The 2010 S.B.Y.F. National Tour is set and may be visiting a city near you!

Tues July 6 – Phila. send off party
Weds July 7- Dayton, OH
Thurs-July 8- Indianapolis
Fri July 9-Chicago
Weds July 14-Prairie Village, Kansas
Fri July 16-Denver
Mon July 19-Los Angeles
Weds July 21-San Diego
Fri July 23-Phoenix
Mon July 26-Albuquerque
Fri July 30-Nashville
Mon Aug. 2-Atlanta
Thurs Aug 5-Charlottesville, VA

I’m excited to announce that this year I’ve partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association, so in addition to handing out thousands more postcards, I’ll also be running my S.B.Y.F. workshops with Alzheimer’s-afflicted individuals & families from coast to coast. 

Much, much more information to follow (keep an eye out for subsequent updates), but wanted to get the dates up.

Please get in touch if you’re out there and we’re headed your way!

4 responses to “Announcing the 2010 S.B.Y.F. National Tour!”

  1. Christina Stango says:

    where is the send off party???

  2. We thought it would be cool to shove off from the Alz. Assoc. chapter in Philly on Tuesday morning. I’ll let you know if we decide to do anything fun out and about!

  3. Bob says:

    Go get ’em Matt…keep your heart open & plenty of windshield-washer fluid handy 🙂 Many, many people are sending you their best thoughts & wishes today.

  4. Ann Young says:

    Have a safe trip.. It’s a wonderful project. Wish I could have seen the send off! See you in August!

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