduced me as her niece and i couldn’t talk i was so nervous. I got a picture with him and the bartender who called me gave me the straw he drank out of and the pen he signed his check with. Later that year my dad drove me to see his house in West Chester where i saw a blacked out mercedes pull in. The gate opened and I saw the rainbow painted on his driveway and the house I knew from watching every episode of Viva La Bam. He may not know me, but don’t worry I’m going to marry him one day.

  4. Tess Drudy says:

    I’m a Belieber.. JB is in my dorm on my wall by my bed too. No big deal. But my first crush was in kindergarden. His name was Graham Fennel and he had curly hair. That’s what I liked about him. We shared crayons and slept next to each other at nap time. Sounds perfect right? Only problem was Amanda Doore. She liked Graham too. So during reading we used to sit on each side of him and take turns whispering “You’re going to marry me right?” into his ear. He played us, obviously. So we dumped him and became best friends. 🙂

  5. Nima Karvar says:

    The story of my crush is probably the most unlikely thing you ever heard. It all started about ten years ago at my grandparents flower shop. About once a week, my mom would take me to visit my grandparents at work. I would go in, run around the back of the shop, which seemed practically endless. That is, until you saw the steps to the basement. I would dare step near there because of the horror stories my grandfather told me would happen down there, which left the biggest imprint of fear in my brain. I would weave in and out of other employees, going through a casket spray, and jumping over a bouquet of flowers, trying to keep my balance so I would not have to face the wrath of my mother. Every so often, my grandfather would try to get me to go to the jewelry store next door and see the owners daughter. I still believed in cooties, so the thought of going to see a girl remotely close to my age made me cringe at the simple thought of it. after my grandfather finally convinced me to go, I saw her. Her name was Bianca. My grandfather and her father had a deal to get us to marry eachother, it would make them happy to know the families we would marry into. When I saw her for the first time, all I could think about was the motion of her long, brunette hair swayed with the air as she turned to the side to get a look at me. My grandfather and her father introduced us. She looked at me with a blank and unenthusiastic stare, while I gazed at her beautiful eyes glistening in the light of the sun. I would love going there and seeing Bianca, even though she barely ever noticed me. She was my first crush. And coincidentally enough, she ended up dorothy across the hall from me in college. So our parents were pleased, to say the least.

  6. Nancy says:

    God, I’m going to be carbon-dating myself here, but I actually remember having a “crush” on George Harrison! Funny to think about writing that on a “blog.” Or that it was shy George who did it for me…who can say what the heart wants?

    But actually, my first REAL crush was on a boy named Harold. We called him Hal. He was one of my older brother’s best friends. He was a swimmer. I don’t believe we ever talked, I was always too nervous, and he was too cool to care, or even notice me. How old was I? Ten? I used to hide at the top of the basement steps and listen to them talk about girls… and wish it was me! Though of course my brother would’ve killed him. Both of us, probably.

  7. Back in my day (and it wasn’t that long ago), when you liked a girl, you had to call her and ask her out. Call her HOUSE, I mean, which meant you had to play who-will-answer-the-phone roulette.

    The first girl I remember calling was named Kristen Neville. I was in 5th grade. I don’t remember why exactly I liked her, though I wish I did. Did she smell nice? Did she help me open my mini-cardboard carton of chocolate milk at lunch (those things were a bitch)? Did she draw me a crayon picture (she did grow up to be an amazing artist)? I have no idea. All I remember is that I liked her – I was aware of liking her, and the social obligations that implied. I had to call her and ask her out.

    Calling a girl’s house was the equivalent of getting your head stuck in the schoolbus window (the kind with the stubborn plastic springs you had to push in simultaneously from both sides) and then driving that school bus over a series of huge speed bumps.

    The first part of the process involved retrieving the “school phone book” which was a thin wire-bound volume that listed all your classmate’s names, their parent’s names, and their addresses. It made for good reading, all year round, because you could find out whose parents were divorced and who’s weren’t.

    So I flipped to the N’s. Nash. Nemic. Neville. Back then you didn’t have to dial the area code, so it was just seven digits. I actually remember her number to this day, though I won’t publish it here. 896…

    The reason I remember it is probably because the second part of the process, after locating the school phone book, was to dial the first six digits and hang up. You did this about 90,000 times, which was good practice for hanging up when you actually DID call and someone answered.

    The odds for who would answer were roughly:

    2-1 – Her mother
    4-1 – A sibling
    8-1 – A grandparent
    10-1 – Her father
    750,000-1 – The girl herself

    So I dialed. Phones back then were push button and attached to the wall.


    (Hang up.)


    (Hang up.)


    “Um, hello, this is Matt, can I please speak to Kristen, sir, please?”

    “Yeah. Hold up.”

    I’d gotten her older brother. I don’t know when people stopped saying “Hold up” but it reminds me of a different , better era.


    “Hi, Kristen.”


    “Hi, Kristen, this is Matt.”


    “Matt Smith, from school.”

    “Oh hey Matt.”


    “What’s up?”

    “Um, do you know what the Language Arts homework was? I forgot my assignment book.”

    “Hold up, let me check.”

    (Hours upon hours of waiting.)

    “We have to read the first chapter of Where the Red Fern Grows.”

    “Is that it.”

    “Yeah. That’s all I wrote.”




    (I bang the phone into my head.)

    “Is everything okay?”

    “Yeah sorry, I just dropped the phone.”

    (Across the room, my mother looks up from doing the dishes and frowns, as if to say, “Just do it you little pansy.”)

    “Hey Kristen, do you want to meet me up at Elwell (the local park)?”

    “Sure. When?”

    “Ten minutes?”




    (Mother frowns as if to say “Hang up the phone you idiot.”)

    That day at the park was my first kiss. It’s kind of silly to wish this process upon a generation who will never have to endure it – who can just call a 10-year-old girl’s cell phone directly, or text her. But I find myself wishing that rite of passage never went away, that it was a permanent feature of childhood, like those school bus windows.

  8. Brandon Katz says:

    I remember my first crush in great detail as my ordeal was not very long ago. While every other male seemed to notice that females existed in middle school or even earlier, I didn’t truly noticed until 11th grade.
    I was in the midst of taking the hardest class of my high school career (AP chem) and began staying after school every day to study with the teacher close by. One particular day, while feeling miserable and desperately scrambling to learn thermodynamics, I noticed that a member of the opposite sex was in a similar position. Not just any girl, but the epitome of the most gorgeous women alive. The kind of girl that would be totally out of my league if the whole “league” thing existed (debatable). I then realized that this girl sat at the same lunch table as me, was in the same math class and was best friends with a good (female) friend of mine. Forget thermodynamics, the only thought going through my mind was, “what do I do!?”
    After beating around the bush for a month or so, I finally got the gall to ask my crush to study chemistry in the park with me. The only problem was I didn’t quite know how to pronounce her name. I practiced in the mirror a bit, but I was sure I was just saying it wrong, so I finally worked up the courage to ask her best friend. After getting laughed at for what seemed like hours, I participated in a mini workshop on how to pronounce Arab names. But that was fine and dandy because when I asked her to go over acid-base titrations with me, she said yes!
    I didn’t know that it was possible to sweat so much in ten minutes. I just couldn’t work up the courage to ring her doorbell, so I stared at her doormat for a while. All of a sudden, the door handle started to turn. I quickly jumped down a step to make it look as if I just arrived. It totally worked and she was just bringing the trash out. This was the perfect start to our first date (she just didn’t know it was a date yet).
    Well, that’s the end of the “crush” phase of our relationship. I’d go into details about what came over the next two years… but I’ll just leave that up to your imagination.

  9. Emily Moyer says:

    I had my first crush in the first grade. Jake Murray. I don’t honestly remember why I liked him. The blue eyes maybe? (Still have a thing for those) Anyway he sat next to me in the back row of Miss Snape’s class and I would always come up with little ways to talk to him. “Losing” my pencil, “just happening” to pick to be in the same group for a field trip, little things. Devious child I was (still am?) He never got the message though what can you really expect from a 7-year-old boy?
    I actually still have my first journal from when I was in first grade and I actually wrote about liking Jake.

    “Jake sits next to me and he is soooo nic. I loveeee him!! But he dosent no. He woud be scarred.” (I couldn’t spell at 7!)

    Then I drew a picture of his reaction to me professing my love. He looks quite terrified. Right? http://i56.twitgoo.com/2eq777d.jpg

    Up until about 5th grade I liked Jake. I rarely have spoken to him since. My last conversation with him was last year in health class. He was telling me that a woman he knew, Michelle, was going to be on the A&E show Intervention. I didn’t believe him but he was right! My hometown has been featured on Intervention.
    Anyway now Jake doesn’t go to school and is a huge pothead I hear. Nothing wrong really being a pothead, I suppose, so long as you are productive, unlike Jake. Funny how the people you used to know turn out later in life.

  10. Rachel Beecher says:

    My first crush (that I remember) was this boy in my 2nd grade class, Ben. He was, like, totally dreamy. Since I was 6, it was obviously love at first sight. I remember that my second grade teacher was his second cousin. He didn’t like to tell people that…but he told me. We had a special relationship. One day when the straw fell off his juice box, I let him use mine. Because I wasn’t thirsty anyway. Though he may not have voiced it, he loved me back. We had a beautiful 2nd grade (more-than) friendship.

    After the second grade, Ben and I grew apart. We didn’t see each other over the summer, and he met another girl…Ashlynn. It was never the same.

    In elementary and middle school, we had the same interests. We both played the clarinet. We were both altos in chorus. We both were in the same Family and Consumer Science class. But the magic was gone.

    As sophomores, we became closer. But we were both dating other people. It was just a pipe dream.

    Eventually, Ben dropped out of chorus and stayed the band (eventually became president). He joined the National Honor Society, the Spanish Club, the golf and swim team. While I quit playing the clarinet, I joined the concert choir, became president of the drama club, and went to a magnet arts school half an hour away.

    And that was my second grade. There was a group of us that always hung out then, and though we may not have been friends, we continued into high school together over the next 10 years. Though he had similar friends in high school and hung out occasionally, we were never quite as close as in the second grade.
    Currently, he attends Ursinus College for Pre-Med with an incredible academic and athletic scholarship. Maybe he was the one that got away…

  11. Al Germann says:

    My first crush was in kindergarten. You remember kindergarten? The exact opposite of where we are now……except the naps, and the snacks, the getting up at 8am, but other than that completely different. It was a different time. I remember having a rotary phone in my kitchen when I was growing up. That right, calling someone was basically physical labor. Anyway, one of my favorite times of the day back then way recess. Ahhhh recess, I remember it well. Finding bugs, promising my friends $20 to help me establish myself as king of the swings (that’s right, I was the hit man of the playground), playing TV tag, “falling” off the slide so i could go home wit ha “twisted ankle” (yeah, I did that…about 6 times, and yeah, i’m proud of myself). Things were simpler, different things enticed me; like shoe laces.
    Her name was Lacey, and she had those bitchin’ shoelaces that were all springy and sprongy. You know, these: http://tinyurl.com/6gljbc2

    I know your wondering: “How the hell did he contain himself?!”. I wonder thee same thing almost every minute of every day. She was the fly-est girl I knew, she had swag, how could I not be in love?
    So I told her how I felt and we were married that same day after lunch under the computer table. The service was conducted by this one dude who always seemed to smell like an antique store(I think he lived with his grandma).
    I guess by today’s standard we should still be together, seeing as we were never divorced, I have no kids as far as i know so there really isn’t anything to tie us together anymore, seeing as i’m pretty positive she doesn’t wear those laces anymore…..

  12. Pat Carvalho says:

    My first crush was a girl named Lauren. Lauren was my neighbor while I was growing, and since our parents were close friends we were practically raised together. I was 3 years old when my family moved into our old neighborhood while it was still under construction. We were one of the first to move in since my dads company was involved in the construction of the develop so we were present as for sale signs became to change to sold. Shortly after we moved in a big moving truck appeared in front of the house across the street which excited me since i was looking for friends to play with. It turns out that the person moving in would become one of my best friends, and my very first crush. I first saw Lauren when we had the typical neighborly meet and greet, and she was surrounded by an aura of beauty. With her bright blue eyes, and gold long hair what was there no to like. Our “relationship” began as friends since her mom would often take us out just as my mom would. We shortly after were doing everything together. We would go pumpkin picking, play on the jungle gym, go to McDonalds, go grocery shopping, and the list goes on and on. Since we were together so frequently of friendship soon evolved into a crush, and at that point we were inseparable. This continued for quite some years but the Lauren ended up going to catholic school rather than the public school i went to which put a strain on our friendship. We always kept in touch with one another and even to this day. I still consider Lauren one of my close friends.

  13. Andrew Lupo says:

    My first crush… an awkward stage that ran from 3rd grade to 5th. Her name was Morgan. I distinctly remember during indoor-recess in 3rd grade, we would play with flashcards for hours practicing our basic math applications. And I HATED math, but it was still fun to hang out with your crush, doing anything really, at that age.

    In 5th grade I finally summed up the strength to ask her to be my “girlfriend.” It was a successful endeavor, and everyday during recess we could be seen holding hands and walking around the playground.

    I went to her house for the first time that winter. We sat around on her basement couch for hours watching Oprah. My mom would always watch Oprah at home and I hated it, but like I said, at that point in life doing anything with your crush was fun. The episode was about domestic abuse. I remember telling my mom what we did when she picked me up.

    “we just pretty much sat around and watched Oprah”

    “Andrew, that episode wasn’t for kids!” (the mom that made her son wait ’til he was 13 to see most PG13 movies).

    To this day, Morgan and I are still friends and we joke about our little relationship occasionally.

  14. Shilpa Shegu says:

    My first crush happened when I was in 3rd grade. Throughout elementary school, I had a good friend of mine named Steven Lebowitz. We lived primarily around the same area and would always take the bus home together. I knew him since 1st grade but never noticed anything quite so special about him until 3rd grade. I never told him how I felt because since he was Italian I thought he would only like Italian girls, silly me. We both ended up going to the same middle school, but our circle of friends became different. We tried to talk to each other here and there but it was never the same. I eventually left my middle school and went somewhere else for 7th up until high school, and since then we haven’t spoken. It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago when I went to my Calc class at night that I saw him in Alter Hall. He now goes to Temple and we walk by each other as if we’re strangers, haha awkward.

  15. Siya Brown says:


    In the year 1995, building blocks, macaroni noodle art, finger paint, show-and-tell, recess, and the all important nap time were the driving forces of the Pre-Kindergarden era, while matching superhero gear was the driving force of LOOVVEE ! In a nutshell, Pre-K was one of the best times of my life. Boys still had cooties and my friends and I swore by the saying “girls rule and boys drool”. My two best friends at the time (who’s names I can’t remember) made a pact that any boy that we thought didn’t have cooties would be our boyfriend and we would love him together forever. And that boy’s name was Stephan pronounced (Steff-fon). Thinking back on it, I don’t really remember how he looked but he had curly brown hair and he had to be cute. Besides that he was definitely a charmer. What really made us go crazy was his ability to accessorize at such a young age. He was either the only, or the first boy in the class to have the green power ranger winter jacket with matching hat, gloves, and lunchbox. And green is my favorite color! I think I remember this boy more-so because one day he brought the pink and yellow power ranger in and let me and one of my two best friends play with them all day long. Leaving only one of us without a power ranger. So of course we stopped talking to her for the rest of the day because we knew that Stephan liked us more because he didn’t let her play with his power rangers. That really messed up the sister-hood we had going on but the next day we were all sitting together on the school bus and still giving him all the love and attention we knew he deserved because he was the coolest boy in class and he was our boyfriend and we promised to love him together forever. Unfortunately he moved away and we never saw him again.

    -I still get a little weak-kneed anytime I hear “Go, Go, Power Rangers” !

  16. Oishika Vaid says:

    School Life is a crazy experience. That is when one’s life starts to take shape. But for a girl, it is a time when we actually attain sense of fashion 😛 yeah am definitely not the kind who was fashion obsessed. In fact I was classified under the zone of a fashion disaster.

    It was my first day in my new school. It looked huge. It was like a maze for me then (don’t worry, the main building is worse :P) I was a new admission in the 6th grade and had finally found my class. I sat on the last bench waiting for the class to begin. The teacher walked in and opened her book and started reading from it. That is when a boy with his hair all over his face, untucked shirt and had simply created recipe for disaster walked in late. The teacher glared at him with fury written all over her face. In fact I was surprised that Nikhil did not faint by the strength of her glare. That is when I first saw my first crush. Nikhil Khoda. The cutest and probably nicest guy in the class.

    In the class we were divided into 8 groups, each group consisting of 2 boys and 2 girls. Bless my soul! He was in my group. I was so happy. But that is when I realized that groups with boys and girls was like a punishment. So the only option I had was to play along. I was so upset. But also relieved that Nikhil did not find it a pain to talk to me. In fact he became my best friend that year. We played volleyball and table tennis together. We’d also hang out together. It was awesome.

    As time passed, I got over Nikhil, but the fact that he was my first crush cannot be changed… He did at that moment feel and make me feel very special…

  17. Bekah Smith says:

    Dear John Black,
    Whether you know it or not, you were my first crush. It was kindergarten love. How else can I describe it? You didn’t like me-like me back, because you know, I was the midget with frizzy hair who cried and hid under the table when everyone made fun of me. You thought I was nice, because I guess I was cool to finger paint with and I was a good partner to have during circle time, but you never looked at me the way I looked at you, with your dark Amish-cut hair and your big brown eyes and gap-toothed smile. I even liked you when you got the chicken pox and never stopped scratching, so you had oozing, scarring, bloody marks all over your face.
    I liked you when you clearly liked Liz C, which I never understood because she had hairy arms and her finger paintings always looked like mud. My jealousy raged like a wild fire. I hated her more than anything in the whole wide world. I hated that her last name began with C and mine with S, because her picture got to be next to yours in the elementary yearbook, and mine was last, next to Conner S, who was short and weird and talked like an alien.
    As time went by, we grew apart. You know, shit happens in first and second grade that makes relationships hard to keep. This past June we graduated from high school, and now that I look back on our life together, I can’t help thinking thank God I didn’t keep loving you, because now you’re hair is dirty, (personal hygiene is not something you ever take very seriously), and your eyes always look a little funny, because you’re so out of your mind won pot, E, and more hardcore substances. And well, who cares about your smile anymore, because every time I see it, I realize your lips are moving, and nothing intelligent ever seems to leave them.

  18. Luckym Dinh says:

    I recall having my first crush when I was five. The moment I entered my kindergarten classroom for the first time, a boy named Eddie caught my eye. I remember he was very funny and very charming from the very beginning. He always put a smile on everyone’s face. Although I was incapable of reading and writing at that age, I somehow knew how to spell his name. Every time I had a pencil and paper, I found myself writing his name all over the paper. Although I had a crush on him, I rarely interacted with him. I was too shy around him. Every time he was near, I was speechless. Never in my life had I felt this way about someone. I had a crush on him up until third grade when he moved away. Where is he today? I do not know, but I will always remember him as my first crush.

  19. Lilly Kuriakose says:

    My first ever crush that I can actually recall was in 7th grade. His name was Jon and no he didn’t go to my school. I actually met him at my church (where he still goes). I don’t know what made him so special but I just really liked him. I remember ever since I started liking him I would spend so much time trying to pick out the perfect outfit to wear just so he would notice me. I even remember doing silly things like writing his name all over my book with a little heart on it. Those were some crazy times. But the thing is I think he actually liked me too but we never said anything to each other. I remember this one time when we both were at a barbeque at our friends house (who also went to my church). We were all sitting outside playing Charades and the person sitting next to me got up to go get something. Suddenly Jon rushed and came sat next to me and smiled. I blushed and smiled back. That day was unforgettable. I think I had a crush on this guy for like a year or two and I never told him. He seemed almost perfect. But then we both grew up and life just came in the way. Now I barely see him around. But I always wonder how my life would have been different if I actually had the guts to tell him how I felt.

  20. Nick Gangi says:

    I have a somewhat vivid memory of my first crush. Her name was Michelle. In sixth grade, about two days before the last day of school, I found an envelope in my mailbox in my classroom. I shoved it in my backpack so I could open it when I was alone in my room when I got home. The rest of the day went by and I walked home at 3:00. I ran up to my room and pulled the envelope out of my backpack. I tore it open and pulled out the contents. Inside I found a letter and another slim piece of paper with pictures on it. The letter basically summarized that she has “liked” me since second grade when she moved to my town. She also wrote her phone number in the letter because she wanted me to call her. The other piece of paper had my yearbook picture from kindergarten through fourth grade. At the time I was very flattered, thinking back at it, it was actually kind of creepy. I never called her. A few days later at the sixth grade dance one of her friends handed me another envelope. This one had my fifth and sixth grade pictures. The next day I went on AOL, back in the days that people still used AOL, and instant messaged her. Caught up in the flattery and the idea of a girl liking me, I convinced myself that I “liked” her too. After a few minutes of talking to her we decided to be “boyfriend and girlfriend.”
    We never actually hung out over the summer or really talked that much; just once in a while online. Our “relationship” kind of just faded away until we got to middle school where we barely looked at each other. I don’t think I really liked Michelle, but I think that’s why it’s called a crush. Either way, it’s a memory that always sticks out in my head.

  21. Andy Wells says:

    I recall someone asking me why I liked Alison. I couldn’t answer. What things would have invoked a second grade crush? Biologically, it makes no sense to even be attracted to the opposite sex at this age. But for whatever reason, I wanted her. I would make sure she was my first kiss. At the same time, my best friend Alex had a crush on a girl named Megan. Ironically, Megan and Alison were best friends at the time too. So Alex and I would always chase this pair of girls around at recess. Somehow, we believed badgering them was a good strategy of becoming closer to them, as if that annoying them would make them like us. We had no idea what we were doing. Things started going downhill; we sensed that they weren’t going for our foolproof game plan. My friend convinced me that it would be a good idea to “confess our love” for them. At least, I’d like to think it was his idea. I’d like to think that I never believed any of this would work, but I know that’s not true. Anyway, we did indeed confess our love at recess one day. It did not go well. Alison said that she actually kind of liked me earlier in the year, but that faded once I started harassing her every day. Who would’ve guessed? We blew our chance! My first kiss would have to wait.
    To this day, I am friends with Alex and Alison. They were two of my closest friends in high school. And for the record, I did end up kissing Alison years later. So maybe Alex’s strategy did work, and it just took time.

  22. Chad McCloskey says:

    I remember my first crush, her name was Jenna. I was in the 5th grade and she was in the 6th grade so I was going for a stretch on this one. My situation was a little bit different with Jenna for many reasons. I hung out with her older brother almost everyday because he was best friends with my brother. She lived across the street and I was constantly at her house, and are families were pretty close. Jenna was a cute kid, and she had never had a boyfriend before, partly because her brother scared everyone. But one day when I was hanging out with her brother and some friends it caught me off guard, I had a crush on this girl. I had never had a girlfriend though so I didn’t really know what to do. I knew who to talk to, my best friend Garrett. He had already had numerous girlfriends and his girlfriend at the time was Jenna’s best friend, PERFECT! I remember talking to Garrett in lunch one day:

    Me: “I think I like Jenna.”
    Garrett:”Really, you want me to talk to Darein to see if you two want to hang out in the park after school?”
    Me:”I don’t know, not yet.”
    Garrett:”Either way I’m going to do it now.”

    After school Garrett came up to me and said that Jenna actually wanted to hang out in the park after school. I was suprised yet nervous at the same time. I didn’t know what to do, I had never had a girlfriend before. I remember riding our bikes to meet up with the girls at the park after school. My heart was pounding, my palms were sweaty. I remember while hanging out with them, at first realizing how natural Garrett and Darein were. Holding hands, hugging. Meanwhile, Jenna and I were awkward to say the least. After the park we went to Garrett’s house where things got much better. We got more comfortable around eachother and watched television on his couch. Eventually, the girls had to go to soccer practice. I remember thinking, “oh no, am I going to give her a kiss? Will she kiss me?” Darein walked up to Garrett and gave him one. I stood there expecting a hug when Jenna came up to me and gave me a kiss. #Winning

  23. Richard Chen says:

    I always thought that I had many crushes back in middle school and even in elementary school. It turns out that the “crushes” I had were nothing compared to the joy and distraught I experienced for three years. The first experience that I can label as a “crush” started so inconspicuously in the summer of seventh grade.
    School was almost ending, and I had no more worries except one – the dreaded annual violin recital. It was my first recital (I had other recitals for piano, this was the first for violin) and I was nervous around the skilled, experienced violinists around me. I knew two girls that had the same violin teacher as me, and both of them were in my grade. One of them I knew since elementary school – her name was Brenda. The other was named Amanda, and I only knew her from Spanish class the previous year. This made me even more timid, even more scared. They were both advanced players, and their abilities definitely surpassed mine.
    The recital was held at my teacher’s home and every student she had participated. The room was lit up with yellow lights, contrasting with the dark, clear sky outside. The recital went on, and everyone went – including me. I was relieved and sat down on a couch to relax. At that moment, Amanda entered the room, talking to her father. I was just sitting there awkwardly, looking at my violin. I couldn’t help but look over, trying not to make it obvious I was staring. I thought she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen.
    I forced myself to message her online after that recital, and the immediate result was great. We were talking about stupid things to pass the time on hot summer nights. I even signed up for tennis camp five weeks late just because she was there. This girl was my crush – and I knew it. In eighth grade, we were in home economics together. I, luckily, was sitting at the same table as her and remained in her group for the whole year. Each day I looked forward to that class. I had such a “huge” crush on her that I was even more shy around her.
    Fast forward one year to my freshman year of high school. During the year that had passed, we talked a lot online and talked occasionally in person. A friend told me that she knew (that I liked her, of course). I finally decided to tell her one night online. Looking back on it, it was lame, really lame. So lame that I can’t believe I’m telling everybody. Nonetheless, I did it. She didn’t respond. I typed in a smiley face and logged off. The tension that I felt then made the stress during my first violin recital feel like nothing.
    The next day, it felt like everyone in school was talking about it. People I didn’ t even know approached me and said, “you like Amanda?”. They were like vultures, gossiping and laughing about my crush on this girl. My heart sank that day, and I just wished she would talk to me. I don’t know why I revealed my attraction towards her, but I had to do it. After I unveiled my secret, it was all downhill. Our friendship – the little that we had – was gone. Maybe that’s why they call it a “crush”. Maybe the people who invented this word knew that there would be a high chance that the person’s heart would be pulverized. I actually miss those days, and even though I blew my chances, I can’t say I regret one moment during that time.

  24. Spencer Reid says:

    My first crush was a cute girl by the name of Megan and I am still pretty good friends with her to this day. She became my crush in 6th grade because that is when I asked her out over instant messenger. I specifically remember being on the computer in my basement and talking to a few friends over instant messenger. I was talking to Megan and her brother who was one of my best friends in middle school and I just randomly asked her out. She has black hair, a pretty face, and brown eyes. A few weeks later we were at a small get together at my friends house and we went in the woods and kissed for like 20 seconds (haha). Making her the first girl I ever kissed besides my wonderful mother. I very rarely called her on the phone and we texted every so often because she did not have Verizon and I had limited text messages. We dated all through 6th grade until the end of 7th grade. Our relationship was like any other middle school relationship. We would hug occasionally in school and we would hang out like once a month. Holding hands in school was pushing it because I felt awkward if teaches new that we were dating. Even though we used to tell each other we loved each other and what not when we had no idea what that even meant. The worst part about it is that we used to break up like every month because I did not know what I wanted. After we broke up for good I got with a couple of her friends but we rekindled the flame in 8th grade when I got with her again but that was the last time. Now we are pretty good friends and freshman year she went to one of my dances as a friend. Thinking about all of this makes me think that I may still have a little crush on her.

  25. Ammar Jamal says:

    Back when I was a kid from grade school to middle school my hormones would act up. If i were to count i’d probably have about 57 “first crushes”, but my first real crush was a pretty girl i met in 8th grade at a picnic that my parents dragged me to. At this time I didn’t have many friends because I had just moved to Allentown and was labeled “the new kid” or “the ghetto kid” or “the kid that thinks he’s tough”. So as all the other kids who my age neglected me and played basketball I went and played cricket with the adults. After a long grueling game of cricket with a bunch of middle aged men I was exhausted and went to sit down at the picnic table where three girls whom i had never met before were sitting. As if things weren’t depressing enough, one of the girls who I found attractive named Henna randomly decided to harass me.

    “Is your name Ammar”


    “Why do you try to act so cool?”

    “I don’t”

    “Are we not cool enough for you? Why do you think you’re all that?”

    “I don’t”

    Then I walked away even more bitter than i was before the dreadful picnic had begun. I sat on a hill alone and waited for the picnic so I could go home and play Halo. As I waited I saw Henna, the same girl who had harassed me earlier walking up the hill towards me and all I could think was “here comes more trouble”. Henna came and sat next to me at the top of the hill and apologized for the harassment because she felt bad for making my day worse than it already was. I accepted her apology and we starting talking, we really clicked and before I knew it I was head over heels for this girl who was just a moment ago harassing me and making me want to jump off a 20 story building into a pond of porcupines. I went home that day with butterflies in my stomach and only one thing on my mind “HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA”. Since that picnic i went from Facebook friend to AIM friend to calling buddy and finally to boyfriend. This girl I met three and a half years ago who harassed me and put me down is currently my girlfriend so technically I’ve never really gotten over my first crush.

  26. Molly Driscoll says:

    My first crush was in the second grade, I was 6. Andrew Hazzard was his name. Second grade was the first year at my new elementary school. My family had just moved the previous year. I remember walking in that first day of school with my mom, so excited to meet new people. I saw Andrew; he had blonde hair and bright blue eyes, so typical. But, he was just so cute! I don’t even think there was anything else to it besides how cute I thought he was. Half way through the day we all had to sit on the carpet as Ms. Telghieder told a story. I remember my new friend Kerry said “Where do you wanna sit!” Now, this wasn’t just any old decision, we were about to pick where to sit on the carpet, crucial second grade decision. I took a second to think (more to look and see where Andrew sat.
    Now, at this age, I was a very forward kid, not afraid of what anyone thought. So, I saw a spot open next to Andrew and said to Kerry with a point of the finger, “Right over there!” We walked over and I sat right next to him. Now that I think about it, I couldn’t have been more obvious about my crush, and on the first day of school. Screw waiting for the guy to make a move. I wasn’t right next to him, but probably about two feet away. As Kerry and I sat down, before the story started, I whispered to her “Andrew is so cute! I like him so much!” she whispered back, “Oh my god he is! But, JR is even cuter, I like him so much!” In those good old times it didn’t take much to “like someone so much!” We both started giggling. Then everyone looked at us, including Andrew. I looked at him and smiled, after a slight hesitation he smiled back. I remember immediately thinking “I love him!”
    Second grade was nowhere near the last I saw of Andrew. Andrew and I continued to go to school together up through high school and graduated in the same class. Although nothing ever happened between me and Andrew, besides a few phone call hang-ups on my part, we did become really good friends and remain good friends today. Not to mention, he still has those gorgeous blue eyes and curly blonde hair. I think I’ll always have a little bit of a second grade crush on Andrew.

  27. Jason Wesolowski says:

    My first crush was when I was in 1st grade. I at least think it was a crush because I always picked on the girl and one day ended up cutting some of her hair off with scissors. If that’s not a seven year olds reaction to liking a girl then I don’t know what constitutes a 1st graders crush. Her name was Emily and I don’t remember why I liked her, but for whatever reason she made me act immature and stupid. I constantly picked on her for attention, but she just thought I didn’t like her. Throughout the year I would always come up with different ways to get her attention. My usual way was by the old fashion “tap her on the opposite side of the shoulder so they look the other way”. I thought that was hilarious and the coolest thing back then. My crush lasted only about a month because she ended up moving and transferred to a new elementary school in my district. Years later she was back in my life where we met again in middle school. However, those same feelings were no longer present. Throughout High School and even presently we knew each other, but she just straight up irritates me now. I don’t know why that’s the case, it just is. So my crush on Emily from 1st grade is no more.

  28. Liesl Blum says:

    My first crush conveniently lived next door to my best friend, Anna. I believe it was in second grade, I would go over to Anna’s house once a week after school to play. Of course being my best friend, she knew that I had a crush on Kyle. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and I remember he was always drawing pictures of cars. So every day I went to Anna’s house we would play outside in the front yard in hopes that Kyle would see us and come over to play with us. I remember one day in specific, we were outside and we saw Kyle go out into his garage. I wanted to go over and talk to him so bad, but I was too nervous. Anna spent a good 10 minutes trying to talk me into inviting him over to play with us. I finally gave in, walked over with Anna and timidly asked if he wanted to go across the street to the playground. I had nothing to be nervous about because he was just as excited to play as I was. We spent the next hour or so playing tag, racing across the monkey bars, and going down the slide at the playground. I was so disappointed when my mom came to pick me up, but I was all smiles for the rest of the night.

  29. Ah, I also used to love the “tap her on the opposite shoulder so she looks the wrong way” move!

    I wonder what other gradeschool “moves” there were? Ideas?

  30. Marcus Richardson says:

    When I was a kid, I had the weirdest obsession with sandboxes. I absolutely LOVED them. There was an endless amount of possibilities when playing in one. I spent hours upon hours playing in sandboxes as a kid especially during my kindergarten years. Now, let me clarify, my first crush was not a sandbox however, it is part of the reason I had my first crush.

    It was the first day of kindergarten and I had just moved to North Carolina, so I knew no one and was absolutely terrified to go to school. The day began like any other typical kindergarten day does…coloring, painting, and napping etc. I began to get comfortable in my new surroundings, though I still had not made any friends. Then the teacher yelled out “Time to go outside, class!” or something along those lines and everyone got super excited. Everyone that is, but me. Normally I would have been just as ecstatic as the rest of the class but again, I felt like I was alone and had no one to play with. So I moseyed on out to the playground and started playing in the sandbox. I played by myself for a few minutes and then was joined by this girl, Katelyn.

    We introduced ourselves and quickly became friends but, in accordance with my luck, something awful happened. As we continued to play I felt a little pinch on my leg. I paid it no attention, as it didn’t hurt too badly. Soon after I felt another pinch and another and another until the pain was nearly unbearable. I look down and noticed that I was sitting atop an ant hill, and my legs were covered in little red, fire ants.

    I fought back my tears (that’s a lie, I’ve never cried so much in life) and Katelyn swiftly came to my aid. She fearlessly swept the ants off of my legs and then ran and got the teacher for me. After being looked at by the nurse for what seemed to be a painfully long time, I returned to class. I take one step inside the classroom and there she is, the girl that saved me, just waiting to greet me and make sure I was alright. And just like that, Katelyn became my first crush.

    We spent the rest of that day drawing together, and coincidentally enough, we traced each other’s handprints and colored them in. Katelyn and I were the greatest of friends all the way through seventh grade and we both always liked each other, yet nothing ever really developed between us. Perhaps this was because we were still pre-pubescent children that didn’t know the first thing about being in a relationship, but whatever. I still to this day have the drawings we made that day. And that is the story of my first crush, Katelyn.

  31. Andrew Chau says:

    My first crush happened in second grade. Or I think it was my first, but we’ll ignore that face. It was the first day of second grade and in comes this girl. In retrospect, I don’t think she was exceptional. Oh well, I had lower standards back then. I started to ask around who she was. Her name was Tiffany S and she was a transfer student from somewhere in New York. I didn’t know how to approach, so I did what any other second grader did when they had a crush. I was going to make her life hell. Every art class I would pick up crayons, pastels or sometimes stencils to get her attention. I did not have the greatest aim back then, I always missed her and hit Michael, who sat next to her. Michael was a spazzy kid, who no one dared bother him since he was loose cannon. Whenever I would hit Michael by accident, I would have to hide under the table for half the class or until he stopped his rampage. Since throwing art supplies didn’t work, I thought chasing her around would have been a better idea. Well that got her attention. Whenever she would see me, she would run away immediately. She started to surround herself with friends everywhere she went, so I never had a chance to say hi. She moved away at the end of the year. I wonder why?

  32. Lindsey Cohen says:

    My first crush was in kindergarten. Since I was at the “boys have cooties” stage of my life, I never openly admitted that I thought boys were cute. At the time, most of my friends were boys and lets just say I probably had a little crush on all of them at one point. To say I was boy crazy was kind of an understatement. But this boy was different. I did not just really like him I really really liked him, the extra “really” made a difference back in those days. Our parents happened to be best friends so there is no word to describe how much time we spent together. I lived in Florida at the time. We were in the same kindergarten class at Donna Klein Jewish Academy. We spent every waking minute with each other mainly because of school and our parents. Our parents basically wanted us to end up getting married. Yes, they were thinking that far ahead when we were only six years old. Anyways, he was my first kiss. We were in the park with our moms because we were not quite at that age to be alone yet. I do not remember how it actually happened but all I know is our moms had to capture a memory of this great accomplishment, as they would say. For a while my mom hung it up in my room as artwork and I was beyond mortified. When friends would go in my room and ask whom that was I would abruptly answer, “I don’t know. My mom bought it somewhere.” At the time, I would NEVER say that it was actually me in the picture because I was convinced everyone would make fun of me. Ironically, we are still friends today and our parents are still best friends. Every time we have family dinners and events, we always laugh about “the picture we never spoke of.”

  33. Tracey Young says:

    In 8th grade, I really liked sleeping under the stairs. Then this kid tripped over me. It was really weird because it was after school, and there shouldn’t have been anyone around, much less walking under stairs where I was sleeping. I remember blinking really slowly and then I realized that it was our school’s assistant concertmaster. It was funny because he kept apologizing for tripping over me when I didn’t particularly care much at all. He kept apologizing every time he saw me for the next two years, and eventually he grew on me. Before I realized it, I had ended up in half his classes. Somehow he’d become my best friend and I had no idea how it happened.

  34. Charles Cramer says:

    There she was in all her glory. Coreen was very pretty and she happened to be the first girl I had liked in a very, very long time. “She’s walking this way,” I thought to myself. “Okay, say hi to her this time,” as I saw her getting closer to me in the hallway. Nothing, I was too nervous again! I just let her walk by, just as if I didn’t exist. Then I keep thinking that I should have said hi or at least wave to her.

    A couple days have gone by and every time I see her I want to walk over and say hi. But for some weird reason I can’t. Such simple words toward another human being, yet I look at it as if I’m telling the Hulk that he can’t beat me up! I never understand why I seem to get so nervous, it is just one word. Then something extraordinary happened, phenomena per say. I actually had a conversation with her! Maybe it didn’t go in the direction that I thought it would go in, but still, I talked to her! We talked about a lot of stuff, all because we were on the same team in Dodgeball.

    Weeks went on and we talked more and more about sports, nothing too fancy. But then I thought it was time to make a move. So I thought about it, and wrote her a note. Next day in class I got a note from one of my friends and he said that is was from her, Coreen that is. So I opened it and I must admit I was pretty excited! So I opened it very, very carefully so that I didn’t rip it. There it was, the moment I had been waiting for! I started to read and it said, in short, something along the lines of “I know where you’re going with this, but we don’t know each other. So I will have to say no, sorry.” At 13 I was devastated, it felt as though I had fallen off the face of the earth. We didn’t really talk much after that, but we did have just about all of the same classes so it was odd to see her so much. Well it was odd to me because she was ignoring me, but what are you going to do?

  35. Conor McGuckin says:

    My first crush was in third grade, I thought a girl in my class was pretty, Caitlin was her name. Whenever we got in line for bathroom I’d slyly try to stand next to her. We would flirt, and I always wanted to reach for her hand and hold it on the short walk to the bathroom, but we always arrived before I could work up the courage. Sadly, she moved away later that year and I never got a chance to hold her hand. That being one of my biggest childhood regrets.
    My first real crush was many years later…. A couple weekends every summer my family would take weekend trips to Little Oaks Campground. I completely dreaded these trips. Away from my friends, xbox, and forced sleep with my family of 7 in one room is not my ideal vacation. Here we were again on another family vacation. I was dreading life at little oaks (as usual) with my twin brother Pat and my cousin Jim. We were playing football in the “field,” when we see an unknown magical spices join us on the field. “What are they?” Pat asked. Keep in mind that after 6th grade all three of us transferred to St.Jerome’s, which had a cute girl population of zero. Add attendance to an all boys high school, and you see that I was about half way through puberty before I made contact with “the other kind”, our interactions were limited, few and far between. There they were, three of them on our turf, Three hot babes walking towards us. “Play it cool, keep your cool, Miles Davis.” I thought to myself. At first I refrained from talking because my heart happened to climb up my throat to deliberately shudder my speech. I swallowed it down and quickly recovered. For the approach, I enacted the oldest trick in the book, using my three year old brother’s cuteness factor as an icebreaker. (Works every time) We all started talking exchanged names: Katie, Ally, and I forget the last. Eventually, we asked if they wanted to join our game, and they were in. Football with the hot babes, now were talking! Over the course of the night I developed a huge crush on Katie Alexander the shy, dark haired, stunningly model gorgeous of the three, but nothing came of the crush that night. She was a tough suburban girl from West Chester, PA. We shared interest in music, food, and athletics…she was perfect.
    Early the following morning I got to see Katie again, and I got a hug before my family packed the car and left. It would be a long year before I’d get to see her again. I was heart broken, and for once I actually wanted to stay at little oaks. But, I didn’t give up. I knew this crush wouldn’t fade. The following summer I saw her again, and found out that she also had a crush on me. Another year after that she became my second kiss. At that point we were both older and infatuated, but we decided that only seeing each other a few times a month wasn’t what we wanted. So we ended what we had before anything could come of it. We parted on good terms and to this day are great friends, laughing from time to time about our old crush. Oh and by the way, she IS a model now.

  36. Larry Iaccio says:

    I was in kindergarten, her name was Julia, and i was determined to make her like me. Julia was this really cute, little, blonde girl who was so genuinely nice to everybody, and I had never seen that before. I quickly became friends with her and soon was head over heels for this girl who I didn’t even really know all that well. We were really good friends and soon enough she started liking me just as I had liked her and we started holding hands which was like saying to everybody we were together. (We were in kindergarten, so holding hands was a big deal!) I was so happy, but soon enough, things took an unexpected turn when she started talking to some other boys and she started talking to me less and we were no lomger holding hands. Low and behold it was over just as quickly as it had started and I was crushed for a few days but my friends helped me move on and forget about her very quickly. The thing that I will always remember about my first crush was that no matter what, if things don’t go your way, you will always have your friends to catch you and lift you up when you’re hurting.

  37. Giovanni Adiletta says:

    My first crush can be directly compared to eating a sour patch kid. Sour, Sweet, Gone.

    My first crushes name is Asia and she was in my 3rd grade class in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Sour- If nervousness is hereditary then my parents fucked me over, not that my parents are nervous people, but for whatever reason I was probably the shyest kid on the playground when it came to talking to girls. I’m not even talking about girls that I liked, I’m talking about literally ALL girls in general. When I’d be around girls I’d want to talk to them more than ever, but approaching a girl for me was like approaching the equation y=arctan(tan(pi)) At first glance they both make you nervous and its not until years of experience that you know how to figure them out and then the answer is simple (I was nervous to talk to girls until mid high school, too bad they don’t have a class for that, and the answer to that equation is 0). But that’s how I perceived girls, and in 3rd grade Asia happened to be the one in particular. Due to my nervousness the only chance I had for talking to Asia was if somehow her and I would be forced to talk to each other. But for the first half of the year during class activities we were never in the same group and my assigned seat was far from hers. My hope for eventually talking to her was slowly disappearing.

    Sweet- The second half of the year was definitely better in terms between Asia and I. Everyone in the class was somewhat familiar with everyone so things looked good. During library time Asia and her friend would come over to the table where my friends and I were. While playing Legos with my friends shed occasionally come over to see what was going on. At the end of the year my friends group and Asia’s were pretty familiar with each other. I even had a seat that was two to the left of hers! Things were great and she even asked me if I wanted to meet her at the pool after school was over in the summer. I can’t say for sure but 75% of me remembers that she gave me her number. Then school was out for summer and I was looking forward to seeing Asia at the pool we established to meet at. I went to the pool on the day I was supposed to meet her and she never showed up.

    Gone- I was especially looking forward to seeing her at the pool because it was going to be the last time that I ever saw her. I didn’t see her but I don’t remember being all that sad because I was still pretty shy around her. I was so nervous to see her at the pool that I didn’t know what to do and the fact that she didn’t show up was sort of like a relief because I didn’t have to worry anymore, I don’t know I was a weird kid. But at the end of the Summer my family and I moved to West Chester, PA and I haven’t seen her since (obviously). Its just weird to think that she’s out there somewhere in the world, maybe even writing a “first crush” blog comment about me… probably not haha.

  38. Garrett Baker says:

    When I was in Kindergarten my mother was my teacher. And of course like any kid would I was too embarrassed to let people know I had a crush, let alone my own mother. So there was this girl in my morning class whose name escapes me for some reason; probably because I have not seen or heard from her since then. Anyway there was this girl who I would always try to be around, and if someone said something to hint at me Having a crush on her I would always deny deny deny because it was my worst nightmare to have the girl I liked find out about it. So one day I was home and eating dinner with my parents. We were just making casual conversation I guess but then my mom mentioned something about a girl in the class that had a crush on me. I got so nervous and excited when I heard her say that, but then it was all wiped away when she told me it was a different girl. She could tell I was dissapointed so she asked me if there was another girl I liked. I said no but she’s my mother so she knew I was lying and guessed who it was…naturally she got it right the first time. I was too embarrassed to speak but when she said she would never tell her I was relieved. Temporarily. A couple days go by and I arrive at school and the first thing I heard out of one of my friends mouths was “Oooo you like (girls name)!” I later found out that she too knew about it but it turned out that she wasn’t unhappy about it. But we were in kindergarten so none of it really mattered considering we forgot about it all in a short amount of time. It’s just weird to think that my worst fear when I was 6 was having my crush find out I liked her.

  39. Krupa Khatri says:

    My second grade teacher, Ms. Grey, was standing outside the classroom, talking to a tall man in a police uniform. I was thrilled. Was Ms. Grey finally getting arrested for being horrible? Sadly not, as she walked back into the classroom with the police officer and a boy, who resembled the officer. Ms. Grey announced that the class had a new student named Steve. All eyes were on Steve and the officer, who apparently was Steve’s dad. Steve didn’t even flinch. He was laughing at something his dad said. For some reason, I couldn’t look away. Steve’s face was beaming. As Ms. Grey ended her introduction, she told Steve to take a seat. Steve sat next to me. When he looked up, he grinned and simply said hi, but I knew he meant, “Krupa, you’re amazing.” What else could “hi” mean?

    Naturally, the class was fascinated by Steve. He was confident, energetic, and had relatively good hygiene for a second grader. Above all, his dad was a cop, which made Steve a total badass by association. Nothing happened between Steve and I that year, which was fine because second grade was stressful enough (not kidding, Ms. Grey loved terrorizing us). After elementary school, I lost touch with him. The last time I saw him was at my high school prom. He still beams when he laughs…

  40. Charlotte Bader says:

    As a young girl I was a bit of a tom-boy. I always was running around the recess yard with all of the boys and a few other girls playing tag and football rather than playing house or braiding each others hair with the other girls. My first crush was in the fourth grade. His name was Richard. He was one of my friends on the recess yard. I thought he was the coolest boy in my class. He was on my bus and all of the older kids thought he was cool so they let him sit in the back with them. He was tall with dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. Back then I would have never admitted that I had a crush on him. We were both pretty mean to each other and we were very competitive in school and sports. In fifth grade he was on my co-ed soccer team for school and he was a very good soccer player. Being in a very small catholic school, news got around fast. During soccer season he told one of his friends that he liked me and it just got weird from then on. All of our friends made it a huge deal and we both got very embarrassed and once everyone knew we liked each other we talked less, but then he got my screen name and we talked a lot on instant messager. Looking back on it now it was pretty creepy that we talked so much on instant messager and not very much in person. After a while we started talking in person more and we got more comfortable with the fact that we like each other. He then asked me to be my boyfriend in sixth grade. Its pretty funny to think about the relationship that I had with this kid in sixth grade. I was very shy and uncomfortable with holding hands and anything else affectionate. I remember our first kiss was the summer after sixth grade at the school carnival. It was really nervous and my hands were sweaty. A few days after our first kiss I broke up with him because I guess I didn’t like the idea of kissing him ever again. We still remained friends and I still talk to him once in a while to this day.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Evan Ostrow

    I had almost no friends at Wyncote elementary school. I was that kid who just kind of cruised by, said nothing, and sat in the back corner of the room. However in third grade I moved to a new school, Lower Gwyned, and was presented with an opportunity to revamp my life.
    Walking into my first class on the first day I was so nervous of what to expect. I trudged over to a large desk, or at least it seemed so at the time, that had ‘Evan’ colorfully drawn on an index card on it, and I sat down. Then it happened. A tall skinny girl with auburn hair waltzed into the room as if floating on air. I was completely and utterly smitten with her.
    Being a timid kid, and never really gaining confidence in anything I did until 8th grade, I did nothing about this infatuation. Then in 9th grade I became closer and I later took her to a semiformal dance. And we went from there.

  42. Raymond Seibert says:

    My first crush was in third grade. It took place over the summer at a local drama camp. Although I sometimes have trouble talking to people now, back then I would talk to anyone and everyone. One of the people I talked to was this girl Flossie, who had brown hair and glasses. I’m not exactly sure what attracted me to her, since I eventually turned out to be more interested in the other gender. But one day, near the end of the play rehearsal week, I decided to mouth to her “I love you,” in the middle of a scene. She never said anything back to me, and we have never spoken since.

  43. Edric Garcia says:

    I believe that my first crush originated in 1998, when I was
    five years old(it seems to me there are only 4 phases in my life
    in which I can describe memories from, three years old, five years
    old, nine years old, and now. I am not even sure if these are the
    right numbers, but my mind tells me so). I do not remember why I
    liked her. It could have been her curly fifties hair style, her doll
    like dimples, or just the fact that she talked to me more then any
    of the other girls in my class. I went to some what of a private
    school, which meant that every boy was dressed in dark blue khakis,
    white collared shirts, and sweater vests. Girls wore the same thing,
    except for their skirts. I can see her standing there now, her skirt
    catching the slightest breeze, swaying back and forth like the
    relaxing bob of a sea ship. Her bright smiling face put the angels
    of heaven to shame, and her gold curly short hair shined so bright,
    that Rumpelstiltskin would give his first born child to obtain it. Most of the time I would just run away as any brave boy would do, because everyone knows that running is harder than standing. I decided to tell her ho much I liked her by writing her a sloppy “I like you.” note with letters that looked more like crop circles than anything else. It was a sunny day and the bell had just released us from our overwhelming workload of coloring by numbers. I could tell Rose had left the room as I could not smell her blueberry flavored chap stick any longer. I teleported across the room to her desk by the door and placed the not inside. However, as I lay the most exposing piece of literature I had ever written into the desk, I saw her blueberry chap stick. Now, It has been a long day and I could not grab breakfast as I was late to school, so naturally my stomach was a little angry with me. “I will only have a little.” I thought, “besides, she will never know.” I then proceeded to take a chunk of chap stick off the top and stick it in my mouth. It tasted just as the label had stated, fresh blueberries, covered in sparkling droplets of crisp river water. I went into a state of bliss and returned to earth just in time to see Rose, staring at me. We both were held by some outstanding force, horror for being caught in the act of stealing my first love’s chap stick, and confusion as to why I was eating her chap stick. At first, I was lost. Then I remembered what to do. I ran.

  44. Darian says:

    My first crush was Alex Anderson. He was in my class every year since 1st grade; I would get so excited for roll call because it would tell me how the rest of my say was going to go. If the fist name call was said here it was a good day. If not no one should talk to me. He was a really weird kid and he always made fun of my best friend.
    One day on the bus ride to a field trip the song “Fallow Me” by uncle cracker came on the radio. When I heard it I automatically started signing and when I looked over to the sit next to me Alex had started singing too. He said that it was his favorite song. I said it was mine too and he came over and sat next to me and said, “that means we should sit together and sing it together”
    I was so happy to be sitting in that seat with that song and that boy. I would turn around every few seconds and giggle to my friends about how I was sitting next to a boy. When the song was over and we got off the bus Alex told his friend who told my friend and so on and so forth that he liked me and I was the happiest little kid in the world. The whole field trip was the highlight of 3rd grade. Its funny to think how little things were in elementary school and how much they effected us. I wish it was that easy to be put in such a wonderful mood all the time.

  45. Kelley Hey says:

    My first “real crush” was in fourth grade on a boy who had brown eyes and brown spiky hair. He was very smart, funny, and kind of nerdy. I remember one time in gym class we were partners for an activity and I fell during the activity. He rushed to see if I was okay and was very caring and kind about it. I remember I felt butterflies in my stomach at that moment because he was so concerned for me. One day my older brother , told me that my crush’s older sister told him that my crush “liked” me. I remember being so happy that day, I “liked” someone and they “liked” me back. I remember after hearing that, I went in my room and celebrated by blasting Hilary Duff songs; it was the best feeling to know that someone “liked” you back. Sadly, after fourth grade, I transferred to another school and never saw my crush again, but I did meet a boy in my new school that looked a lot like my fourth grade crush…

  46. Kevin Bernstein says:

    My first crush was in preschool. It was with a girl named Mariah. It was the first day of school and I was in the sand box just hanging around. I looked toward the door and out walked a little girl with a bright red bow in her hair. she walked over to me and asked if she could play with me. My stomach dropped! It turned out our moms had known each other and when i told mine she suggested a play date. But the catch was I had to call her house and ask her to come over. Looking back, that was awfully cruel of a mom to make her 6 year old call a girls house and ask to hangout. But being 6 at the time i somehow had no problem with being confident and talking to anyone willing to listen. So one day I called and got to go over her house for the day. I can’t say i remember what we did but i have a vivid image of what it was like. What i can say is……(the saddest part) is when i was at her house we were playing outside and i unfortunately got stung by a bee…. I cried like a BABY….. if your pride was ever as hurt as mine was that day, i have some real sympathy for you. After she saw me cry, she acted concerned but I had to go home and we were never the same again. I ended up being in almost every one of her classes till 7th grade. Then she moved away and I never got the chance to tell her how I felt. Ever since that painful day I learned that women will forever be complicated and to not even try to understand them.

  47. Meghan Hall says:

    My first crush was in the first grade on a boy named Andrew and it lasted up until 5th grade…guess I thought good things came to those who waited. I never got the nerve to tell him myself that I liked him, so instead I would get other people to drop the hint for me. However, boys can never take a hint, so one day (before Andrew came to class) my “friend” (who pinky-swore she wouldn’t tell anyone) told my entire 4th grade class I liked him! He told me he wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend and needless to say, I was heartbroken! Ahhh, young love.

  48. Miguel Martinez says:

    It all started in Colombia, during kindergarten. It was a warm sunny day and I was playing with my friends. When recess was over everyone slowly returned to the classrooms. As I sat in the classroom the teacher announced that there was a new student in our class. Her name was Nataly. She had dark curls and at the time, the prettiest thing I had ever seen, in my point of view. Being small, I approached her and be-friended her the minute I had an opportunity. Soon after, the friendship turned into me kissing her on the cheek any chance I could. It got to the point where my mom had to be called into the school because Nataly and I were giving each other pecks “every two seconds”, as the teacher explained. My mom, to my surprise, laughed in the teachers face and responded with, “they’re just kids!”. After my mom knew of the situation, she began to befriend Nataly’s family and I would visit often. Shortly after this my family and I moved to the United States and I didn’t hear from Nataly again. Eleven years later, I opened my Facebook and had a friend request. It was none other than Nataly.

  49. David Sadlowski says:

    One of the worst days of my life. I was in kindergarten, and I had this crush on a girl named Justyna. She was a pretty girl with blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. Justyna was also polish, so that was a big plus for me. Well it was the end of the day, and we had our daily end of the school announcements. I thought it was kind of weird, but I went along with it. I really had to go to the bathroom, and i told my teacher I have to go, but she told me to wait after the announcements were ever. Well, i couldn’t hold it, and I peed myself right in front of my crush. She yelled, “EWWW”, and yet to this day will I ever forget about that.

  50. Anonymous says:

    My very first crush was on Corey Green. I was 5 and throughly convince that i was in love. He had everything i wanted he was good at math he never pushed me and he had really good handwriting. I don;t get crushes that often but this was probabaly the closest thing I had to a serious relationship for at least another 8 years. I was crushing on him until 2nd grade. when he sent me note telling me that he liked me and that he got his cootie shot. So after i was properly vacinated Corey and I got married during recess in frount of a few friends. I think my maid of honor was my friend roisin and my flower girl was Sarah evans. Corey and I were married for 2 months and then we got divoriced and he got remarried to Sarah Evans. But those 2 months from what i remember went really well, he shared his sandwich and helped me learn how to use the monkey bars.

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