The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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When we moved to America, my stepdad was waiting at the Airport for us to arrive.

Bill looked at his watch, shivering and rushing in his Dodge ram to the airport. He knew Cal and Philomena were due to arrive, but he had an unexplainable feeling in his stomach. Getting there early in order to minimise any lateness, he sat in the arrivals terminal, watching the planes go by. He sat there, eagerly awaiting for the London Heathrow to Newark flight to come in. After what felt like hours, the plane arrived in the gate, slightly late. Bill moved up to the top of the exit area, where the arrivals left. Greeting them was a small Statue of Liberty, followed by a massive crowd of people waiting for them.

    Eyeing from his waiting area, he watched every type of person flow into the departure area. He thought to himself how he’s probably seen this exact scene in some sort of immigrant documentary a long time ago. Bill continued to stare at the opening metal doors, only seeing the security checkpoint behind the doors. The feelings of nervousness yet determination to meet his new family was very strong. He continued to look at all of the people rush through the gates, some crying and hugging, some rushing by to get to their transport. He felt like he’d been waiting for hours.

    Still keeping his eyes trained on the arrivals area, he watched a short blonde woman in a big coat holding onto a small child with short brown hair, both carrying suitcases. She looked like she’d been through hell and back, and the boy looked unsure of what he was seeing. Shortly after exiting the door, the woman stopped and pulled out a phone and typed something short. Bill’s phone buzzed and his heart jumped. This had been what he had been waiting so long for. He was suddenly overcome with joy that he couldn’t contain. Without even checking his phone, he darted down into the arrivals lobby, and was keeping his eyes trained on the woman and boy. Bill began jumping and waving and the boy looked excited.

    They were running excitedly and quickly, and he felt them coming towards him. The young boy ran with a glimmer in his eyes, and dropped his suitcase and grabbed onto Bill, hugging him harder than he felt anyone hug him in a while. The woman dropped her suitcase and hugged them both, and did do for what felt like forever.

He felt one warm feeling which cannot be worded.

He finally had a family.

As they began walking towards the doors of Newark International Airport, not much was said between them. They were all so overcome with emotion that it was mostly words of happiness and achievement that they finally made it.

As they pulled away from the airport on that cold October night in 2007, the new family spent their first day together as the Fredericks.

Our First Night in America

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