@ Alzheimer’s Association
399 Market St., Phila PA
June 9 – July 9
MON-FRI 9-5(ish)
Closed June 21, July 4, and weekends.  
Special guided tour with Matthew Ross Smith July 6-7.
Stop by during lunch or after work!
Contact matthew@sbyfproject.com or call 215.561.2919 with any exhibit questions!

Thanks to all who made it out to the opening weekend of “The Wisdom of Strangers” – our first public art exhibit!  Our team worked through the night on Thursday and Friday, then all day Saturday, to get it ready – 72 hours of straight building, hanging, stringing, and curating!

As sleep deprivation set in, things started to get a little loopy.  3am Pizza break:

In the end we’d created an 8 foot, 3-D structure made of over 300 feet of latticed wire and 50 square feet of plexiglass.  The structure was designed by our Jack-of-all-Trades Rob Tontaro.  As he explained, it was not intended to be a grid, but rather to represent the complex web of synapses in our brain.  Where the synapses came together…an image appeared. 40 of the postcards were interconnected in this one structure.  Another 200 were hung around the room. 

Some of Dan Waldron’s amazing watercolors from the SBYF storybook are also on display.

You can also pick up one of our new postcards at the exhibit – get over there and see it!

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  1. Ann says:

    It was a great exhibit Matt. So glad I made it down. I really enjoyed your presentation. Keep me posted.

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