The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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It was a long day at school, Dev and his friends were excited for the long weekend.

“Lets hangout tonight,” uttered Neel as they were excited for the long weekend

“Why not? I have a great movie we can watch.” Dev said, as they started walking towards home. As the hour of the night approached Dev got ready to go to Neel’s house. Dev picked one of his most beloved comedies to watch with his friends tonight.

     “Oh my gosh! It’s freezing” mumbled Dev. As Neel’s house grew closer Dev’s heart relaxed, as he knew the warmth of his friends house awaits him.

Dev lifted his hand to press the doorbell ting tong .

“Hey buddy. Come on in,” said Neel

“It's bitter outside,” Dev said while entering the house. The temperature in the house was warm and comfy which made Dev forget his spin chilling journey from his house to neels house.

    “Let me get some popcorn for us,” said Neel knowing that Dev enjoys to have popcorn while watching a movie. Soon their other two friends, Jay and Deep arrived.

    All four of them went upstairs to Neel’s room.

Dev said ,” I brought one of my fav movie with me for us to watch tonight.”

“No Dev, I was thinking about watching a horror film. That is if your not scared.”, said Neel

“No Neel, I ain't scared of some horror movie.” said Dev in a annoyed tone. Although Dev was sacred to watch horror movie, he was not ready to accept it in front of his friends.

    As Neel inserted the CD, Dev began to grow nervous, he feared that if he watches the movie it would display his phobia of horror movies which would destroy his reputation in front of his friends.  Dev was horrified as the movie started and continued. About half hour he texted his sister Mili to call him just so he can leave Neel’s house because he was too scared. However, he decided to walk the journey on foot since her sister was not coming. His dashing feet matched the rhythm of his beating heart. He ran and ran avoiding the pulsing heart, throbbing legs, and the restless brain. Paranoia overtook him, and he mindlessly ran to reach the safety and amenities the haven had to offer.

Thousand thoughts wandered into his mind, but the thoughts were brushed away as quickly as they had bursted in.

“One more block. One more block, and I’ll reach the haven,” he assured himself. His feet throbbed, and he finally gave in collapsing to the icy ground with a loud thump. He felt dizzy, the distinguishable trees around me began to blur. He finally got home and felt relaxed.

Dev still remembers that night because that day, he felt fear. He realized that fear comes from within. Our mind. We create fear; therefore, fear’s existence depends on us.

The night of fear

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