SBYF’s fearsome fleet of metal and ink.

Today’s a proud day for us here at SBYF.  

As we’ve grown over the years from a single memory (boy and grandfather, holding hands)…to a story scribbled on a yellow legal pad…to a road trip…to a fledgling, uncertain project…to another, bigger road trip…to a national writing program, I’ve always daydreamed that, somewhere down the road, we’d be able to create a mentorship program for young writers and artists.   I think of myself at age 18 – I knew so badly that I wanted to be a writer, but I had absolutely no idea where to begin, what stories I was meant to be telling, or how to tell them well. For me, SBYF has been the most demanding, rewarding education a young writer could ever have. Thousands of times now I’ve met someone, listened to their story, and tried, to the best of my ability, to transform that raw material – that memory – into something more than a memory, into art (gag! but it’s true). The fact that we use postcards as a medium only makes it more demanding – how can I convey real intimacy in such a small amount of space? Funny to think that I bought that original postcards and stamps with the money that would’ve paid for a graduate writing class. So, as I said, I always dreamed that someday I could share that experience with other young writers and artists. But it was always way out there, just a little speck in the distance.

Well, here we are.

Today we’re proud to announce the SBYF Junior Memory Collector program, a mentorship program for young writers, artists, and leaders of the future.

What does a Junior Memory Collector do? In short, you explore the world around you in search of stories.  You lead SBYF memory writing workshops, operate SBYF Memory Stations, and network with other creative organizations.  You work closely with SBYF’s team of professional writers, illustrators, designers, film-makers, and sound engineers.  Most importantly, you make a real difference in the lives of other human beings by helping to preserve their memories before they are lost so they can be passed on to future generations.

Oh, and this: those chosen are issued their very own manual typewriter (some of which are close to 100 years old!), which have been generously donated from folks around the Philadelphia area!!

Without further adieu, we proudly announce of first class of JMCs, whom you’ll be getting to know a lot better over the next few months.

Emily Cornuet

Four things about Emily:

(1) I am a BFA Sculpture major at Tyler School of Art
(2) My favorite thing is hearing interesting stories told by colorful people
(3)  I like words…a lot

(4) If I call you a rockstar that is the highest form of praise you can receive from me.

Carlos Miranda

Four things about Carlos:

(1) Born in Honduras

(2) Study at Drexel University

(3) I can make a loud clicking noise with my tongue

(4) I know all the words to Fergalicious by heart.

Emilie Mehler

Four things about Emilie:

(1)Emilie did ballet for fourteen years, acted, and sang in the choirs all throughout her high school career.

(2)She loves to travel and will be going to Austria, Germany, and possibly a quick stop in Prague over the winter break of 2013-2014.

(3)She nineteen years old and is a freshman at Temple University where her older brother attends and her father is an adjunct professor.

(4)Has never been to Disney World/Land and doesn’t plan on going.

Alex Ferguson

(1) I am currently an Advertising major and Spanish minor at Temple University.

(2) I didn’t know I had two middle names until age 13, it was something of an identity crisis.

(3) I am a huge music person, I love attending concerts and I love making people mixed CDs, especially to cheer them up.

(4) I studied abroad in Spain for a month and fully intend on returning to live there someday.

Note: The SBYF Junior Memory Collector Program operates on a Spring/Summer – Fall/Winter cycle.  Applications for our next class will open in August; all info will be posted here on the SBYF Blog.  

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