For fun, a few of the people/places I’ve given/left cards, off the top of my head:

Senior Centers
Boys and Girls Clubs
Youth Camps
Schools for the Blind/Deaf
Community Colleges
Park Benches
Taped to Statues
Toll Booth Collectors
Tattoo Parlors
Hidden in Library Books
Highway Rest Stops
A taxidermist
A lighthouse

Anywhere creative people can be found, I’ve gone in search of them. I had my favorite encounter yet the other day on a dirt road in Idaho.

I was trying to find a rural “art studio” when this woman galloped up. I leaned out the window and said:

“Excuse me, can you tell me how much farther to the art studio?”

“That closed over a year ago.”

“Hmm. Well, would you consider yourself creative.”

“Only on a horse.”

“Perfect. I’m doing this project where I’m driving across America, collecting advice.”

“I don’t have any advice.”

“What about advice about horse-riding.”

“Well, I guess I’d say that every time you ride a horse, you learn something new.”

Thanks to Janet at Groove Studio in Bonners Ferry; to Richard at Dickie’s Tattoos in Sandpoint; to Sue at the Tinman Gallery in Spokane; to Pete at Art Style in Spokane; to Michael and Erica at Chase Youth Commission; and to all the others who helped (a bunch of my papers blew out the window).

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