The Spaces Between Your Fingers

happy_memory_collecting_2The SBYF Junior Memory Collector program is a mentorship program for young writers, artists, and leaders of the future.  If selected, you will complete a multi-week narrative writing tutorial, then begin exploring the world around you in search of stories.  You will lead memory writing workshops, operate SBYF Memory Stations, and network with other creative organizations.  Most importantly, you will make a real difference in the lives of other human beings by helping to preserve their memories before they are lost so they can be passed on to future generations.

Please contact us with a brief letter of interest if you are interested in applying.


Class #1 (2013)
Emily Cornuet
Emilie Mehler
Carlos Miranda
Ben Yezuita (Honorary)

Class # 2 (2013-14)
Victoria Durand
Michelle Johnson
Kat Kapetanakis

Class #3 (2014)
Ben Anderson
Giancarlo Castaldo
Marcus Kunkle
Derya Yilmaz

Class #4 (Summer Program)
Zach Noel
Sabrina Perry
Anneliese Warnke

Class #5 (2015-16)
Sara Aykit
Byshera Williams

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