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This week’s memory discussion: write about a time when you got dressed up.  

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  1. Emily Croke says:

    I love getting dressed up, it is a rare occurrence for me. I have gotten dressed up but never like the time I got dressed up for my High School’s senior prom. I found my dress on black Friday for $25 brand new. I was so excited to have found such a low cost dress, it made my Mom very happy. You would not be able to tell the difference between my $25 dress and my best friend’s $300 dress. I went to prom with my best friend’s friend who I had been seeing for a while and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made all year. He was a great date and I felt beautiful that night. My sisters both came home from college to help me get ready. Getting my hair and make up done by them was the most fun part about dressing up. I can say with fun feeling that my High School Senior Prom was the best time I ver got dressed up.

  2. Nick Gangi says:

    Throughout high school I was known for dressing up in strange attire for different occasions. One of these occasions was a cross country time trial. My coach would let us have fun with this race every year, since it is only a time trial. The race was almost the first of the season and just amongst my team, so my coach would tell us to dress up or wear costumes. My senior year I decided that I wanted to wear the most obnoxious clothing that I owned. I purchased a vibrant yellow pair of racing shoes for the race. I wore my red and white high baseball socks as well. As far as shorts go, I borrowed a pair of hot pink girls running shorts from a friend, which I still haven’t given back. To finish it all off, I decided not to wear a shirt. When I stripped down to get ready for the race, everyone’s attention was drawn to me. Almost all of the guys laughed and appreciated my outfit while, on the other hand, the girls seemed to be grossed out. This is the reaction that I expected. I felt as though my goal to be as obnoxious as possible was successfully reached. The single picture of me running in that race makes me smile and laugh to this day.

  3. Luckym Dinh says:

    The chances of seeing me all dolled up is one in a million. I’ve always been a plain and simple girl. I usually dress for comfort, not style. The only times I find myself all fancy are at weddings or at formal dances. For my prom, I was all dressed up (of course). The day of my prom was the first day I had ever worn a long gown. Although I was hesitant to wear a long dress, I felt it was best to wear one because after all it was my prom. On the day of my prom, it took me hours to get ready. Three hours were spent curling my long, thick hair. I felt as if my hair was being pulled endlessly. Putting on the dress wasn’t too bad, but every time I walked, I kept stepping on my dressed. This worried me since I thought I’d end up with a hole in my dress before the dance actually started. But by the middle of the night, my worries faded away. I was able to relax and have a good time with my friends. I realized that although I wanted to look nice, I also wanted to have fun. So I put the thought of a malfunction aside and realized it was the time and not the appearance that really mattered.

  4. Siya Brown says:

    My favorite dreess up memory was for my senior homecoming dance in October of 09. Not only did I look drop dead gorgeous, but I felt beautiful, I was surrounded by the people that I love, and I had an unforgettable night! So my date for the night was a good friend of mine named Dominique. He and I were known for being very fashionable and creative so we didn’t want to wear the regular tight dress and shirt and tie. We had went shopping the week before and we promised to keep our outfit a secret. It was just too fly ! 🙂 . So I found these golden shimmery leggings at H&M and a black jacket that had big gold buttons and gold stitching across the front and it was the only size 4 left on the rack. It kind of reminded me of the famous Micheal Jackson red thriller jacket, mixed with a marching band jacket, minus the tasels and puffy sleeves. I found an amazing shear blouse to go under it and these ankle boots that were to die for. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any more fabulous… it did ! I found the perfect accessories. I had a lace glove, nice rings, long sparkling earrings, gold bracelets and a mini tophat. It may sound crazy but everything blended so well and my makeup was so beautiful. I had bright red lipstick, dramatic eye shadow, and my hair was done in long bouncy spiral curls. Every one kept telling me I looked like a porcelin doll or a black barbie doll. When I was escorted out of that 06 toyota camery, the crowd went wild and I felt like royalty! Every one wanted to take my picture and say hello and it was just great. One of the best parts of my night was escorting one of the special-ed kids to the stage because he was running for homecoming king and when they called his name I was the first person he hugged (for about 3 minutes straight) when he won first runner up! I will never forget dressing up that day!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tyler says:
    My favorite dress up memory is without a doubt for my senior prom. First of all, I was going with the girl I had a major crush on, and I was excited from the start. Her name was Mackenzie, a very pretty girl who was down to earth. So down to earth, in fact, that she was ok with me wearing Nike sneakers to our senior prom. Her and I worked together and found the perfect pair of shoes to match her prom dress (which she was keeping secret from me until prom day. I thought we were going to prom, not getting married, gosh.)
    So the shoes were perfect, and I was headed out to get the tux to match. Naturally I chose a gray tux, the best looking match for my Nikes and the aqua colored vest and tie.
    So the stage is set for our senior prom: I’m looking good, she’s looking like the perfect princess, and boy do I have the butterflies. I could write a whole book about our prom experience together, it was awesome. But I’m sticking to the part about getting dressed up, and prom is without a doubt my favorite dress up memory.
    Oh, and did I mention that I got to drive Mackenzie and our two friends to prom in her Dad’s 1955 Chevy? Swaaaaaaag!

  6. Oishika Vaid says:

    We were just about to get done with the 10th grade. The year of board (final) exams (whew!) and we had a farewell party where the 9th graders were throwing a party for the outgoing 10th grade. My best friend Rheaa, insisted that I buy a pretty dress and get dressed up for the party. I usually don’t dress up I prefer going casual and comfortable. But this time, I had to give in. Rheaa helped me pick a black dress with a thick leather belt. I thought it looked strange but no one can win an argument against Rheaa. She and I went to her house where we decided to get dressed and leave for the party, I didn’t see what was coming. Rheaa had kept aside red heels for me. That is it! I could see myself topple in front of everyone. There was no way I was going to wear that. But again! its Rheaa I was dealing with. I wore that black dress and as expected I had worn it the other way round. I have never seen Rheaa so angry in my entire life. She then made me wear the dress the way it was suppose to be worn and started to do my makeup. I hate makeup. It is only a way to show the “artificial you”. I had no guts to tell her that. She then put my hair up in a very interesting manner. And finally those super high heels. I actually looked good. I didn’t expect to look so nice. That night, for the first time ever, I received so many compliments.

  7. Richard Chen says:

    There was this specific day where I dressed up – hating but loving every moment of it. This day was my senior prom, and it was amazing because I got to go with my girlfriend of two years. We never really had the opportunity to dress up together because we were in high school. Simply, we were not a rich couple that could afford to splurge on expensive dinner dates. So this day was special. That’s why I loved it.
    Why did I hate it? The underlying reason behind it is that the tuxedo rental store ripped me off. Everything that I bought for prom was already expensive, and the tux was no exception. It looked great on me, but the problem was that they screwed up my order. They gave me the wrong tie and expected me to pay for everything. It wasn’t a good situation to be in. I wanted to return the tuxedo package, but it was one day before the prom. I felt that the store manager knew that, and said he could not compensate me in any way. My mom and my girlfriend were there – I didn’t want to create a scene. After I accepted their mismatched order, both my mom and my girlfriend said they wanted to argue as well, but didn’t want to ruin a happy moment.
    As I put the tuxedo on the day of the prom, I felt angry but happy simultaneously. Once I was at the prom, however; everything negative seemed to melt away. A lot of people commented on my attire, how they liked my tie. Everyone’s vest and tie were in matching colors, mine wasn’t. Apparently, it looked better because of the color contrast. Every student and teacher looked sublime in their formal wear, which created an atmosphere of class. I danced, ate, and talked among friends. I usually don’t like dressing up, but when I do it creates a sense of confidence. I’ll always remember my senior prom – how everyone looked great and how much fun I had. Unfortunately, I’ll always remember getting ripped off. Perhaps it will be funny a few years from now, but as of this moment it still sparks some anger. In the end, the memory of that day is a good one, filled with the images of a beautiful dress, a handsome tuxedo, and most importantly – a mismatched tie.

  8. Brandon Katz says:

    On one hand, I absolutely despise wearing fancy attire. On the other hand, I also enjoy looking and feeling fancy once in a while. My senior prom was one of those times that I absolutely did not want to dress up.
    After a few hours of whining and complaining to my mother and my date, I realized that there is no way they would let me go without wearing a suit of some degree. As I did not want to spend major money on a tuxedo, I remembered that my dad’s wedding tux from the 80’s was still hanging in the closet. Upon further inspection, I decided that it was perfect.
    Next, I realized that I needed a bowtie and cummerbund (vests just don’t cut it for me). While on my fieldtrip to the local rental store to find the right set, I noticed a nice looking cane sitting in the corner. I immediately pictured myself wearing my top hat and using the cane; all I needed was white gloves!
    Half joking, I asked the lady at the desk if they had my final accessory. When she said “yes,” it was almost like a challenge that I felt the need to accept. I bought the gloves and cane, completely forgetting about the cummerbund and bowtie.
    Once I got home, I dug out a black tie/bun set and tried on my ensemble. It was perfect. My mission was complete: my dress coaches were none too happy with my outfit. After all, I looked just like the monopoly man.

  9. Rachel Beecher says:

    Last year, I went to a magnet art school called Capital Area School for the Arts (CASA) for Theatre. I was in the PM class, so I would go to my high school from 7:30-10:30 then drive to Harrisburg for CASA for two hours, which also had PM classes in Music, Art, Dance, Writing, and Film and Video. Our first school-wide performance of the year titled “Jazz Jubilee” was in coalition with Jazz Month in September that the whole city of Harrisburg had been participating in. Since we hadn’t even been there for a month, the group of the theatre kids wasn’t very close or comfortable with each other yet. We were still literally performing constantly and hadn’t had a chance to fully be ourselves yet.
    My amazing theatre teacher along with the class had decided the costume for the theatre students was to be all black with any colored accent, preferably red or blue. CASA ended at 2:30, then I had to drive half an hour home and we had to be back at CASA by 5:45 with the performance at 7. I already am the type of person that tries on four outfits in the morning, so having to look nice raises the stakes even more. Since I had three black dresses, each one went on with different accents. Black sweater? No sweater? Red sweater. Red scarf, black scarf, or black and gray scarf.? Then a black headband, red headband, no headband…red headband again. You get the idea.
    Well, eventually, I finally settled on an outfit: plain black button up dress, black scarf, black belt, black flats, red sweater, and hair up. By the time I had eaten, let my dog out, and changed a thousand and one times, it was already 5 and I practically had to leave. After a half an hour drive back, I parked in my normal parking spot then went off to CASA. I got there a little early to see everyone scrambling to finish getting ready, all the boys in black dress pants and skinny ties and the girls in black skinny jeans and other little black dresses.
    When everyone was dressed and organized, we did everyone’s make up and hair that wasn’t ready and then took pictures for a good half hour. It was fun making goofy faces and look all snazzy in our completely black attire. After our photo shoot, our teacher finally cut in and we went into the music room to practice while they were out performing. Well our teacher wasn’t there, so we ran through the poem we were reading collectively a couple times and practiced our blocking. By the third time, we had been practicing this all week, not to mention constantly all class that day, so we had a little fun with it.
    This kid Andrew in my class is a little bit standoffish at first, but literally the funniest kid I have ever met in my entire life. The rehearsal that time through was nothing but Andrew, at his highest attempt, trying to be “sexy.” Oh, no it was a mess. I hadn’t laughed that hard all year. We all followed his lead, and it was so much fun. The next time we all acted like fat men. The time after that was all whispering and being sneaky. It was a blast.
    As soon as our last fun rehearsal was done, our theatre teacher wanted to see one last final run through before we head out onstage. We did it one last time, and went out. Everything ran pretty well, minus the fact that the microphones weren’t the best and crowd wasn’t huge. And I very smoothly hit my face on one of the mics. But after all of our fooling around before the show, the performance had so much ease to it.
    All of the people I met in my theatre class are amazing people with an incredible talent for theatre. I loved every minute. Not to mention that I am lucky enough to be graced by 6 other CASA students here as Temple University freshman. By the end of the year, all art areas collaborated to write a show together, and the Jazz Jubilee really got the ball rolling for all of us to know each other and get comfortable enough to work creatively with one another. It was a great night that began a great year.

  10. Amanda Plaksin says:

    I’m the kind of person that loves to be comfortable and doesn’t really care what people think when I dress in sweatpants for three days out of the week, so when I do actually get dressed up a lot of effort goes into it. The one really dressed-up time of my life that stands out for me is senior prom.
    I’m also not the kind of girl that scheduled hair and nail appointments or bought a thousand-dollar dress. My dress was my best friend, Carina’s, who was a year older, and happened to fit me perfectly. It was an eclectic swirl of orange, red, blue, and yellow colors, satin, and it crossed in the back so my tattoo showed perfectly. Carina also did my hair and makeup, so overall, I had a very cost-effective prom.
    The only thing I had to worry about was walking in heels; I finally had a date that was much taller than me! He wore a traditional black tux with a white shirt, and looking back at all of the pictures, we were the tallest and most striking of our friends.
    After posing for about a thousand of said pictures, we finally got to go enjoy our prom. The dressing up made it all feel so much more special, as I’d see my classmates in the same clothes all the time, and I know they were surprised at how I looked also.

  11. Andrew Chau says:

    I normally dread family functions, but one event that I would never miss is family weddings. It is the one day where I would happily oblige to wear a spick and span tux, polished black shoes and a hot, heavy jacket. However, I would never have to wear it very long; as the fun often began after the family portrait had been taken. Once the portrait was taken, all of my uncles and their friends would take off everything sans their pants. There was no need to be uncomfortable anymore since jacket, shoes and fancy shirts were only worn to look nice for one brief moment. A party within the wedding would start; decks of cards and copious amounts of alcohol would appear from every pocket. Bottles of Heineken and other assortment of alcohol beverages would be sprawled across the table. At some family weddings, people sing and dance. At my family’s wedding, we drink and gamble. Correction, we do sing, but in a sort of a slurred manner of singing. I would always stand a short distance away in case an argument would start over how someone could have possibility gotten 4 Kings in a row (In a reality, there were never 4 Kings in a row. They were so drunk that they couldn’t tell one face card from another).
    Friendly brawls would appear sporadically through the wedding. The goals of the fights were not to injure another, but more of a way to show one’s masculinity. Everything was done in a good manner; no one would mad after a fight. Good sportsmanship was always shown; hands and hugs were given after every fight. I was often excluded from the festivities as I am under aged, but that doesn’t take away from the moment. It’s always a delight to see family members and friends making fools of themselves. Being offered a spot in the fun, I can’t wait until I am 21. Or at least until they think that I am 21.

  12. Conor McGuckin says:

    Always looking for opportunities to get dressed up, my girlfriend, Mary and I enjoy heating up the iron, slipping on the heels and polishing my knock off calvin klien’s. At least once a month we find ourselves dressed for a special occasion, and if not, we make one just for the excuse to dress up celebrating a pet’s birthday or a change of season. One of the most memorable of these fabricated festivities was conjured up last year. A friend of our’s was stuck in a rough time, hating his job and school. His family was never around, and if he wasn’t drunk he was thinking about drinking. So we took it upon ourselves to make an effort, showing him that we care. We planned “Fancy Dinner Sunday,” to give him something to look forward to that wasn’t in the bottom of a bottle. Fancy Dinner Sunday took place on the first sunday of every month, Mary and I would cook a massive feast and invite over about 6 friends. The dress code had a baseline “business-causal,” and no limit to the degree of dapperness. In addition, my family of 7 always joined the party making for a crowded table, heightening the intensity of the laughter. There was a sense of warmth, togetherness, a sense of family. Standing over the sizzling stove for hours, was worth it. He didn’t know why we did it, but our troubled friend appreciated it most. At the end of the night after everyone left, Mary and I would slip into the basement alone, to enjoy a cup of tea and a few moments of piece and quiet. She’d take off my tie, and say “We done good, con.” and I’d answer smiling, “Yeah we did.” 🙂

  13. Shilpa Shegu says:

    I think the best memory of me getting dressed up was for my senior prom. I went with my best friend throughout high school who ended up being my boyfriend for 3 years of my high school experience. Even though we broke up a few months before prom, we both promised each other the year before that no matter what happened between us we would go together. A lot of the planning for prom was last minute because we had a pretty bad fall out a few weeks prior to prom, but as the night approached so soon- picking out a floral colored dress, getting my hair done for 2 hours with 2 curlers in my hair, getting my make up done, getting on the trolley at the Art Museum, taking pictures by boat house row with my best friends, and dancing the night away with my best friend- all the fights/bad memories slowly began to fade away. Despite our past I think the best part was never getting tired of my date saying, “You look beautiful to me” all night long. Prom was definitely a night I will never forget.

  14. Giovanni Adiletta says:

    It would be harder to think of a time when I wasn’t dressed up… just kidding. For some reason the one time that pops into my head about a time when I dressed up was last New Years Eve. My friends had a party at their house and every one that came was supposed to “Dress to Impress”. Out of all theme parties dress to impress is my favorite. When every one looks nice and properly put together the atmosphere has a fresh and slick feel that is not present at usual parties. The clothing did not influence how people acted, if normal clothes were worn the party would have unfolded the exact same way. But when every one is dressed up, the same unfolding of events seem to be more legitimate and proper. The night was full of fun; I mark it down as my favorite new years eve.

  15. Andy Wells says:

    There are many different degrees of dressing up. Some people consider wearing a polo and khaki shorts to be dressing up. The businessman who wears a suit every day of the week would not at all. Since this event takes place over the summer after my senior year, I’m considering wearing anything without an elastic waistband to be dressing up.
    One afternoon, I awoke at my usual time of 12:30 pm and began my day. I didn’t have plans until 9 pm, so I decided to kill some time and then get ready. I spent the next 8 hours eating and watching TV. The only distance I covered was from my armchair to the freezer to the microwave and back. It was a fantastic day (that’s not sarcastic). When the time came to prepare for my plans, I headed upstairs still in my pajamas. I got “dressed up’ in a pair of cargo shorts and a T-shirt, threw on some sneakers and headed out. My plans were lame. I had to pick my brother and his friend up from practice. After finishing this brutal half hour chore, I rushed up to my room to get ready for bed. My feet were aching from being constricted by the sneakers and I was eager to change back into sleepwear. Freeing my feet from the shoes was the best feeling in the world. Changing back into my pajamas was up there too. It was such a relief to be done dressing up.

  16. Charles Cramer says:

    The right time, the right place, the right girl, and the right moment describes this escapade. I had never been more nervous in my entire life! I was going to prom with a very pretty girl, whom I had only been dating for three days, who was very into me. I had been hanging out with her for a while, then I asked her to prom then I asked her to be my girlfriend! The sparks flew from there; we both had been waiting for this day for a long time. There had never been a moment where I was so nervous. All I could think about was “Okay one foot in front of the other…okay now we’re walking!” When I first saw her I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to do. I just stared at her while she walked toward me, she was so gorgeous. She looked so happy too! Next came seeing my two best friends, one in a black tux with a red vest and tie and the other with a black tux and a pink vest and tie. Of course I had to be the odd ball, I was wearing an all white tux with a light green bowtie and vest (I think I was the only guy I saw that night with a bowtie). That night was simply amazing, I will remember that night for the rest of my life!

  17. Chad says:

    Whenever I think about dressing up I think about my experience last year at The Gunnery Prep School. Here I had so many rules, but the one that I disliked the most was the dress code. I had to wear a shirt, tie, kaki’s, blazer and dress shoes EVERYDAY to class. And did I forget to mention that I had saturday classes too? So this means I had to dress up like this 6 times out of the week. Although while I despised it while I was there, now that I look back at it did teach me to be more of a professional. Prep school in general was the most strict experience I have ever been through in my life, I learned a lot of things. But after dressing up everday you would think I would know how to tie a tie right? Still to this day I don’t have a clue how to do it.

  18. Bekah Smith says:

    I am a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl. When I really want to be comfortable, I opt for sweatpants or yoga pants. Big, soft sweaters are my favorite. I am the epitome of a girl who rarely dresses up unless I have to. My high school freshman homecoming dance was the first time I ever had to dress-up for something that wasn’t a chorus concert or a funeral. To say I was excited would be an understatement.
    My mom and I spent a Saturday afternoon in Harrisburg at the Macy’s mall. It didn’t take long for me to find the perfect dress, a silver Marilyn Monroe dress, you know, haltered and high-empire waisted, with a beautiful, pleated, flowing skirt. I bought strappy silver heels caked in fake jewels.
    When the day finally came, I woke up looking disastrous. To no avail, I tried desperately to straighten the frizzy mess of curls on my head. In tears, I eventually decided to wet my hair and put it up in a high bun. By the time my make-up was applied, I looked much better. I believe the word my boyfriend was “gorgeous”.

  19. Spencer Reid says:

    Getting dressed up is an occasion that I do not look forward to because that usually means I am going to church or doing something I do not want to and my parents are forcing me to do it. I also do not enjoy dressing up because it is not comfortable. I would much rather wear some athletic shorts and a t-shirt unless I am getting really dressed up and I get to be with my friends. The most recent time I remember really dressing up was for my senior prom. My girlfriend and I went to different high schools so we had two senior proms to go to. For hers she picked out the dress she wanted and I match my vest and tie to it because she said, “we have to match or we will look ridiculous”. So I matched her grey dress and we had a good time but for my prom she let me pick whatever I wanted to wear. I went to a local store to rent a tuxedo and of course my mother helped me pick out what I was going to wear. I decided that I would wear a white tuxedo with a baby blue vest and a bowtie. I picked this because I never have worn a white tuxedo before and I like the color baby blue. I could not believe that she would let me pick what I wanted to wear as opposed to matching her dress. She wore a tan dress and it actually did not look that bad. It was the first time in my life I actually enjoyed dressing up because I got to wear what I wanted and I was with my friends. We had a great night and I would not trade it for the world because I made memories that I will never forget.

  20. Tracey Young says:

    As a little kid, I loved playing pretend with my cousins and my brother. We would often get very excited over the stories we made up and would argue over who would be the wizard or the princess or the samurai or the panda, but we didn’t usually dress up and would just act out our parts as the story progressed.

    The first time we “dressed up” for one of these games, I remember being extremely confused and ended up being the evil warlock. I didn’t like the blanket my cousin tied around my neck for the warlock’s “evil power cape,” but it was fun to run around on the couches in the living room with the blanket fluttering behind me. I pretended the cape really did have magic powers and that it would grant me the power to fly. Eventually, the story we were acting out disappeared from our minds, and we all just ran up and down the stairs and all over the house with blankets around all of our necks. After running around the house all afternoon, we all fell asleep on the living room floor, our blanket capes wrapped around us.

  21. Eric Werbin says:

    I never went to my high school proms: I’m not the kind of person who’s overly social. The best memory I have would be from Halloween’s Senior Parade last year. Every senior would have a costume to march throughout the school. I went as a mad scientist, uttering Einstein under my breath as I was lead through the school on a rope. My family actually owns a strait jacket, so that became part of the costume as well. I was blind from the white,fuzzy wig and my nose itched all day after that, even during the parade. It was still a very fun half of a day, having to hold my candy basket in my teeth across the hallways.

  22. Kevin Bernstein says:

    One of my favorite times i got dressed up was 3 years ago at my brothers wedding. It was in Pittsburg in a amazing plaza that over looked the city. You could literally see the skyline of the city if you over look the alter. I was a grooms men and went to get tuxedo a few days before the wedding. I got a snazzy black slim fit, almost suede tux and a pair brand ray bans. I felt like a rockstar. You know when you see famous musicians wearing extremely nice clothes looking like a million bucks? Yeahh…. it was awesome. I woke up on a saturday in a unfamiliar hotel room. Opened my eyes and thought its gonna be a good day. Got a shower and all dressed up. I’ve never felt more classy and sophisticated. My dad and I met up with the rest of the groomsmen and took an unbelievable amount of pictures. They raged from on top of a building to crossing the street like in the famous Beatles cover album. From then on we went to the wedding and it was a blast. My favorite part was the reception, at point where your tie is loose around your neck, your jacket somewhere on someone else chair, and your still looking fly as ever. By the end of the night everyone was saying their good byes, I was somehow found the courage to talk to a girl i had met named Jenna. (it must have been the tux). We were over near the plaza that over looked the city. My back was facing the camera and I had my leg up on the fence. I held my jacket swifty of my right shoulder as we dived into deep conversation of life. She was turned toward the camera and was laughing. ( like i actually said something funny). Anyway as everyone was leaving the photographer had ran over and caught a quick black and white snap shot of the two of us. To this day that is my favorite picture. I really think its not just the man the makes the suit but the suit that makes the man.

  23. Jason Wesolowski says:

    I cannot stand getting dressed up. It is just uncomfortable and I get no satisfaction from doing it. I don’t care about clothes whatsoever and I only get dressed up when I have to. The last time I remember having to get dressed up was for senior prom last year. I found the whole experience annoying. Having to rent a tuxedo that fit me and match my dates dress, what a pain in the ass. Of course the tux I had to rent was already rented out in almost every store I went to. Finally after searching about five stores and about $120 later I had my Ivory shirt, vest, and tie. Having to shell out $120 on top of the prom tickets and other expenses to rent clothes just seemed ridiculous, but hat choice did i have. In the end prom was surprisingly fun. Until I had to go through the whole process spending another $120 for clothes to go to another prom two weeks later for my girlfriend’s school prom.

  24. So last night I went to the preference event for the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi. I had to get dressed up because we were going out to dinner. I was excited to go and nervous to go all at the same time. I found out on Tuesday night that I got invited to this exclusive event and that I needed to dress up for it. I was in deep shit because I didn’t bring any of my dress clothes when I came to college. I had to go and buy a dress shirt. So between classes and homework I managed to go find a shirt and buy it. It was a tad expensive but well worth it because I look good in it. Then came the next challenge I had to iron it. I have never ironed anything in my life before. I have seen my dad and mom iron things I just have never. I managed to find a friend that let me use his iron. I took it out of the neat little box that it came in and was perplexed by all the buttons and dials that were affixed to this contraption. I saw the instructions then thought I’m smart enough to figure it out. I was wrong. I quickly ran down the hall and found my good friend Rahul and he showed me how it worked. I then started getting the thousands of wrinkles out of my beautiful shirt. I was done so I decided to inspect my handy work. I put it on a hanger then saw I ironed a huge valley into the front of the shirt. I franticly put it back on the ironing board and ironed it out. And just in time to leave for the preference event.

  25. Lindsey Cohen says:

    I absolutely love getting dressed up because it is not something I do on a day-to-day basis. There are only special occasions that I actually have to take my time getting ready. I am always that person that gets ready before everyone else and I just have to sit there waiting but usually that is not the case when I am getting dressed up. My bat mitzvah was one of those days that I attempted to take a long time getting ready and I ended up taking too long. I know this event took place about five years ago, which frankly, is ages ago but I occasionally catch myself thinking about getting ready that day. After running late to my hair appointment and having my hair stylist change my hair from straight to curly, I was finally ready to head over to the temple to get my make-up done and put my dress on. As I arrived at the temple almost an hour late, I ran sprinted into the private room to see that my mom was also running late! She was still getting her make up done when she was suppose to be finished 30 minutes prior to the time that I arrived. Finally, I started to get my make up done but naturally I was sick at the time of my bat mitzvah so I had to “take a break” every 5 minutes so it the make up artist around 2 hours to finish instead of the usual 1 hour. Anyways, I finally got myself together and walking into my bat mitzvah ceremony only 20 minutes late. Considering the “escapades” the happened before, showing up 20 minutes late was pretty impressive. In the end, everything ended up working out but getting to that point was definitely a huge struggle.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Evan Ostrow-

    I almost never dress up, but when I do, I go all out.
    My wardrobe consists of t-shirts(mostly free t-shirts) and shorts. If its cold I just add a sweatshirt and maybe wear jeans. So I dont get dressed up often. It is not that I do not enjoy being dressed up, because I do, it is just that the whole process just takes too much effort. In the past four years I have gotten dressed up maybe eleven times.
    In any case my most memorable time, as it seems for most of us, was my senior prom. My date who is one of the sweetest girls in the world, decided to wear yellow. Naturally I did as well. The tuxedo consisted of black pants, dress shirt, shoes, and jacket, with a sun bright yellow vest and tie. Oh and we cannot forget the classics: a pair of jet black aviators.
    We went with three other couples, danced our butts off, and had an excellent after party at my date’s house. This I think is what makes getting dress up such a great experience. It is always a good time and usually goes hand in hand with good food as well.

  27. Andrew Lupo says:

    Getting dressed up was a rare occasion for me. Basically, Junior and Senior prom were the only times you would see me in a suite and a tie. For Senior prom, my date was supposed to wear all black, but instead, she wore a pink dress and there was no way in hell I was gong to match that. I ended up wearing the all black suite. Black shirt, black shoes, black tie. My date and I didn’t match at all and naturally, I think she was kind of pissed. It turns out that my junior prom date, who didn’t have a date to senior prom, was dressed beautifully in an all black dress. I ended up dancing with her the whole night at senior prom, and we looked like a matching couple.

  28. Molly Driscoll says:

    Dressing up is a rare occasion for me, but I love it. Throughout high school there was a formal dance for each grade, I always found a way to get a date to all of the dances. Wearing long dresses, finding the perfect shoes to match, getting my hair and nails done, and strategically putting my make up on to compliment my dress was just so much fun. Now, don’t get me wrong, doing that every day would be the biggest pain in the ass. Every once in a while it’s a lot of fun, and a real self-esteem booster getting all prettied up.
    Although every time getting ready for a dance or a prom was fun, the greatest and most memorable, by far, was senior prom. I know it’s such a cliché to say that senior prom was the greatest night of my life, but literally, senior prom was the greatest day and night of my life. I decided to try a few new things for senior prom that hadn’t done with previous dances. First of all, my date was someone I was dating and liked so much. Every previous dance throughout all of high school I had only attended dances with good guy friends, but this dance was with the perfect guy. Because I was going with who I thought was the perfect guy, I had to make sure I looked perfect. I was so stressed, but continued to go with some changes. For every dance I had always got my hair done completely up and curled. For senior prom I bought hair extensions and decided to just leave it down and curly.
    Getting my hair done was the first process of getting ready for prom once the last bell rang dismissing me from class that Friday of prom. I went to the salon and began getting my hair done and the extensions put in, disaster struck when the hair dresser had finished my hair, but it turned out just completely awful. I broke out in hysterics in the car claiming my prom was ruined. My mom, the life savior, found a way to fix my hair to be exactly how I had pictured it. Down, with lots of curls, and the flower clip placed in it perfectly. It wouldn’t be like me if I didn’t hit a massive bump in the rode that caused me to freak out. But, I cleared my eyes took a deep breath because everything was great now. I began doing my makeup next, always my favorite. Somehow, my face full of pimples the week before had vanished, I was so excited. I slowly and paying close attention to detail, put on all my makeup. The time was then 4:05 and my date was coming in ten minutes. I put what seemed to me the most beautiful dress on, followed by my perfectly matching shoes and earrings. A few quick sprays of perfume later and I was all ready to go.
    My date got to my house at 4:15. I walked down the stairs, we smiled at each other and he handed me the flowers that seemed like they were made to match my dress. The perfection didn’t end there. The rest of the night continued with such a fun party bus ride to the Crystal Tea Room, followed by dancing with my crush, the best date, all night, just having the best time. Not to mention the night ended with my date winning me a printer at the post-prom party. Overall the best time I have ever had was had while I was all dressed up.

  29. Kelley Hey says:

    I am the type of girl who loves getting dressed up. I wear sweatpants and jeans on a day to day basis, but I like wearing dresses and getting all dolled up to go to a special occasion. My favorite memory of getting dressed up is senior prom. It sounds cliché, but my senior prom was at Citizens Bank Park so I naturally was very excited and wanted to look good. The hunt for the dress was a long process, it kind of felt like an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. I was tried on so many styles, and I have to admit I was very picky; it had to be the perfect dress that I absolutely loved. One day, while dress shopping, I finally found the dress. It was a one shoulder, long black satin dress. It was very classy and reminded me of something one of my idols, Audrey Hepburn would wear. On prom day I was very nervous. What if my hair didn’t turn out right? What if I somehow rip my dress? (I am very clumsy so this is something I would do). But thankfully none of that happened, I didn’t rip my dress or fall in my high heels. After I was all dolled up and ready, I met my date and my best friend and we drove to our school to take pictures. My high school has pretty nice grounds so everyone met there before getting in the limos to take pictures with friends, family, and teachers. After being blinded by many cameras, it was finally time to go into the limo. I remember being so excited, I was about to have the time of my life. Prom was definitely a special experience for me. I had a great time with all my friends and it was a night I will never forget.

  30. Lilly Kuriakose says:

    I can’t really remember one special event that I went to and got all dressed up for. But I love getting dressed up maybe not everyday but especially when we have a family occasion (weddings, holidays, birthdays…Etc). One of my favorite holidays is Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year as it might be for many others. What I love about Christmas is the fact that it is the only time of year that all my family gets together. Everyone comes together and have a great time. Every year during Christmas my family has a sort of reunion where we all get dressed up, eat lots of food, and just talk. It is so much fun because we get dressed up , go to church, then exchange gifts. This is the one occasion that I remember where I always look my best and I can’t wait to do it this year as well.

    I know this might sound more like a response to “What’s your favorite holiday?” question. But I just love getting dressed up on Christmas and it’s always a great memory for me.

  31. Krupa Khatri says:

    Someone told me that when you look good, you feel good. At first I thought that was pretty vain, but it began to make sense, especially when I dressed up. Normally, I would only dress formally for special events like prom, bat-mitzvahs, and weddings, but that changed last summer. It was the night of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II premier, and I was abnormally excited. So I did what any nerd (any really cool nerd) would do and dressed up for the event. My outfit was a step up from what I usually wear in the summer: shorts and a tee-shirt, or if I was feeling particularly fancy, yoga pants instead of shorts. That night, I wore a white shirt, a black sweater, a grey skirt, and a red and gold Gryffindor scarf. Looking in the mirror, I admired my “formal” attire and definitely liked what I saw: an official Hogwarts student.

  32. Liesl Blum says:

    One of my favorite occasions that I was dressed up was for a wedding. I believe it was July 5th about 8 years ago. My babysitter of 11 years was getting married. I was, and continue to be very close to her, because she came for the afternoon to watch me and my siblings at least twice a week for almost my whole life up until that point. My siblings and I were all in her wedding. My sister was the flower girl, by brother walked her dogs down the isle, and I was the ring bearer, which was different because usually a guy is the ring bearer but it just worked out that thats what she needed someone for. I remember the night before being really nervous. I had been in a wedding before, but I was 6 then. I was going to be in front of a ton of people I didn’t know and I wanted to look nice. She let me help pick out the dress I wore, it was simple white with a purple bow around the waste and I had a band of purple flowers around my head. I was still pretty young so I never wore make up but I remember for this occasion my mom let me wear a little, although you could probably hardly tell. I also got my nails professionally done, which was a first for me and I was thrilled about this. And to top it all off someone was at her house when I got there to do my hair. Besides junior and senior prom this was the most dressed up I have ever been and one of the most memorable days of my life.

  33. Ray Seibert says:

    The last time I got dressed up for an event was when I put on khakis and a shirt and tie, and went to visit my relatives for the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. Normally I like getting dressed up for the holidays, as Jewish holidays are usually centered around food and lots of it. Even the holiday of Passover, where we can’t eat bread for 8 days is tolerable, because we always have lots of special holiday food. But on Yom Kippur we have to fast for 24 hours, or this year 26, because of how the services fell. Then my dress clothes begin to feel extra oppressive, and although it didn’t start out badly, because I had a big dinner beforehand. The next morning, putting on my dress clothes was a chore, and as the day progressed, and my hunger increased, my clothes began to feel tighter and hotter. As we stood in the synagogue for hours and hours, I began to feel faint, and by the end I was aboutready to pass out. Fortunately, I was then able to eat, and my dress clothes were bearable again. So, I still don’t mind getting dressed up, I’d just like to be able to eat when I do so.

  34. Sorry for posting this so late. I’ve been having a few computer issues and I’m still working on getting my new PC set up right.

    My sophomore year, I was talked into joined my high school’s marching band by some of my older brother’s “band geek” friends. At the time I thought that marching band was pretty lame and stupid, like pretty much everyone else who wasn’t in it. Our school didn’t have band camp but our band practices during the summer anyway. After spending a few weeks of playing the same song and walking around a field of parched dirt, the director told the new members to find a fitting uniform. I was almost regretting my decision to join band at that point, but quitting then would’ve messed up the show, so I stuck with it. Seeing the uniforms didn’t help. The storage room had almost a hundred blue wool uniforms hanging on a long bar. One of the upperclassmen measured my height and waist, consulted with a chart, and immediately took a jacket from one hanger and pants from another. I was then directed to another storage room to try on the uniform, and it wasn’t the most comfortable thing I ever put on. I changed back to my street clothes, threw the uniform in a bag, and headed home.

    The first event that I performed in was a competition at another school, and it was also the first time that I saw the whole band with their uniforms on. Everyone was wearing black dress shoes, black socks, black pants, the blue jacket, and a plumed band hat. It wasn’t until that point that I realized what the get-ups were about. It’s not about looking good, per-say; it’s about being one. Blending together into one entity that flows around the field. We didn’t do all that well but at the time I didn’t even know what good looked like. And though our show lasted 7 minutes, it only seemed like 30 seconds when we were actually performing in front of a crowd. In the tens of performances between then and my graduation, the feeling never got old, though our show did get much better after some more practice. No matter how hot the wool jacket was, I still miss marching with a group of (now) close friends and playing songs that we all knew by heart.

  35. Edric Garcia says:

    In the earlier portion of my life, my cousins and I were obsessed with the medieval ages. Knights and dragons were common in our ventures. We would dress in plastic battle armor and equip our plastic weapons, swords, shields, and other killing devices. After suiting up, we would go about our playing, usually ending with some sort of grand fight involving all three of us, one dragon and two chivalrous warriors of old. The battle raged on for what seemed like hours. Sword clashed against shield, talon against armor. Drops of sweat blurred our vision, fatigue clenched our aching muscles. My sword was heavy in my hand, as if it were made of steel instead of plastic. I was eying the other knight, bloodied and torn, his armor in shambles, his blade stained. Then, the dragon. Holes in his scaly armor seeping with bright red liquid. His talons broken, but still deadly. We all were thinking the same think, and charged the middle of the field together, slashing and fighting for dear life. Then all of a sudden, “OW!” cried the knight as he clenched his sword hand. I was stunned. At first, I looked as a dog looks on a recently killed lizard, only meaning to play, but ending up with a dead companion. “I’m sorry.” I whispered in slight embarrassment. The knight dropped his weapons and walked inside the house. The dragon and I followed and we spent the rest of the day playing video games until I went home.

  36. Patrick Carvalho says:

    Halloween is a time that everyone loves because you can be whatever you want to be. This happens to be one of my favorite holidays and thats because you get to dress up in ridiculous costumes. One halloween me and my friends decided to get the notorious green man suit spandex from the show always sunny in philadelphia. Rather than getting the regular green color we all decided to wear different colors so i chose to be purple. We also figured that since we were all wearing full body spandex suits it would be a good idea to wear the largest cups we could find to accentuate certain parts. Although this was amusing for many of our fellow students the teachers and staff didn’t find it funny. We were called to the principals office later on in the day and told that we needed to wear basketball shorts because female teachers were feeling uncomfortable. We didn’t want to comply but were not willing to deal with the repercussions. Even though our costumes were ruined it was still a hilarious day at school, and a memory I will always have.

  37. Tess Drudy says:

    When I was about seven years old I absolutely loved the music from the musical The Phantom of the Opera. I don’t remember how I got into it but I do remember always playing dress up in this one black dress covered in small white flowers faded from age, pretending to be Christine. I think it was on of my older sisters dance recital dresses they wore when they were my age, Anyway, I loved this thing and I loved this play. So when it came to the Benedum Theater in Pittsburgh, they bought us all tickets. That night they let me wear the faded black dress that I loved so much and little black patent shoes that I felt like a grown-up in. My mom even let me wear a little red lipstick like Christine always wore. I still remember jumping out of my seat when the chandelier crashed to the floor like it was yesterday. That night I slept in my dress, dreaming of the Phantom. A little weird I know..

    ps sorry its late I went home this weekend and totally forgot!

  38. Nima Karvar says:

    Last year, my friends convinced me to do the school musical. They did not have enough boys to do the play, so me and three friends decided to have a little fun. We were each waiters in the musical, Hello Dolly! It was a lot of fun. We would constantly goof off and mess around, playing pranks on the directors and especially the stage manager. We all had a great time, until it came close to opening night. The costume designer gave us our costumes, and we were shocked to say the least. We had to wear a bright red suit jacket that only went down past our chest, skin tight black pants, and a dreaded bow tie. We were hysterical to look at, to say the least. We had to do something called the Waiter’s Gallop, where we danced for about twelve minutes coming out spontaneously and doing such acts as human juggling and other crazy antics. Dressing up made my time a little worse, but overall, it was well worth it.

  39. Miguel Martinez says:

    My senior year of high school was probably the most memorable time where I dressed up. I arrived at my dates house, knocked on the door and Mrs. Patchkowski came to the door. She greeted me and continued to say, “Come in! Kristens almost ready”. As i stepped in the house my date strolled out and all I could see was powder blue, glitter, and ruffles. My vest and tie matched perfectly, (In past years, at semi-formals, finding the exact colors had been an issue). Our moms took pictures until they couldn’t anymore. Thinking now, this was probably dangerous, seeing how I had to drive to prom and all I could see was the aftermath of the flashes. We then arrived to the group pictures and got my retinas burned some more. After the group pictures we headed to prom (And again with the pictures!). As soon as the pictures were over the tie and jacket came off. By the end of prom my whole outfit was disheveled and I wasn’t very dressed up anymore.

  40. Meghan Hall says:

    Being that I am more of a sweatpants and t-shirt kind of girl, my senior prom was definitely one of my most memorable moments I have of dressing up. I remember all the girls from my school talking about their prom dresses months before the prom, however, I bought my dress one week before prom! Every girl knows that buying your dress one week before the prom is very stressful. However, to make matters worse, girls from my school had started a Facebook group posting their dresses on the page to be sure that no girl had the same dress…what drama! I was worried I wasn’t going to find the perfect dress, or worse: find the right dress but only to find out that someone already had it! Luckily, I only tried on three dresses and decided to go with a royal blue, one shoulder dress. It ended up being a great night, it’s fun to dress up especially when you don’t normally do so and you look like a completely different person.

  41. Charlotte Bader says:

    My junior year of high school was the first time I went to a prom. I went to an all girls school, so I was asked to two other proms. My first prom ever i found the perfect dress. I am very picky and I surprised myself by buying the first dress I tried on in the store. It was a purple strapless dress with bright flowers on the bottom. Dressing up has always been exciting for me because since I was in kindergarden I have worn a uniform to school every day. I got very dolled up; I had my hair and nails done and spent a few extra minutes than normal on my makeup. My first prom was very fun. My date was a guy that I liked a lot and we ended up having a fun time at the dance. Getting dressed up for my first prom is something that I will always remember.

  42. Larry Iaccio says:

    Getting dressed up for a special occasion is something that I actually really enjoy doing from time to time. The biggest memory of getting dressed up that sticks out in my memory is my senior prom. Never before had I worn a tuxedo and I just felt like I was too small for it. Personally when I dress up, I always feel like I look like I’m playing dress up because I’ve always seen the adults in my life dressed up like the way that I was on that night and it just didn’t feel right to me because I had never considered myself an adult like the people i had watched growing up. Now that I’m getting older I realize that I am becoming the adult and I don’t look nearly as silly when I dress up as I think I do.

  43. David Sadlowski says:

    In my life there have been many instances where I had to dress up for an event. I come from a polish family, and dressing up is sign of being mature. I have been to many communions, and baptisms in my life, but dressing up for the church part is not the only thing in our culture. We always have big parties after such events, and these parties can last from four in the afternoon to four in the morning. I always enjoyed dressing up because I knew going to the parties would always be a fun time.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I love getting dressed up. Theres something about wearing a nice dress that makes me feel pretty. One of my favorite times i remember getting dressed up was for a family friends wedding. She was the baby of her family so there was no expense spared. It was the first time I was ever going to be bridesmaid after years of being the flower girl so I was beyond exicted. The wedding that Tiffany;s themed so I got wear a floor length blue dress. I remember feeling so grown up. I also prided myself on being one of those people that cleans up well, and after having to dress uo for my friends naval ball ithas become a requirement for me that whoever i date looks good in a suit. somehting about looking nice and put togeter has this almost hansome “swagged” look to it.

  45. Al Germann says:

    I LOVE GETTING DRESSED UP. If you knew me you’d know i’m either in PJ’s or a suit. Last year I’d wear a suit to school at least twice a week, just for shiggles. Its fun and I really like it. I’v never really been into polo shirts and khakis, like, seriously. I’v never owned a pair, Maybe I did but I never wore them. My motto when it comes to clothes is you either go all the way or not at all. This year in college, as my life isn’t as scheduled as it was in high school I haven’t really been able to keep my suit wearing regimen, which is sad and I hope to change that later on. I enjoy dressing up so much mainly because when I look back at the 30’s and 40’s and 50’s I really envy the fact that every one got “dressed up” to go virtually everywhere. It was a classier time, and I try to revitalize that bit with the way I dress.

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