The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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	This is the first of many great stories that lead to my mom getting someone fired. My brother ended up having the swine flu, and could have ended up in serious condition if my mom had just laid down and let the nurse push her around.


Doreen dropped the dish she was washing into the sink, ignoring the crack that rn down it as it hit the metal surface. “Tony?”

“Mom,” Tony wheezed. “ I can’t breathe. I called the nurse, but she won’t do anything.” His breathing became more and more labored as he began to cry.

“Okay baby, did you call 911?”


“Okay. I’m going to hang up for a minute and call the nurse, okay? I promise I won’t be long. I love you, baby.” She hung up the phone and immediately dialed the Pembroke nursing office, the moment she found it online.

“Pembroke nursing.” A bored, nasal, woman’s voice said over the phone.

“Hi. My son Tony Laberdee goes to your school. He can’t breathe. He said he spoke to one of you and-”

“Oh yeah, that one. He’s fine,” the nurse said, annoyed. “He’s just being dramatic.”

“Ma’am, please. I was just talking to him.” Doreen was starting to panic now. Pembroke was an hour away from her, and there was no telling how long the ambulance would take. This woman was the closest help she could get. “He lives in…” she was blanking. What was the name of the dorm? What was it? “T-the honors dorm. I can’t remember-”

“We don’t have an honors dorm.”

“Yes you do!” she shouted. Tears fell; the fatal flaw of her family when they were put in frustrating situations.  “Please,” she tried her best to sound calm. “ The ambulance is already on its way but-”

“Oh, I canceled that. There’s no need for him to waste their time as well as mine.”

“You bitch!” Doreen was beyond civility. She hung up the phone, dialing Tony as she grabbed her car keys. “Baby,” she said when he answered. “ I’ll be there soon.”

The speedometer reached one hundred before she even hit the highway.


Literally the Worst Nurse

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