Every young boy dreams of someday making Bill Simmons’ famous (or is it “infamous”?) mail bag. For those of you who don’t know The Sports Guy, #1, what is wrong with you? and #2, if you like sports, cruise over and check out his archive on ESPN.com. See you in about four days.

Anyway, last Friday I finally made the cut, as about 34,409,399 of my friends informed me via email, text message, smoke signal, and morse code. His answer was a bit snippy – and brief – but then that’s what I expected.

Q: I spent August driving across America. I brought 3,000 giant, self-addressed postcards with me, and tried to meet 3,000 new people in 30 days. I gave everyone I met a card and asked them to write down their best piece of advice and mail it to me. I was hoping to run into you in L.A. but no luck. What would you have written on your card?

— Matt, Philly

SG: “Starting a Facebook account would have been so much easier.”

As Simmons would say:


(Gritting teeth.)


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