When I have friends over, and they dig into the big treasure chest of S.B.Y.F. cards, often the first comment is not about how they look, but how they smell. It’s hard to describe, but when the lid peels back, you’re hit with a noxious bouquet of acrylic paints, oils markers, glues, crayons, ect. They are, in the words of Ron Burgundy, “quite pungent.”

The second comment is often about how “dirty” they are. Often times there is paint or glue or ink or charcoal smeared on the back side, which I love, because it reminds me that they’re created by artists with dirty hands.

And carried by mailmen with shoddy umbrellas.

The cards you’ll see below, however, have no smell, or texture. They were conjured out of thin air.

This morning I was invited to speak at a Young Artists Workshop at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. The focus of the class is digital art — a new frontier.

The hands were put together in about 15 minutes (!) by class members, grades 7-9. They were traced using Wacom tablets, and edited in Photoshop.

As you can see, you can do some pretty amazing things with digital art. Anyone who’d like to submit a digital hand is encouraged to do so! Just email it to spacesbetweenyourfingers (at) gmail.com.

You can check out more of their work on their class blog here. Thanks also to the instructor, the incredibly talented Danny Waldron!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for coming to the YAW yesterday. Your project is really amazing. It was a great experience for the kids.

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