The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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After a long day at Six Flags, Jordyn was exhausted from running around in circles and getting onto every ride that the park had to offer, but she thought it was totally worth it.  The trek back to the family white van felt like it lasted hours, but we pulled through and eventually made it.  Jordyn got into the car next to her older brother Tyler and younger sister Ardyn, while her dad drove, and her mom sat beside him.  Jordyn normally hated getting the middle seat, but in this endeavor she didn’t mind simply because it meant she got to sit and relax, even if it was a bit squished.

            As the family pulled out of the parking spot onto one of the main roads in the park, Jordyn saw hundreds of tail lights for what looked like miles.  The total number of cars trying to leave left the sky filled with crimson and made the leaves shine like rubies.  Being surrounded with numerous cars made her anxiety levels rise, so high in fact that even Tyler could tell.  He looked at her with his post puberty beard and said “Are you okay? Why don’t you try to get some sleep, I’m here if you need me.”  She looked at him with pure astonishment because of how nice he was being, and responded, “Can I lay on your chest?” which he followed shortly thereafter with an “Absolutely.”

            Tyler then hopped into the back bench with a motion that encouraged her to join him.  He laid down and said “Come on.”  Jordyn gently climbed on top of her brother and rested her face against the Batman symbol he had on his slightly stained shirt, she then started to relax.  Their mother turned around to look to see if everything was alright, and to her surprise she found Ardyn playing with her dolls and coloring books, Jordyn slowly falling asleep, and Tyler gently scratching her head, while staring out the window.  As she became more comfortable and her anxiety levels decreased, she looked to Tyler and said “Thank you.”  He responded with a “No problem sis, I love you so I gotta protect you.”  Which brought the biggest smile onto her face.  She hugged him so hard he was almost short of breath he said.  The pair looked toward the front of the van to see their mom with a tear rolling down her face and they can’t help but laugh at her for being so cheesy.

            Their father finally got them out of the parking lot after about an hour, but that hour meant a lot to their family.  Tyler and Jordyn were fighting earlier in the day about having to go to some stupid hockey game, but after they got home that was in the past and they felt closer than ever before.

Leaving Six Flags

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