The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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“Attention, all passengers please remove all belongings from the compartments above.” Announced the pilot. Shaun awakes, he realizes that he is finally in Italy. Exiting the plane jetlagged, with his three best friends behind him, he could not wait to step out onto the streets of Venice and start exploring.

He could not have noticed the overwhelming sound of traffic and pedestrians that filled the streets. The myriad of sounds that was sensed when he stepped out onto the busy streets. The constant ruckus from hordes of mopeds, cars, and civilians kept him alarmed. He was quite annoyed from the hundred of horns beeping in sequence. Puzzled at where they were, they boys keep walking to their hotel a few minutes down the road, that was close to the Grand Canal. Walking ahead of his friends and not paying attention to their distance. “ We’re far from home, boys!” Says Shaun excitedly, as he glanced at the endless body of water filled with gondolas. Not a word in response, undiscouraged he kept walking, not realizing they were not trailing behind him. Secretly, his friends had taken a detour route to the hotel since Shaun was not walking with them, and so they wanted to see if he was able to find his way by himself.

The scenery was a distraction to him and soon before he knew it, Shaun had lost his bearings of where he was traveling to. He heard natives speaking their mysterious native language The sweat clung to his forehead and the nervous feeling was easily read through his facial expressions. He stopped to ask for direction but, all he could do was point at an address written on a napkin he had. The locals directed him in all different directions. He knew he had to find his destination before sundown. Slowly, he was consumed by the liveliness of the streets.  

An hour passed and Shaun still has not gotten to his hotel or found his friends. He walks into a large public square where people gathered. Looking around him observing the activities. He notices a similar building he knew he had seen before. He saw people who looked like tourists walk into it. He stepped into the lobby and immediately  saw his friends sitting there with beers in their hands all laughing at him and saying “Took ya long enough.”

Context: This was a time when Shaun will not forget how he was lost in Venice for hours. Lingering the streets and not knowing where he was and not being able to communicate with anyone. He now learned that always stick together when traveling with a group of people, especially when in unfamiliar places.

Trip to Italy

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