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This week’s memory exercise: write about a time when you were mad.  The whole spectrum of “mad” is open to you, from “slightly perturbed” to “eye-bulging-out-of-your-head-like-a-cartoon-character apoplectic.”  As always, don’t worry about making any great point, just try to render a scene vividly.

48 responses to “"Art is a Good Thing to Do When…"”

  1. Emily Croke says:

    Over this past summer I took two college courses at the community college by my house so that when I study abroad I will have more flex room with my credits. I took macroeconomics and accounting. Taking college classes in the last summer with all of your friends sucks. I would have to come home early most nights so that I would not be falling asleep in my classes the following morning at 8am. The one benefit that made those 6 weeks worth it were the fact that I would be able to pick my courses earlier then most freshmen. However I soon came to realize that the slowness of the bursars office is almost unfathomable. I spoke to my advisor and was told the credits would be posted within a week. I was told this on September 8th. However when registration rolled, today consequently, my credits were still no where to be found in the DARS. So the reason I am mad today is because I have to wait another day rather then being able to register a day earlier like I was supposed to.

  2. Amanda Plaksin says:

    I seem to have trouble getting my friends to come down to Temple to see me. Almost every weekend I talk to them about it, and they all ecstatically and emphatically express their desires to come down here, experience Philly life, see what I do, meet my friends, etc. And then when the time comes, I get no responses for hours on end or no responses at all, and then the next day flaky apologies. This weekend that just passed my boyfriend’s cousin Matt was supposed to come down with his girlfriend, but they didn’t because Matt hadn’t gotten laid for two days and he apparently really needed to, so he didn’t tell me he wasn’t coming when we all made plans to, he just didn’t show up. It’s gotten really really really old and makes me think that sitting in our boring hometown is somehow better than coming down to the city, to a college like Temple? Seriously? I just get sick of people sometimes, and am contemplating just not asking them ever again. Ugh.

  3. Larry Iaccio says:

    I come from a family where short tempers and anger are just commonplace, so I get angry quite often and quite ferociously, but I get over it rather quickly. Me and one of my best friends, John, butt heads all the time, but there was one time before class during my senior year of high school that angered me above any other time. It got to the point where we got physical with each other. He was getting in my face being extremely rude and ignorant and A shoved him against a locker and gave it right back to him. He held my hands down in fear that I might hit him which I would never do, but I understand his concern, I was incredibly mad. I have a scar on my left hand from where his nails dug into me as he held down my hands. We went about half of the day without talking to each other until we just put it behind us and moved on, because that’s what we do: We laugh, we fight, and we move on, because we’re brothers.

  4. Liesl Blum says:

    When I was in 4th grade, I got really really mad at my family. I can’t remember exactly why, I’m sure it was something really stupid. But for whatever reason I was mad, I decided to run away from home, as most kids do at least once in their life. So I packed my bag with snacks, water, and my string box to make bracelets, and I camped out in our shed in the back yard. I was sitting in the shed sulking and making bracelets for a good hour before I began to hear my family look for me. My dad owns a contracting business so next to my backyard is a large stone lot with lots of equipment and dirt and stone piles, so there was a lot of area that I could have been hiding on. For whatever reason, no one thought to check the shed until last, so I had been in there a good two hours before my little brother opened the door and shouted that he found me. I remember being more mad that they found me and then I got more mad after getting in trouble for running away and scaring my parents. But at least I got a lot of bracelets made that day.

  5. Shilpa Shegu says:

    I usually have a pretty good temper and am patient with people. However the most recent time I’ve been “mad” has been these past two weeks while working with Temple University’s Financial Aid. One of my grants was sent to UPenn instead of Temple and it’s been probably one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. Especially with the chance of signing up for classes TOMORROW, I unfortunately will not be able to most likely get any of the classes I want because Financial Aid is not capable of doing a simple task for me.

  6. Charlotte Bader says:

    My sister and I have never gotten along very well, however we are still very close. We have very different ideas about things and we are completely different people but we still have learned to love each other. Since it is just me and my sister, she being the oldest child, got away with a lot less than i did. Whenever she tried to do anything sneaky, she always got caught. In high school, she was two years older than me so when I was a sophomore and she was a senior i asked her and her boyfriend to pick me up from a party that my mom didn’t know i was at. She agreed to and she didn’t even give me a hint that she was mad about it. The next week, she for some reason decided to tell my mom. My mom had no clue I went to a party because I said I was going to a movie with my friend. My mom was furious and I was extremely mad at my sister. I guess she was trying to teach me a lesson but I didn’t learn anything from it other than to not trust her for a while.

  7. Richard Chen says:

    It was spring. Spring always made me happy because that meant tennis season was coming. I was in 10th grade and I would spend hours and hours practicing throughout the year just for those few months. A lot of my classmates were on the team too, but they didn’t dedicate as much time to practicing as I did – except one. His name was Andrew. He convinced me to take lessons with him before the upcoming season and be his doubles partner. I agreed.
    The lessons were great and we had a great time bonding together. When tennis tryouts began, both of us gave off good impressions to the coach. As long as we both made varsity we were happy. In the end, however; there was only one last doubles spot on the varsity team and I thought we (Andrew and I) had a good chance of filling that position. When it came time to “officially decide” our doubles partners, I picked Andrew. I found out the next day that he picked someone else.
    That just irked me at first. As long as I did well, regardless of my partner, I was content. The problem was that I would play Andrew and his new partner and lose – time after time. It was frustrating because I knew if Andrew and I were partners we could cause the same damage. Then the day came. The day that the coach announced the official line up that season. My head felt muffled when the coach spoke, until she came to announce the last varsity doubles position. I was hopeful – thinking that my hard work would pay off. And then the words came: “At second doubles varsity we have…”. Who was it? Was it me? “…Andrew and his partner!”. There was a light applause for them. I was devastated, and pissed.
    When practice started that day, the team was already set. Andrew was on varsity and I was stuck one position below – on junior varsity. I saw Andrew laughing and smiling with all the varsity players. Was I jealous? Of course. But more importantly, I felt betrayed and angry – angry that Andrew “led” me on. For the whole practice session I was in a bad mood. I hit the ball as hard as I could just to release the anger. Each ball I hit I imagined Andrew’s face, hoping to express my hatred towards him. No one talked to me that day, and if they did, it was the occasional, “Are you okay?”. I didn’t mean to give them a snarl or brush them off. All I could think of was that backstabbing kid named Andrew.
    After practice I cooled down a bit. Andrew, being such a great varsity player (this is sarcastic, I’m still a bit bitter, but I don’t know why), was invited to go a fellow varsity player’s house. All the varsity players left early, while the junior varsity team and I cleaned up – scouring the courts for loose balls and empty water bottles. I wanted to curse out the coach for some reason, but it wasn’t her fault. Perhaps it was my fault for not playing well under pressure (this only occurred to me a few days after). Perhaps it just meant I had to practice harder. Even with all those “perhaps”, part of me still blamed Andrew, and everyday at practice I used those negative feelings to push harder and harder. I was named captain my senior year.

  8. Spencer Reid says:

    I usually am pretty good at managing my anger and very rarely do I take it farther then I should by physical action. One time I vividly remember being extra anger was one Monday night when I was watching my football team on Monday Night Football play. It was the second quarter and I was watching the game with a handful of “my buddies”. My team had fumbled and the other team got the ball, which led the other team to score and I started to get mad. One of my friends came back into the TV room after talking on his phone and immediately made a comment towards me knowing that I would not like it. This kid is the kid in our group of friends who is funny but sometimes takes things too far and you just want to revert to violence on him. He pushes everyone to his or her limits but tonight was the wrong night to do that because I was not in the mood. Personally I am not a violence person because I am easy going and I usually let things brush off my shoulder without holding a grudge. So I let this comment go like I usually do but then three minutes later he makes another comment and I told him to be quiet or there will be a problem. So he decides to make a smart comment back, which was basically calling me out in front of my friends and saying that I would not do anything. I got up and that is where it ended because he finally realized that I was done joking around and he had taken it too far. So “The Italian Bull” got a piece of my horns. I had to set the tone for the rest of my friends because they have all wanted to do the same thing that I did but no one has. So hopefully he learned a lesson. That being that he needs to realize that people do have limits and you should be smart enough to see when they are done joking around. All of my friends that were in the room could see that I was done joking around and it was time for him to stop talking but he just pushed even further which allowed him to learn a valuable lesson. Not to push people’s limits.

  9. Nick Gangi says:

    It usually doesn’t take much to make me mad, but when I am mad I am usually pretty good at controlling my anger and I don’t show it too often. I have one specific recollection of a rare moment when I let my anger be visible. It was my first wrestling tournament of my senior year. I was in the semi-finals against a wrestler who had placed fifth in the state the prior year. I went into the match thinking that I was going to lose and that I had no chance. The match started and my opponent seemed very cocky as if he had nothing to worry about. He spent most of the match trying to toy with me and the more he did it, the more enraged I became. It was the third and final period and I started out on bottom. The whistle blew and I reversed him, put him in a cradle, and watched the referee call a pin. I instantaneously jumped and pumped my fist in the air as I heard my entire team cheering and screaming since they were in just as much shock as I was. This rare occasion where I showed my anger, I was able to channel it into something productive, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of my wrestling career.

  10. Meghan Hall says:

    Just this past year, I had been awaiting for an acceptance letter from Temple University. I sent my application in October and did not hear back until the beginning of April. I spent every second of the day checking my TU Portal, hoping and praying that they would just get back to me already. Eventually, I found out through e-mail that I was accepted and I was super excited until I got the big, red envelope in the mail that clearly stated that I was accepted, but only on one condition- I had to complete the summer program. With the exception of it taking over my entire summer, I was not that angry at first because I knew it was where I wanted to go so I was willing to do whatever I had to. However, as soon as I began the program, I was furious. While all my friends were enjoying family vacations and spending their last summer of high school with their friends and having fun, I was not. I was miserable that I had to wake up at the crack of dawn five times a week to take a train to Temple each morning, stay til late and then go home and do homework. It was horrible, I had to write a 6 page essay for English each week, take a math test that was 4 chapters worth of algebra per week, and take a freshman seminar class. As exhausting as all this was, at the end of the program I was really proud of myself that I had made it through 6 weeks of what the director of the summer program liked to called “Boot Camp for Your Brain”. I had worked harder in those past 6 weeks of my summer than I had all four years of high school. I felt very accomplished and prepared for the start of my freshman year, not only because I knew what was expected from me as a student, but I met a lot of new people and had a good feel of the campus so that once school started I knew exactly where to go!

  11. Oishika Vaid says:

    It was a sunny Monday afternoon. I was suppose to go to the art museum and analyze 3 of my favorite art works for my Visual Arts HL class (IB). My friend Nujra promise to company me in this long boring process. He offered to find out the timings of the museum. I did not ask him to! HE offered! He drove to the other end of town to come to the art museum. He picked me up on the way to the museum and started telling me about the wonders of the internet and how you can find timings of the museum online. He started whining about how lazy I was as i didn’t bother to look up the timings at the click of a button. I truly did regret that I was so lazy… When we reached the museum, it was closed! IT WAS CLOSED!!! that was the most angriest moment of my life… I was on the verge of killing him.

  12. Rachel Beecher says:

    All of my high school career, I had worked in my high school theatre department. I had been in every show, as well as a stage crew on top of that. By my senior year, I had been voted drama club president. My director abided in the other officers and myself in helping to choose a show.
    I started reading the script and fell in love with the part of Doria. She was the beauty queen wannabe from a broken home who beat the odds to get what she wanted. She was a powerful character. This was vocalized by her belty alto songs, which suited my voice pretty well. I work-shopped my audition song, worked my ass off, and got great feedback from the people asked to critique me. I walked into that audition in front of the director and pianist confident as hell, and rightfully so: I nailed it.
    The next day was callbacks. Instead of a one by one, callbacks consist of everyone asked to come back reading scenes together and in front of everybody else. I only read for two other parts, Maria and Shawn, several times, not for Doria once. I started to worry. She asked a few people to stay and sing Doria’s song. She sent everyone else home. I was worried.
    My best friend who had graduated the year previously was Assistant Directing. He came over to my house for dinner after they casted the show. I was not looking forward to the news.
    I asked him to tell me and he said, “You’re not gonna be happy,” with a look of regret on his face. I kept asking about all the other parts.
    “Did I get Cookie?”
    “What about Maria?”
    “No, we considered you for it though,” he answered.
    Finally I just asked him to tell me, and he unwillingly said, “Shawn.”
    I was shocked at first. Shawn was one of the smallest parts. What could I do with that? I was so upset. I was a senior and I’d been working my ass of as president, in previous shows, and in auditions to get a good part for my final show in high school. And none of it paid off.
    I had mentioned to him that I wanted Doria, and also thought about the part of Robin, so I asked who got Doria and Robin instead. He said, “I mentioned you for Doria, but she gave it to Abby. And Gina got Robin.”
    “Oh shocker…” I stated, because Gina always got the leads. I painfully added, “But why didn’t I get it?”
    “Elizabeth said you were too good for Robin or Doria.”
    …excuse me? “Too good”? I was “too good,” but you gave me the smallest named part? I have been working the hardest I ever had on this audition, and I was TOO GOOD? I was TOO GOOD to be a lead when the girl you cast as Doria is tone deaf? I was TOO GOOD when the girl you cast as Robin is the worst actor in the school? I’m getting penalized because I’m TOO GOOD? I was outraged. You’d think I was good enough.
    “Excuse me?” was my only response.
    “You’re too good of a character actor to waste on boring roles like Doria and Robin. Your audition for Shawn was hilarious and perfect.”
    “Shawn has 5 lines in the second act,” was my stoic response. I read the script, I knew.
    He just shrugged sadly, “I’m sorry hon.”
    I was fuming. I couldn’t believe it. I had been working so hard. I wanted to have fun in a lead for my senior show. And because I was “hilarious,” “perfect,” and “too good,” I got a shitty part.
    I wanted to quit right then and there, which I had never done before. I didn’t think I could handle being the tiny character role for the third consecutive year. It just wasn’t fair. I was fed up. I may be drama club president, but I might say, “Forget it, I’m done,” and give up my leadership position because my supposed “talent” was being wasted.
    …but I didn’t. I stayed in the show. And suffered watching Robin and Doria played terribly.
    Don’t get me wrong, I had fun, but it was because I slowly watched the production go down in flames, not because it was a good show. I liked not being the lead role, because when I was associated with it when people said afterwards, they didn’t say, “Well that wasn’t very good…”

  13. Chad McCloskey says:

    My older brother Ryan and I always get in arguments and fights, but there was one specific time when he really pushed me over the limit. One time when I was arguing with an ex-girlfriend of mine, I recieved a phone call from my brother. I answered and told him that I will call him back because I was busy. After I hung up, he called me right back and freaked out on me because I hung up, and that he was going to get back at me. After this, my ex and I argued some more and decided that we shouldn’t be together anymore. On my way home I was not in the best of moods, still fuming from the encounter with my ex. As soon as I got home I went to my room to see my room all tourn apart. There was one person who could have done this, Ryan. I immediately went to Ryan’s room and had some choice words with him. I guess he wasn’t having the best of day’s either. We eventually got in a wrestling match before my bout before my oldest brother and my father broke it up. But, I just remember not being that heated in a very long time.

  14. Andrew Chau says:

    The thought of mad often has two depictions: anger or insanity. However since I am the sanest person I know, I’ll write about my anger. The financial aid office is the bane of all college students. So where my story is headed is pretty clear.
    Unlike many, when I applied to college I did not care for the location, faculty to student ratio or how the campus looked. There was only one factor that I considered for the colleges that I applied to: financial aid. Almost every college that I applied to was need-based or state schools with the exception of Drexel. I knew that if I was accepted to any of those colleges, I would have to pay little to no money out of my pockets. So I did not worry about college tuition and fees.
    Fast forward a few months, it was college decision day. I had not been accepted to all the colleges I applied to, it was life. After looking through all the letters, I was about to put them down until I saw looked at the financial aid package from one of the colleges. I felt like one of those parents who see their children tuition bill. My anger was through the roof. With the exception of one of the colleges (You can guess which one); I was given almost no financial aid. I had called every single college to figure what how could they have screwed up. There had to be an error. Every single college replied that I had not sent my financial aid documents in on time. That was not possible; I had finished every schools financial aid package a month before it was due. I had asked my mother whether she had a receipt for letters from the post office. She replied, “What letters?” . I had lost it.
    A few days later, I had found out that all my letters were under my pile of clothes. I could not be angry with anyone else; it was my stupidity that had caused the fiasco. That was in the past and I am fine where I am right now. However, I still wonder how life would have been as a Yellow Jacket.

  15. Marcus Richardson says:

    Registering for classes is easily one of the most frustrating things to deal with as a freshman. We are the last in line(for the most part)and because of this there are very little options left when it comes time for us to choose. This in and of itself annoys me but what really made me mad was entirely my own fault.

    On the morning of November 8th, I did what presumably every other freshman around campus did, I woke up a little before 7 am and sat in front of my computer, waiting for registration to begin. I quickly began finding all of the classes I wanted and was relieved that this process wasn’t as much of a hassle as I thought it was going to be.

    It wasn’t until about an hour or so later that I realized my mistake. Somehow, I signed up for one of the wrong classes. I scurried back to my computer in a desperate attempt to drop this current course and find the one I actually wanted. Unfortunately, there is no fairy tale ending to this story. The class I wanted was completely full and now I have to wait until next year to take it.

    It isn’t that big of a deal, I was simply angered that my own stupidity/carelessness led to this situation.

  16. I was furious!!! I wanted to throw my laptop out my window down the five stories and watch it break into a million pieces. I was just trying to do a simple homework assignment. It should have taken me just about an hour. It instead took me five hours. The longer it took me the more furious I became. At first it was just mildly annoying that I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Then as time progressed it became more and more furious. By two hours in I was now pissed. I just wanted to be done so I could then work on other homework. Then I became star craving mad when my computer died and exited the program and all the work I had just done. I now has to start completely over again. I had to remake all the work I had just lost. I then took the last bit of strength I had left to suck it up and start over again. I was just about to give up when my friend Sam came in and showed me how to finish the Pro Engineer home work. I was so relieved when I finished that I went and then took a nap as a break of work.

  17. Siya Brown says:

    Originally I wrote about a time when I was seven years old and my brother made me really angry but I’ve got something better. Today I got really really angry. I was in the library and I sat for a long time trying to figure out what life experience I should share with you guys. Finally I picked a time when my brother got on my nerves so bad I went all kung-fu on him and it back-fired. I got all descriptive and I threw in a lot of metaphors and I tried to really make you picture what was happening step by step. Then I realized how embarrassing the story was so I decided to take a couple things out. Finally, after my revised edition I hit Post Comment and the entire page goes blank and says Network Disconnected. GREAT! So I lost all my long hard work, vivid thoughts, and captivating metaphors and I’m now writing how the library sucks. I was so mad. Turns out, pretty much every computer in the library went down for a couple minutes and the computer systems in the student center were also down for a while so I had to wait an extra twenty minutes to swipe for lunch today. Bad 🙁

  18. Kevin Bernstein says:

    Last week I went to an academic advisor to seek help deciding which classes would be good for next semester. The advisor suggested I choose three gened’s and two classes related to what I am interested in. They suggested I take a certain business class so that I could get a good understanding of business management. So i spent two hours the night before, trying to pick classes, and figure out a good schedule with the classes I am going to take. The next morning I wake up at 6:50am, jumped to the computer, typed in the CRN numbers, and hit register. I got all my classes but one. It was the business management class. I slowly and anxiously watched as it went from 35 to 0 in a matter of twenty minutes. When i tried to register for the class, it said “Class Closed”. I had no idea what this meant so I kept trying. I called the advising office and left a message because they didn’t open until 8:30am. It didn’t make sense to me why temple makes the registration at 7am when the academic advising doesn’t open till 8:30am unless they just don’t want to deal with kids flooding the office with calls. I stayed awake until they called me back and the women explained that because I am an undeclared major, I could not get into the class. I didn’t understand how a head advisor would recommend me a class that I couldn’t get into. So now I had to fight with the business department and have to go to the class the first day of the semester and get a permission slip signed by the teacher asking if I can be in the class. The women at the business office I talked too also said I was the 3rd person this happen to. It’s just such a inconvenience that I feel like the advisors of a university should know about. And why is a class that apparently gives great insight to the business world closed to business major’s only? Wouldn’t it make sense to have the class open to all students so they can better decide on their major? And that is my story of what annoys me.

  19. Jason Wesolowski says:

    The last time I have gotten extremely mad happens to be this past Tuesday. It occurred because of scheduling for the spring semester. Because I have no previous credits I had to wait until Tuesday, November 8th to schedule my classes for spring. It wasn’t the end of the world because I organized my schedule fairly well and the last time I had checked on Monday night, all the classes I was going to register for still had at least half the seats still available. So I set my alarm to wake up just before 7am so I guaranteed myself my ideal schedule that I planned out. When I woke up Tuesday morning and went onto TUPortal to register, my account was locked. I was furious! It was asking me for some stupid Pin number. A few weeks before, because I am an engineering major, I had to attend an advising session. At the session they told us that our accounts are locked until we attended one of these sessions. Everyone also asked the advisers if we would need a pin number like we needed when we scheduled our fall classes during orientation. They said that it wasn’t necessary and as long as we attended the advising session we would have no issue registering. Well turns out they were completely wrong! I had to go down to the engineering department, wait for an adviser to come in, late of course, and get my stupid pin from them. While I was there I asked why they told us we didn’t need our pin numbers, when in reality we did. He told me that they never said we didn’t need one and it’s my responsibility. I was so pissed off! It was the same adviser who told me and another 20 engineering students we wouldn’t need the pin number. I was angered that he wouldn’t even take responsibility for telling us the wrong information. Because this took so long to do, by the time I went to register for my classes, almost every one that I had planned to take was full. Now I have a horrible schedule for my spring semester and it’s all because someone cannot get his information straight. Thanks a lot, I love getting up at 8am three times a week to do Calculus!

  20. Molly Driscoll says:

    My family and I are really close with one another. I have really strong relationships with both my parents and my sisters. However, like all families we have our fights and get pissed at each other. I remember 3rd grade was a really hard year for me for some reason. I always dreaded going to school and being away from my mom. But being away from her was inevitable, my mom was a working mom so she would usually leave before I got up for school and didn’t get home until around 5:30 or 6:00 at night. My dad was usually the one picking me up from school and taking me to my practices and stuff. Well, he was the coach so it makes sense. By the time she got home I was usually at some kind of sports practice (I did about 3 sports per season up until about sophomore year in high school). So, by the time we saw each other at the end of the day we talked a lot and caught up on our days.
    In the spring of that year my mom had been home a lot. She had been picking me up from school almost every day. I would get so excited walking out of school and seeing her car. I loved when my mom was home after school. I was so excited that she was home and picking me up that I didn’t even care why she was home. But, as she continued to pick me up from school for like a week straight I was getting confused. I would ask “Mom! What are you doing home this early again?” She would reply nonchalantly with “I got out early this week”. The following week she replied with “Work gave me the week off!” Being the young, naïve kid I was, I didn’t really think anything of her work giving her the week off. I was just excited to have my mom home during the day.
    Another week later I was at my friend Chelsey’s house. Chelsey’s mom and my mom were really good friends. We were playing outside when all of a sudden she says “I heard about your mom, did she find a new job yet?” I was completely thrown off and confused by this question that I replied with “Uh, yeah she’s had the job she has for about two years I think.” Chelsey had a confused look on her face and didn’t really respond after that. I got to thinking about what Chelsey said and began putting two and two together. When I got home that night I asked my mom if she lost her job, and if that’s why she has been home so much. She then told me the truth, the truth was that she had been laid off from work. I was so mad at her for not telling me. I think I was madder that I found out from my friend and not my mom. My entire family knew, and they all neglected to tell me. I was so mad. I couldn’t believe no one told me. My mom then told me that she didn’t want to worry me, she knew I was having a bad go at things and said she didn’t want to make things worse by telling me. I began the silent treatment. She then said apologized and asked for my forgiveness and then said I could be mad if I wanted but she never meant to make me this mad. She admitted she should have told me.
    About five minutes later I dropped the silent treatment gave her a hug and told her I loved her. She used this line every time I got mad at her. It’s really just impossible for me to stay mad at my mom.

  21. Tess Drudy says:

    My best friend Anna’s family is basically my own. I am well aware that this is a common occurrence in best friendships, but I like to believe that what the Wimer’s and I have is something special. Anna’s mom has driven me millions of places (with or without Anna there), she’s gotten me in trouble, she’s gotten me out of trouble, she’s fed me, housed me, and most impressive of all she has simply just put up with me. Anna’s dad is probably one of the funniest people I know, and his presence is just sort of calming. It’s hard to explain, but I guess I sort of look up to him in a way. And then there are her three brothers. The three of them, at times, drive me insane in their own individual ways, but they are by far three of the best young men I’ll ever know. Joseph is the oldest; he’s 21. He’s the big brother I never had who teases me but looks out for me just the same. Then comes Anna; she’s a freshman at Temple too. She’s pretty much my other half. Then there’s Daniel who is a junior in high school. He’s been a close friend for years and someone I know I can always count on. Last but not least, there’s Michael. Michael is the star of this story. He’s in 8th grade but most of the time he acts like he’s much older than that. All of them are mature for their age really. Anyway, Michael is the little brother I never had and he’s the sweetest kid out there. He’s so nice to people and just genuinely cares. Well one day, Michael was waiting at the bus stop and some dumb ass kids decided to mess with him. He ended up getting jumped. What kind of people see a kid all alone at a bus stop and hurt and out number him like that. And he’s such a good kid, no one deserves that but especially not him. When Anna called me to tell me I was beyond pissed. I wanted to find the little brats and kill them honestly. It was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had because I knew I really couldn’t do anything about it and I wished I could have done something to prevent it too. I am extremely protective of the ones I love. Michael is fine now and we’ve all moved on, but if Anna and I ever found out who did it… shit would hit the fan.

  22. Luckym Dinh says:

    I remember being mad at my friend. She and I played a sport together. I heard she was talking about me. I didn’t let that bother me, so I let it go. Then one day at practice, she was being very inconsiderate about my other teammates. She said she couldn’t do this and couldn’t do that. This time I couldn’t let her words go. My coach was very upset of the team because we were not working together. And it was obvious that it was my friend’s fault. While my team and I cooled down by stretching, my coach left. I couldn’t take it any longer and I told her she was being very inconsiderate. I was saying a lot of things I shouldn’t have said. It deeply upset her because she did not say goodbye to the team which is very unusual of her. I felt so bad. I talked to my big sister and I ended up apologizing for her because I, too, was wrong.

  23. Lilly Kuriakose says:

    This week has been just upsetting for me. Since this semester is almost over most of my classes are rushing over things and that’s making me so frustrated. I have a lot to get done and I am mad because I feel like I going to mess up somewhere. This past Tuesday was the first day of registration for all freshmans and I knew what classes I wanted to pick but most of the classes that were good were already filled. I didn’t know what to do. But still I picked some that were available but I’m not too happy about it because the schedules for the classes are not great either. I am hoping some of those classes that I actually want will become available later before the spring semester begins.

  24. Tracey Young says:

    For the past few years, I have very often found myself a victim of anger, and it’s all thanks to a kid named Keenan on my Robotics team. He is honestly a nice kid that loved to be part of the team, and loved building robots and going to competitions, but he was just too enthusiastic sometimes. He gets so caught up in his ideas that sometimes he goes straight to trying to implement them without really thinking through how he would build them, about whether or not he even knew how to use the tools, or if it would be something that would be relevant to the project at hand. As a result, we often ended up giving him odd jobs to do so that he could learn about how the different systems in the robot worked, but he rarely ever learned anything because he was forever being distracted.

    Last year, we gave him six weeks to replace the leads on all of our batteries before competition. We didn’t have very many batteries to spare, so we wanted the leads to be replaced so they’d be good for competition. On average, he got about one battery done every two weeks, and the team had meetings for 14 hours a week. Keenan was at every meeting. We were all extremely upset when we found that he had only fixed three of the twelve batteries we had hoped he fix, and I found myself incredibly upset when I realized that I would have to be the one to finish his job, because I had only two more weeks left until competition, and I still had to finish planning and wiring the control panel and parts of the robot’s electronic controls. In the end, I ended up fixing the batteries, but I also ended up finishing the control panel while in the cramped back of the stands at competition, rushing with a hot soldering iron to finish my wiring before the matches started. My anger has mostly abated at this point, but I still hope to never work with Keenan or anyone like him ever again.

  25. Miguel Martinez says:

    I don’t usually let anything get to me, so for me to get angry the situation has to be pretty bad. I was sitting in band class during sixth grade and was minding my own business, while paying attention to my teacher. Tom, the boy next to me was not doing the same as I was. Tom tended to never pay attention in class and annoy everyone around him. Following his usual behavior he began to annoy me as well. I ignored him for about ten minutes and chose to pay no mind to the insults he whispered into my ear. We sat in the first row and the teacher could see Tom disrupting the class as well as me. But to my amazement, the teacher did nothing. He continued teaching as if nothing was happening. Maybe he too was ignoring Tom as I was. But unlike the teacher, I was very angry after twenty minutes of dealing with Tom. Something in my mind snapped, and before i could control it, my fist plunged into Tom’s stomach. He screamed and fell to the ground crying. The teacher finally had Tom’s attention and began to help him off the ground. As soon as Tom regained his breath and raised himself off the ground the teacher said in a stern voice, “Miguel. Tom. Principals office . NOW!” We both stomped out of the room angry, each having our own reasons. When we arrived at the principals office, we sat down and had to retell the situation. I told my side of the story and he told his but the principal seemed like he didn’t want to deal with the situation that day. He sent us both to in school detention where Tom and I spent about ten minutes in, due to the fact that band class was my last class of the day. Tom never annoyed me again for the rest of the year.

  26. Holly Osifat says:

    The time I’ve been the most mad was the summer after I had just graduated. Two days after graduation, me and 13 of my friends headed down to the beach house we rented for senior week. The second night we were there, the cops came to the house and gave us all $275 fines and made us pour out all our alcohol in front of them. As if that wasn’t bad enough, i somehow got blamed for the whole house getting in trouble. My so called “best friend” told everyone in the house that I was the one who invited the guests (who were only hanging out for a few hours at the house). One of the guests opened the door to go outside and a cop happened to be walking by and saw us playing beer pong in the kitchen. Since the guest was the one who got the house in trouble, i got blamed for it all since i supposedly invited the guest when in reality, my “best friend” invited them. She just didn’t want the house to be mad at her so she turned them all against me and everyone hated me for it. I’ve never been so mad before because this was my best friend who lied and made everyone hate me, she’s the one who is supposed to stick up for me. I left senior week at the end of the week and never talked to her again.

  27. Andy Wells says:

    I knew that letting them use my iPod was risky. Sure, I recognized and trusted most of the people at the party. But the door was unlocked and anyone could come in and leave with it. And it would be hard to watch out for it in the college party environment. It’s not as if this were an lousy iPod shuffle either. It was my 32 gigabyte 3rd generation iPod Touch, and I spent multiple hours playing with it per day. I couldn’t put a dollar amount of value on this thing. It meant that much to me. I would be devastated if it went missing.

    However, I decided to allow them to use it for music. As I handed over my iPod to someone I barely knew, I understood that it could be the last time I ever saw it. But to be honest, I didn’t think that was a real possibility because I planned to stay near it. And I did stay near it all night.

    About an hour later, I heard the music shut off. I reluctantly let go of my dancing partner to check on the speakers, which were only a few steps away. My heart sank when I got there. Nothing was plugged in to the iPod jack. At first, I remained calm. Someone probably just moved my iPod so they could play different music. After all, that was more likely than someone stealing it. But a quick glance around the room told the tale. It was full of people and there was nowhere for my iPod to have been moved to.

    I let out a string of foul language and tensed up. Which of those people could have stolen it? There was this tall strange kid around a few minutes ago, and now he’s gone. He must have taken it. No, he left before the music shut off. Or did he? Damnit! There was no way of knowing where he went, or if he even had my iPod. That was the inherent risk of allowing them to use my iPod. There was no getting it back. The fact that I knew this danger going in, pissed me off even more. My anger was somewhat aimed at whoever stole my iPod but primarily I was angry at myself for taking such a stupid risk. I was fuming for the rest of the night. The anger turned to sadness the next day, and then to acceptance later on.

  28. Brandon Katz says:

    I am generally a docile person. I keep my cool when the going gets tough as I do any other time. I even feel anxiety when I know that someone is mad or hear screaming. But once in a while annoyances really dig into me and I lose my serenity. This does not happen often at all, but when it happens, it’s bad.
    I was involved in chorus throughout my high school career. While I did not view the class as important to my future or college or anything like that, I enjoyed singing and voluntarily signed up. I was always very disturbing to me how many of the other students did not participate in the class and instead distracted the rest o us.
    One particular miscreant, Bob (not his real name), was kicking a tenor in the shoe instead of singing. The student asked him to stop multiple times and not only did I feel bad for the victim, I was annoyed with the distraction. I asked Bob to, “Stop kicking Justin and at least pretend to look at your music.” With that, Bob, a small, somewhat talented (when he applied himself) sophomore turned to me and in the most sassy and prissy tone possible told me to, “Mind your own business, asshole.”
    I lost ‘it’.
    Every last bit of ‘it’.
    I wanted to strangle the little sucker.
    I threw down my music folder, started walking at a now nervous Bob and yelled at the top of my lungs. I don’t even remember what I said, but I never cursed or laid a finger on his bulbous, empty head.
    I didn’t even realize what I had done until I picked up my music folder and realized that the teacher had stopped playing. I felt a cold sweat as I noticed all of my class mates staring at me. My hairs were still on end and my breathing was ragged.
    Bob was already on his way to the disciplinarian’s office, and my teacher, while not angry at me, asked me to join him.
    While I walked up the stairs, I had to grasp the handrail because I was shaking from adrenaline, anger, and some nervousness of what was about to come.
    Me and the administrator chatted about what I could have done different, but he smiled when I recounted what happened. Apparently, a year of dealing with Bob had been eating away at him.
    I still haven’t decided if I approve or disapprove of what I did that day. Bob needed a wake-up call, but the way I did it may not have been the most appropriate.
    I still shake a little when thinking about the incident.

  29. Garrett Baker says:

    I get mad pretty easily, but at really stupid things. Well at least they would seem stupid to most people but for me it’s a big deal. Of cours I am talking about the Flyers. I am a huge hockey fan and the Philadelphia Flyers are my life. Sure all you “non-sports fans” are probably going to stop reading now but sports are a big deal for me so deal with it. Anyway, hockey season is my happiest and angriest season of the year. When we win, it’s pure elation; when we lose, it’s absolute frustration and raw aggression. But when the playoffs roll around, anyone smart would stay at least arms length away; because when the flyers lose in the playoffs I come out swinging for the closest thing I can find. Some people say I should get anger management during hockey season but honestly I don’t think I could handle that. There’s really not just one situation when I was really mad; it’s basically every year, until we win the Stanley Cup of course. But until that day I will continue to be a violent hockey fan. If only I could direct the anger I have after a loss to something more meaningful like boxing or MMA or something anger related.

  30. Krupa Khatri says:

    There is no better source of joy than a long, tedious project, especially when groups are assigned. Recently, I enjoyed such an experience. My group consisted of three other students: Jane, Joe, and Mary (fake names). Jane and I attempted to work on the project with the rest of the group, but Joe and Mary wouldn’t take the project seriously. Because I never saw Joe and Mary after class, I couldn’t persuade them to participate. The weekend before the project was due, Joe and Mary asked how they could help. This project included a presentation, an outline about the presentation, and handouts for the class. Jane and I already completed the outline and the presentation. So, I told them to do the handouts over the weekend. The day before the final project was due, I found out that Joe and Mary hadn’t done the handouts. I couldn’t believe it. The handouts were the easiest part of the assignment, and Jane and I weren’t expecting perfection. So when I got an email from Jane of the handout, I was shocked. Not only did she do the handout, but she also did most of the outline. Joe and Mary did nothing. All in all, I was glad Jane was in my group. Otherwise, the project would have been terrible, and I would have resented Joe, Mary, and myself. I knew I should have communicated with or confronted Joe and Mary, but I didn’t, so I can’t resent them. I hate to admit it, but I am a generally shy person and in retrospect, I think it was my fear of confrontation that really upset me.

  31. Lindsey Cohen says:

    “Angry” becomes a mere understated adjective when I reflecting on the time when my flight to Mexico was canceled 30 minutes before boarding…on Christmas eve. I was 12 years old at the time and this trip with my family to Mexico had consumed my mind and body since August 29th when I was informed this event was in the near future. I made calendars and would prepare Mexican meals for dinner each night as the big day approached.The night before we were planning to leave I was on the phone with my cousin who was already in Mexico waiting for me to arrive. We dissected every article of clothing I was placing in my suit case just to make sure we had everything we needed to make this vacation the best time of our lives. “RING!” 4:00 am December 24th I arose to my alarm not even fazed by the hour at which my family was waking up. I jumped out of bed, made sure everyone was awake and moving, and immediately headed to the car to start loading up. Minutes before the loading process was finished and the journeys would begin, my mom received a phone call that I will never forget. “Im sorry, Mrs. Cohen but there is nothing we can do, the flight is canceled due to snow and there are no more heading out until the storm passes.” Shattered by the news I felt as if my body was numb. All of a sudden I could feel the hot rays of sun against my shoulders and I could even smell the sunscreen my cousin was applying. Fading into mere daydreams I realized this was really happening, our flight was canceled and Mexico was gone. Needless to say Christmas was just not the same this year.

  32. mike f says:

    One of the more memorable times of me getting mad was last year when I was living in a house with some friends. When I first moved in it was just me and one other guy, over the course of the summer the rest of the three roommates moved in. At first everything was fine and I had no real problems. However, the longer I lived with everyone the less people did in terms of cleaning or maintaining the house. By the time it was November the house was dirty, and I found that i was the one who spent most time cleaning. So me and one of my roommates made up a list of chores that had to be done, and broke it up into such a way that each chore should only take 15 minutes. I figured this way people could simply do one thing really fast and it would be done. However when I brought this up with my roommates, who had asked me to make up a list. Their reaction was that they did not see a need for a list, and that the way things were now was fine. To me this meant that they did not see a problem with me constantly cleaning up after them. I ended up moving out in December when the final straw was put in place. I had just returned home from shopping and had spent all my money on food. So I labeled the food that was mine. When I went back down stairs later that night to cook myself dinner I found that one of my roommates had written his name over every item of food I had just purchased. In the end I moved out of the apartment and lived with my parents for a semester, not seeing any reason for why I was spending so much money on an apartment were no one respected me.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Evan Ostrow said…

    I bolted upright in my bed. Who would dare wake me up at this hour?
    Groggily I drudged across the room to the door and opened ti up.
    There was nobody there. Stepping outside to peer down the hallway, it happened. Suddenly, I was constricted and covered in a clear clingy material. Stumbling forward my legs got caught on something and in no time at all I was flat on my face, with laughter exploding around me…
    I was pranked.
    Plastic wrap across the doorway and a rope at shin level.. classic.
    Later I looked back at this memory happily, but at the time my anger was through the roof.

  34. Eric Werbin says:

    I lived at home with a younger brother, so it’s pretty easy for him to get on my nerves. There was one day, however, where he seemed to have put sending me over the edge on the top of this agenda. I did some work in my high school drama club as a set builder. He followed me everywhere and kept underfoot at all times, no matter if I had a hammer or a ladder in my hands, no matter how many times I told him to stay away. It got to the point where I took some rope and bound his wrists to the chair with Mom to keep him quiet. It worked, he stayed silent, and I was able to be productive for the hour that was left.

  35. Giovanni Adiletta says:

    When I was growing up I loved to play with remote control cars. The only thing was that no matter how hard I tried I always ended up breaking it somehow. After a while of going without a remote control car I finally got another one for Christmas when I was 8 from my uncle. I promised myself that with this RC car I wouldn’t recklessly drive it or leave it outside in the rain or come close to breaking it, I would take very good care of it. BUT one Summer when I came home from camp I went into my room and noticed that my RC wasn’t in its designated spot. After furiously interrogating all my siblings, my mom told me that my little brother was playing with it and drove it down the outside porch stairs. I was so angry! I wasn’t only furious because I would be without another RC car, but because I had tried so hard to make sure that it would be kept in good shape and then my little brother goes and wrecks it without even asking me to use it. I was obviously only mad because I was a little kid, today I would understand because he is so much younger than me.

  36. David Loeb says:

    I used to have a friend that always got me frustrated. One day, another friend was handing me a donut. As I was taking it, the frustrating friend hit it out of my hand for no reason. I got really angry. I gave him a little shove, and he shoved me back hard. I was just going to let it go, but the anger built and a couple seconds later I kicked him as hard as I could. He didn’t retaliate, and ended up having to go to the nurse. I felt really bad about this afterwards, and haven’t expressed my anger physically since.

  37. Emily Moyer says:

    This may seem like a superficial or stupid thing to get angry at but when my favorite character died on my favorite show I was livid. Let me explain…my favorite show is Supernatural and my favorite character is Castiel. Before Castiel was introduced to the show, the two lead characters, Dean, an emotionally damaged and self loathing man, and his brother Sam, an intelligent but psychologically unstable man, had no concept of anything more powerful then a ghost, ghoul, or demon, which they hunted as their “job.” When Castiel appeared, however, he was introduced as an angel, which changed the entire direction of the show. Castiel, though an angel, was curious and wanted to understand how humans behaved, how they loved. Castiel became extremely attached to Dean in particular, learning how to be human through him. Castiel ended up dying for Dean and Dean showed barely any remorse for Castiel’s sacrifice of himself for him. The writers had killed off a main character who changed the entire direction of the show and yet now do not give him any mention even though he had played a significant role in the show for three years. The exit of the character, though symbolic was anti-climactic given who the character was.

    The night Castiel died, I was livid. My face was red; tears on my face and my hands were visibly shaking. My roommate walked in right after I had watched the episode and was rather confused at my emotional state because I never behave like that. I was so angry that all I could do was rant about what had just happened in the show even though she had no idea what I was talking about. Her rather flamboyant friend came into the room about half way through my ranting and started cracking up at me. He said it was “the funniest thing he had every seen.” He was right in that I was acting ridiculous but after three years you get attached to characters that you identify with. I’m still angry about how the writers handled Castiel and his death and haven’t watched any other episodes since even though I had been a dedicated fan of the show for seven years.

  38. Al Germann says:

    I’v been mad before. Being mad is usually something I avoid however. I feel like being mad is something that SHOULD be avoided. It only breeds uncomfort and bad feeling right? But it’s natural to be mad at someone when they have wronged you. I’m mad just enough as the next person, but the thing I fear the most is that i’m only mad for a short period of time. I have a really strong tolerence for anger. I can be extreamly angry one moment and perfectly fine to next. I guess it’s that unpredictable ness thats defined me my whole life. It’s really interesting when you look at it from my point of view. When you really step back. That is when you realize that anger isn’t really part of the problem. It’s just the effect. I always try to solve conflict carefully and thoroughly. I try to avoid anger, because it’s not something I want to deal with. But it’s part of me I suppose. Something that’s a part of everyone.

  39. Conor McGuckin says:

    Every year during the holiday season, I am inevitable pushed to the point beyond enraged. My family relentlessly torturous, and will never let me forget that one night. This all started back in fifth grade. Once a week my class would go to the music room for a basic music education class. We listened to many genres, sang and learned how to play the recorder. It was an easy grade and I enjoyed getting out of the monotonous social studies class. Every holiday season, this class performed a christmas concert. This was always the worst part of the week prior to christmas;however, I always looked forward to this event for the single fact that after it was over there was not much else standing in between me and ripping open a mountain of presents. In weeks leading up to the show my music class teacher asked me if I wanted to do the solo opening our class’s christmas carol. This meant singing alone in front of the whole school, and there was no way in hell I was she would get me to do that. So this night came around as it did every year. Only this time, the other kid chosen to start the song off didn’t show. I was the only one who could pull it off. The part was mine once again. In the high octave only achievable by pre-pubescent boys, I did it. Completely embarrassed, I avoided everyone for the rest of the night. Relieved and believing the nightmare was over, I got in the family van, as quick as possible. The nightmare had just begun. For the entire car ride home my family of 7 sang my part at the top of their lungs, laughing at me the whole way home. I was traumatized. I was driven to tears and a fury like no other. Still to this day whenever that christmas song comes on the radio, my being is immediately engulfed in anger.

  40. Ray Seibert says:

    I do not get angry a lot, it isn’t really in my nature, and tend to approach situations with a calm demeanor and an open mind. As such, I very rarely lose control of my anger, and I always regret it. The last time this happened was in 8th grade, and it involed a friend who I used to hang out with. For some reason that year he was really agressive, and around the middle of the year he was being really mean to some of my other friends. I was trying hard to keep the peace, but at one point I just lost it, and yelled at him, starting a shouting match consisting entirely of stupind, pointless insults. A week later, when things hadn’t gotten any better, I decided along with a third friend to pants him in the locker rooms. This got all of us sitting in front of peer mediators, where we were told that all of us could get suspended if it was brought to the teachers. We begrudgingly apologized, if only to avoid further punishment. Nothing changed however, and when he went to a different high school, I rarely talked to him, but by that time our friendship was so far gone, there was nothing left to mourn.

  41. Patrick Carvalho says:

    Normally I am very calm and collective but there are certain things that tend to push my buttons. I don’t usually go over the edge in a rage of anger but there have been a few times in my life where I have been as furious as I could get. One of these times was two years ago when I went to Portugal for the summer with my family. When we go we stay at the house we have there, and that year my cousins and aunt and uncle came with us so it was a full house. It started off being a great vacation full memorable moments especially since my cousins were there, we always have a good time when we are together. During the day we would spend time with our family who lives there, and drive around visiting old friends which was always enjoyable but once the sun went down is when we would have the real fun. We would go to the discotecas every night with my cousins from Portugal and we would be there until the next morning having a good time. It turns out that one night my brother had a little too much to drink, and when we got back to our house my aunt and uncle woke up from the noise we made. The next morning my aunt told my parents which started a large argument between them and my brother. For whatever reason he decided that i was the one who “snitched” on him because he had no recollection of my aunt and uncle waking up. We explained to him what happened and he refused to believe it and continued to call me a rat the whole day. Eventually I became fed up and tackled him to the ground which started a short brawl between us two until my dad and uncle broke up the fight. We stayed angry at each other for a while but eventually we made up like brothers always do. But at the moment when we were fighting I was furious and my blood was boiling in my veins. That was only one situation where I was extremely mad.

  42. Edric Garcia says:

    It was about 7:00am, and my alarm had been blaring for about half an hour. The noise shook my bed with such force that my brain jiggled a little in my skull. Finally, my mother shuffled into the room fully awake as only mothers can be at this time of day, and turned off my alarm. “It’s time to wake-up.” She whispered in the most melodious voice known to a teenage boy. In my mind, I felt an extreme feeling of hate for my mother at this point, and I have no reason why to this very day. She had not done anything wrong, in fact she was being nicer than 99% of the U.S. population. I would respond in my best “awake” voice so that she would leave me alone, but it would come out of mouth as a deep growling that sounded like a thousand bass singers from an all male Nordic chorus. “Wake up or you are going to be late for school.” At this, I lost it. I tried to tell my mom how much I dislike her telling me to wake up, but I held my venomous and rose out of my bed like a zombie from a crypt.

  43. Darian says:

    Recently a girl has been coming into my roommates and my room. She will seem like she’s coming in for a quick chat or to catch up and then stays for hours. Sarah, my roommate, and i will be doing work or on the computer and there will be no talking going on. This girl will just stay there and be on her phone. It’s so awkward. Now she coming to eat with us. She will see that were all leaving and just join in with out saying a word; she just follows us in the the sac and acts like everything is normal. It’s not. It makes me angry that she doesn’t get social norms. If she would just ask to come it would be totally fine, but she just assumes that she’s invited which is somewhat rude.

  44. Charles Cramer says:

    When was the last time that I was really mad? Well to be honest it was about two months ago, and I was ecstatic about seeing my girlfriend for the first time in two or three weeks. So she texted me and said “I’m Here!” I opened the door, let her in, and gave her a super big hug! Oh how I had missed her! It had been almost a month since I last saw her. I remember that day like it was yesterday, I gave her a big kiss and then we went into my room and watched some TV. That is when it happened. She got a phone call from her dad, and I could hear him and I was sitting on my bed about 10 feet away from her! She started crying, and said “He is out front, I have to go.” I was FURIOUS! I threw on my shoes and went to go out of the door ahead of her, to do what I am still unsure of to this day. She quickly grabbed my arm and said “Babe, please…don’t.” After seeing that she was crying so hard, I gave her a big hug and said “Fine…” I went and stood on my porch and watched her pull away. I was so mad, I impulsively yelled “F@*#!” I couldn’t control myself, I ran inside and punched the side of my bed and yelled as I fell to the ground writhing in pain. There was nothing I could do she was gone, and her dad once again expressed his hate for me…

  45. Nima Karvar says:

    One time I could easily remember I was furious, let alone mad, was at a soccer tournament last spring in Fort Dix, New Jersey. I was the goalkeeper of my club soccer team for most of the tournament. We had already made it to the finals with one game left, where the score did not matter. Since we already made the finals, and the outcome of the game did not matter, my coach decided to have the back-up keeper play the game. The game was going fine and we were up by a goal. The game was going fine and my coach asked me to play striker while he gives someone a rest. I suited up and got ready to play. I played fine and the game was going smooth. Until, I received a through pass from the midfielder and it was a chase to the ball between me, a defender, and the goalie. The adrenaline rushed through me and I felt like a bull trying to defeat its matador. It ended with a huge collision. After a few seconds of dizziness and pain, I got off the ground to see the referee running up to me and gave me an automatic red card. I have no idea how, but I was carded and forced out of the game. This got me disqualified from the rest of the tournament and the final game. I was extremely upset and furious with the referee. I was complaining the entire rest of the day to the officiating crew, however, I did not succeed. We had the final day of the tournament the next day, and I was dreading every second of it. We had the back-up goalie in net, and he did not have a good game at all. We ended up loosing an easy game, where we could have won the entire tournament. I felt horrible for loosing the tournament for my team.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Tyler said:
    As soon as I was born into the Mayes family, I was destined for anger. Everyone on my dad’s side is known to have short tempers, which doesn’t help when combined with the same anger my uncles on my mom’s side have. Let’s just say I’ve been given at least a double dose of the anger trait, but it’s not like I’m a person who walks around ready to fight someone who looks at me the wrong way. No, my anger comes about when someone messes with my family. This story took place when I was 10, my brother (Brennan) was 6 and Johnny was 15:
    The kids in my neighborhood were always the adventerous type, so the woods out back served as the perfect playground for our curious minds. We could do anything we wanted back there, as long as we were home for dinner. This particular day, my buddies and I decided to build a fort. We were short on supplies, so this fort took a little imagination and innovation on our part. Apparently Johnny didn’t like the ideas Brennan proposed, and he ended up pushing him back with a stick he was holding. I blew my lid.
    Before he even knew what happened, the very stick Johnny was holding was delivered to his face by me time and time again, and suddenly he found himself falling head over heels down the hill with what I like to think of as a “300-like” sparta kick. As one other kid ran in to tell his mom what I did, I chased Johnny’s falling and nearly unconscious body down the hill for more. Let’s just say I was mad.

  47. David Sadlowski says:

    there have been plenty of times in my life where I have been extremely mad, but there is one thing that will always stick out in my mind. I used to play ice hockey, and this one team we always played had this one kid who was unbelievable. No one could stop him, he would score, hit, and do everything you can imagine someone doing in the sport. He was the whole team of the opposing team. Well, we were a good team, so we never had problem shutting him down and beating the team. For some reason we just could not stop him one game, so he decided it would be funny to make monkey noises the whole time he was on the ice as a distraction. This was probably the dumbest thing someone could do, but it really was distracting. It really annoyed me.

  48. Kelley Hey says:

    A couple of weeks ago, while I was commuting to school, I saw a woman who had dropped everything she was carrying in her hands. I decided to do the right thing and help her pick up everything she had dropped-which was a lot of stuff. When I had finished helping her pick up her items, she did not even thank me. She did not even smile. In fact, she had given me a dirty look, as if I had bothered her. I understand some people do not like their stuff to be touched by others, but I was only trying to be helpful, she could have least showed some sign of gratitude. It just made me mad that I had received such a negative reaction, when I was only trying to do the right thing.

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