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The memory exercises are back!  To join the conversation, simply add your post in the comments.  This week: write about a memory that in some way involves rain.  As always, it doesn’t have to make any great point, just render it as vividly as you can, using all your senses!

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  1. Aaronei Humphrey says:

    The most memorable moment i’ve had involving rain had to be summer before 10th grade. I spent alot of that summer at my bestfriends house. She lived in a big wooden, modern, house with floor to ceiling windows. We were fifteen so we were at the age where our parents stopped being so sheltering and allowed us to explore and do as we pleased. One summer evening around the time the sun was going to set my boyfriend of the time called and told me that his mom was away for the night. Me and my two friends started to walk to his house, it was about a twenty minute walk. He met as at the halfway mark, as soon as he was in my sight it starting pouring rain, thundering, and lightning, we all took off running towards his apartement building, me and him purposely lagged behind, splashing in puddles, kissing, playing in the rain. When we finally got to his house my friends and I had to wear sweats and tshirts belonging to him while our clothes were in the dryer. We ordered chinese, watched movies, played games, and talked all night untill one when we had to walk all the way back home in the rain. He walked me all the way home and before I went inside told me he loved me. It was magic, my friends and I sat up and talked about him, our night, and my feelings until the sun came up the next day.

  2. Caitlyn Whipple says:

    One memory about rain that I hold close to my heart is when my brother and I went out during a HUGE rain storm and played in the rain. We stood on street corners hoping cars would splash us as the streets were flooding. We would kick the water to make a big splash and we would try to find ginormous puddles to jump in. I feel as if we had some of the best fun by just playing in the rain, and being able to bond and grow closer to each other while doing so. My brother is older than me and doesn’t always show he cares, but its times like playing in the rain together that shows he will always be my brother.

  3. Erika Bar-David English 802 says:

    A memory I recall upon is around halloween during a rainy day we hosted concerts for local philadelphia elementary kids because they cannot afford these music programs themselves. So we raise the money to bring them and host concerts for them with different characters. And we dressed up for halloween and we had a showing for the kids’ costumes afterward. Just seeing the looks on their faces was memorable.

  4. Don Gabel says:

    I like the rain, as long as, I don’t have to go out in it. It is a pleasant and maybe a sleep enhancer just lying in bed on a rainy day. I am probably the most mellow person and at peace with the world on a wet day just looking outside. If I have something to do, or I have someplace to go (planned). I can exhibit quite a different attitude. It seems the latter is the most prevalent. Usually it brings out the worst in drivers as you try to negotiate through bumper to bumper traffic. It always seems liked when we scheduled a softball game, tag football- it would always be raining or a good chance of rain. I remember sitting down Citizens Bank Park for 3- 1/2 hours waiting for the Phils- Braves to play- well they finally cancelled the game. That wasn’t to bad- we did have a small party atmosphere going on for the idle time. But, you have to take the good with the bad. In my childhood, I used to like to listen to light rain falling, bit I would panic when a severe thunderstorm would come through the area- especially at night. In fact, I still say I experienced seeing ball lightning. In grade school- the weatherman forecased heavy snow for the area starting overnight. We awoken the next morning thinking we had off from school- only to find out stay dry- here is your rain coat. We were walking to school with the water soaking our pants around our shoes because the water runoff from our rain coated was like a leaky gutter on a house. So, I always remembered rain for the good and the bad. It is a necesary to sustain life on our planet, and we must remember the sun will (most of the time) come out tomorrow.

  5. John Billemeyer says:

    Back when I was younger, around the age of around 7 or 8, I would spend a lot of time in the summer at my Grandparents house. My Grandfather owned an oil company which he ran off of his massive property. At the time, both of my parents worked for him so they would bring me with them to work and I could hangout with my cousins who are the same age as me. I vividly remember the rain on one stormy day mid August or September. I was probably about 7 like I said, so I thought it could be the next nonstop 40 days and nights. I was wrong, it only lasted about 4 days or so but either way it was the biggest storm I have ever seen. It started while I was on a bike ride home from a convenient store down the road a little bit. It was a flash flood, a spontaneous downpour. It was a treacherous ride home. It lasted only about 10 minutes in the rain but i was completely soaked by the end. Cars would splash me as they drove through surrounding puddles which blurred my already dazed vision. I had a hard time keeping the things in my bag steady, and eventually the faulty bag ripped so i had to carry a hoagie, bag of chips, and soda in my hands while riding on a bicycle through tho terrible rainstorm. It was one terrible experience because the rain was so much more intense than I had ever seen before. The whole driveway was completely flooded at my Grandparent’s house. They had about a half mile long driveway on a slight slant; all of which was flooded, but at the bottom there was a puddle about 2 feet deep and a span of about 250 yards2. The puddle made any traffic between business and oil delivery trucks very hard and sometimes nearly inaccessible. I remember just sitting by the window for hours on end, looking at the vast, dark grey clouds draped in the sky. They drew such a dark mood to the days it rained. Sometimes, just for fun I would venture out into the never-ending downpour an run around. After about 3 or 4 seconds, I would be completely drenched in water. Just watching the rain pour down for so long was sometime of itself, it made me wonder greater things than just the rain like the world and human life itself. This 4 day experience was really enlightening while horrible at points; but overall I learned a very valuable lesson- always come prepared with an umbrella.

  6. Malik McLean says:

    Around the time I was probably eight years old, I remember playing in a huge puddle created by heavy rain with two of my friends on a summer day. On this day, I was out with two of my friends from the neighborhood, Bryan and Jo-Jo ( real name Joseph) after we got kicked out of my mom’s store for playing on the arcade games for too long.
    While outside, we did our usual routine, we scoured the neighborhood for nooks and crannies to investigate. We were about a block down from my mom’s store when it started to drizzle. We had just finished going through the brush of an empty lot looking for something to do or find in an abandoned shack hidden by the shade of trees and long grass. Nothing was there, so we decided to go play basketball on the courts behind my school which was conveniently located two blocks away from my mom’s store.
    As we were walking in the direction of my mom’s store, it rained heavier and heavier with every passing minute. Jo-Jo’s house was located a block away from the courts so we went to his house to get the basketball. By the time we reached his home, we were all soaked but we were too stubborn to give up. We were to too stubborn to let something as small as heavy rain ruin our chance to have fun and so Jo-Jo rushed into his house without his mom noticing and snatched his basketball up. While he was gone the rain got even heavier. Small streams were running down the sides of the street and tree branches were falling off trees. Even that scene didn’t scare us in the least. We were prepared to see how it was to shoot hoops in the rain.
    When Jo-Jo came back outside, we all had a short conversation, one I cannot recall. The one thing that did stand out to me though was the sound of the sound of the rain against the roof of Jo-Jo’s porch and the huge puddle that we had all just seen formed from the rain. On one side of the intersection, a semi-clogged drainage duct collected enough water to create a huge puddle, about as wide as two car lengths and deep enough to reach my knees. Instinct took over all of us and we jumped into the puddle. We waded through the cool water, splashed each other, skipped the basketball across the water, and even stood to take the force of the waves created by passing cars driving through the puddle. I even tripped Bryan causing him to fall in almost face deep. We did something that our parents always prevented us from doing, we played in the rain.
    We kept it up until Jo-Jo’s mom spotted us across the street, called Jo-Jo in and told Bryan and I to go home. With one of us taken out, Bryan and I went to my mom’s store after we took one last car wave. I do not know what happened to Bryan afterward but for the rest of the week I was sick with a cold. But it was worth it.

  7. nicole evans says:

    I’ve never been fond of the rain, NEVER. I absolutely HATE to get wet in the rain. I hate how it feels on my skin. Cold rain, warm rain, rain period – I do not like raindrops hitting my skin. It’s not my shower, it’s not the ocean, I do not like to be wet.

    I HATE the way The dampness of my clothes, the way they NEVER completely dry. Wet, cold (regardless of outdoor temperature), and damp ALL DAY LONG…wrinkled.
    It’s terrible.

    The rain wrecks havoc on my hair. It makes it limp, it makes it frizzy, it makes it a bad hair day.

    BUT…oh, how I LOVE the sweet smell of rain on a warm summer night. Peaceful, as if it just washed away all the bad and now you can smell all things good.

  8. Fausto Gil-Corona says:

    I LOVE! the rain. During my aunts wedding in the Dominican Republic it was a bright sunny day, everyone was happy and smiling. I unfortunately was mad because my mother had me wear a suit, I hated those when I was young. About 15minutes into the wedding the sky started pouring the floor was wet in minutes… Everyone started talking luckily for them there was a tent where the couple was and about half the guest got covered by it. I moved to one of the back chairs where the rain was dropping everyone there had a big frown on their faces I was the only one with a big white stain(smile) on my face. Was a great day, for me at least.

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