Before diving into the card making, we encourage everyone to dust off the old photo album (or digital equivalent) and reflect a little bit on where you’ve been, where you come from, what you’ve struggled with, what you’ve accomplished, the people who’ve come in and out of your life, and so on.  (It’s way more fun to do as a group. but you can fly solo, too.)    

Now that you’ve got all your memories spread before you, you’ll need to choose just one to share and archive for future generations.  

1. TRACE  
Press your hand onto the blank side of the card–imagining you’re pressing it firmly into wet cement–and trace.   

There’s just enough space on this postcard to contain one vivid memory—a snapshot of your experience, and what you learned from that part of your life.  The subject doesn’t matter, but the DETAILS do: try to render that moment as fully as you can, using all your senses.  What did it feel like?  You can address it to the person who will find your message in the future.

On the front side there is a space where you can glue a photo or draw/paint/design a custom image related to your memory/advice.  The more creative, the better!

4. MAIL:

Once received, your postcards will be individually catalogued and permanently archived in the William B. McNamee Wisdom Library, considered for our books (100% of profit to charity), and maybe someday displayed in our traveling art exhibit for thousands to see! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is such a fantastic project. I’ll be sure to make a card and send it in. (:

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