“Since I started to go to Drexel in the Spring of 2011, the PPA only cares about writing tickets.  The best and only way to get out of a parking (ticket) is to go up to the person giving the ticket, ask what is the reason for you getting the ticket.  For example let’s say the reason is because your time expired 7 mins ago, check to see what time it is on your phone.  Most parking enforcement people set their watches 4-6 minutes fast, I can’t answer why they do.  That makes your 7 mins into 1 min, which they can’t give you a ticket for that.  Just say you don’t have a credit card, you were in a store getting change.  The parking agent will tell you that you will be able to get out of the ticket if you go the main office.  That’s not true.  Ask to speak with his boss…speaking with him will get the parking ticket voided on the spot.  This happened to me twice and both times the ticket was voided.”

Age: 21
Postmark: PA

This week…let’s talk about a LOOPHOLE that you’ve discovered or invented…a way you’ve subverted “the rules.”  As always, you don’t have to make any great point, just describe it as vividly as you can.  Creativity welcomed.   

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  1. Mary Beth Williamson says:

    Long long ago, when I was but 17 years old, I went to a Catholic high school. We believed in the teachings of Cathol, and all that he stood for. However, this meant that on Halloween, a day usually fraught with costumes of all shapes and sizes, we had to abide by harsh rules; rules preventing us from dressing up as anything sinful. Being brought up on actual culture, I wanted to dress up with my friend, Brook, as the famous pot-smoking duo, Cheech and Chong. Obviously, this was forbidden. Now, I am not a girl who gives up easily. So we arrived at school, dressed in full stoner garb. But with one key expection. We taped signs reading “I AM AN ABSTINENT HIPPIE. I DON’T NEED DRUGS TO HAVE FUN” to ourselves and waltzed in to school. We just happened to be named Cheech and Chong, and introduced ourselves as such. Technically speaking, we broke no rules. The nuns were furious that day. But they could do nothing about it. And that is how I beat the system of the Catholic high school at the age of 17.

  2. I have always had a strong interest in space, but unfortunately my math skills are not strong enough for a future in astrophysics. This is something I have come to accept. I figured my interest in space would never be more than stargazing through a telescope, but as I entered the college world many opportunities opened up to me. This nothing new for a college student but rarely do these opportunities lead them to the loophole I have found, especially in such an unpopular subject like geology. My passion for rocks has always been present but it never occurred to me to study the geology of other planets. Planetary Geology will allow me to study space while not doing nearly as much math, which makes it absolutely perfect. Thank you Temple.

  3. Dillon Tosto says:

    When I was in high school I played sports all year round. In the winter I wrestled. Wrestling was the toughest and most grueling sport i ever did. The long tiring practices along with cutting weight by not eating and sweating pounds off every day made most things a chore. I was tired and grumpy pretty much all the time. Any chance I could take to miss a practice I would take it and it just so happens that every year in January my school held a Red Cross blood drive where students and teachers could donate their blood. Junior and senior year I had to work the blood drive for the National Honors Society. I got out of class for the day and helped out with the drive. Whoever gave blood was not able to partake in any sport activity for one day. That was the perfect chance to miss practice. Although I did not actually give blood i did however take some extra iodine and band aids so it appeared as if I did. So for two years I would take the supplies and fake giving blood and be able to skip practice. That was the loophole that I used. There isn’t a real message or meaning its just the only recollection I had of using a loophole to get out of something.

  4. Ashley M. says:

    I only got one parking ticket for as long as I’ve been driving. It was this past June of 2011 and I got one as soon as I got to Ocean City, MD for senior week. The driveway to the house was extremely small and so there wasn’t anymore room to park. I parked on the street the opposite way of traffic. Little did I know, that was illegal. I started bringing all of my stuff into the house and as I was walking back out to my car to get my last bag, I saw a cop standing next to my car with a notepad. The cop asked me if it was my car and I said ya. He then said if I was only parked there for 15 minutes he wouldn’t of ticketed me but since he claims I was he gave me a $30 ticket. I knew I wasn’t even parked there for any longer than ten minutes and tried to tell him but he wouldn’t budge. He then told me he drove around the block around 5 times and everytime he passed the house it was still there. Which I knew he was lying to me because I knew how long I was parked there. This story really doesn’t have anything to do with getting out of a parking ticket, but I explained how I at least tried to. I ended up paying the ticket and never got one since.

  5. John Billemeyer says:

    Back in middle school, I was taking a trigonometry class. I was a very smart math student but at the end of the marking period I was really beginning to slack off; I started not showing up to class, doing homework, sleeping in class, etc. I still had a very solid grade in the class though because I had done well all marking period. The last chapter was especially difficult because I had not even tried to learn the material and the final test was coming up. i had no idea what to do so talked to the teacher about it. It turns out that I didn’t even have to take the test because no matter what grade I would get, I would have still passed the class. So I continued to not study and everything and not worrying about the test. I actually took it though to not get a zero but just randomly filled in answer bubbles. So overall, it was a pretty cool experience because I had found a loophole to get out of taking a very important test.

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