Sorry people.  Blogger Me has been a slacker.  Although, on the plus side, Book Writing Me has been in overdrive.

And what will that final book look like, you ask?  How many pages will it be?  Will it be 50% narrative / 50% handprints?  60-40?  90-10?  WHAT TO PUT BETWEEN THOSE TWO COVERS????  AND WHEN CAN I GET IT????

The truth is – I’m not sure.  That’s what I’m working to figure out.

Obviously, a good portion of the book is going to be the wonderful, inspiring, colorful, hilarious, profound handprints you’ve sent me in the mail these past 14 months.  Handprints like this one:

AGE: 91

That one really took my breath away. 

You’ve been so generous with your stories and your wisdom, I feel privileged to be the one putting it all together. 

How I’m going to do that I’m not 100% sure yet.  Flannery O’Connor once compared writing a book to birthing a piano.

So…hopefully not like that.

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