I had the privilege of meeting Arthur Frommer last week – he of the FROMMER Travel Guides – the guy who pretty much revolutionized travel as we know it.  Not so long ago, only the super rich “saw the world”; then along came Mr. Frommer with his Europe for $5 a day books and today (thanks in part other factors, of course) we’re traveling farther and more often than ever.  He said that with inflation, his $5 a day books are more like $75 a day books.

Anyway, his advice was this: when searching for flights (to anywhere, anytime) use the websites momondo.com and dohop.com.  They are smaller, international companies, and the only way they can compete is by listing ALL possible flights, not just the airlines they have special deals with (like Expedia, Orbitz, ect).  He said he routinely saves hundreds of dollars this way.  Trust the man – he would know.

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  1. And we here at Dohop.com thank him dearly for it. And you, for repeating it.

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