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This Summer/Fall, I’m leaving my job and driving all across America.  It’s called The 10,000 Strangers Campaign.  My goal is to shake 10,000 hands in 100 days.  I will do this by introducing myself to 10,000 strangers in park, libraries, and other public spaces.  For anyone who will take 30 seconds to talk to me (no guarantee these days), I’ll give them a postcard with instructions to share a single memory – “a story you don’t want to be forgotten” – and mail it back.  Along the way, I’ll also be making stops at VFWs, libraries, community, art, and senior centers – collecting stories (each written on a postcard) for a massive archive of American history.

I’ll put it bluntly: without help, this is going to fail.  And it can’t fail.  I’ve created a website that contains all the information and fundraising tools. There are fun perks, like sponsoring my car to help pay for gas, or you can just make a contribution at any level.    

 First edition books will be printed this Fall, exclusively for SBYF Project supporters. 

100% of all book proceeds will be donated to support the project and to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease. 

I have never asked for a dime to support this project.  I have spent over $20,000 of my own money and countless hours over the past 3 years because I love it and I believe in it.  The time has come to take the next step.  We have an amazing new plan and really need your support.
Now head over and check it out: 10,000 STRANGERS CAMPAIGN

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