The Spaces Between Your Fingers


“SBYF taught me to listen a lot closer when people tell me stories…and to be significantly more curious when hearing them. No person is ever what they seem on the outside, there is always far more below the surface. Everything they have ever done up to the point at which you meet them has made them who they are. Keep that in mind when you meet new people and no one will ever bore you.”

-Drew Alcaide, student/SBYF Memory Writer 


“Writing someone else’s memory was a jarring experience. I knew I was writing someone else’s story…however, for a brief moment, it was my memory.”

-John Sommer, student/SBYF Memory Writer


“By asking questions about the minor details…what the weather was like, recalling the noises, the people around them…there seemed to be a joy there. If you looked at [the participant’s] face, a light seemed to come to their eyes.”

-Briana Brodus, student/SBYF Memory Writer


“We seem to have this idea that you have to be this bigshot, important person, or have done something to make history in order to have a story. But that’s not true- every single person I’ve talked to for SBYF has had something beautiful and important to share.”

Victoria Durand, SBYF Junior Memory Collector


“Today I co-wrote the story of how a man met the love of his life…there is something magical about being able to aid another individual who fears losing their memories…”

-Julie Teixeria, Alzheimer’s Association


“Capturing a person’s voice is what’s important. The story is their story, not yours. You are acting as an extension of their voice, and it’s something that working with SBYF taught me is both a great gift and a great responsibility. It’s a gift because you are now allowed into their world, and you get to share all the joys and excitements of another human being through the most intimate form possible, the telling of stories. It’s a responsibility because, not only do you have to tell the story as accurately as possible, but you have to make sure that, above all, their voice is heard in the story. And to do that well, you have to listen.”

-Katarina Kapetanakis, SBYF Junior Memory Collector


“SBYF tested my ability to go beyond what I am used to, and put myself in my brother’s shoes…This project drove my creativity to the next level…”

-Taylor Tse, student/SBYF Memory Writer


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