The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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A trip my Mom and my family went on back in the early 2000s. It is an experience she enjoys remembering.

It was their 9th day in Florida, and the vacation was just as fun then as when it started. Eleanor and her family were in the middle of spending their day in the Epcot, one of the parks owned by Disney. She was there with her family. She had her sister Maggie, her husband, Peter, her 2 sons, Ryan and Patrick, and little baby Bridget.

            Ryan, who was 8, and Patrick, who was 6, were small children that were both as pale as their mother. They fought with each other constantly, and in a few years, as she became old enough to talk, their sister would get involved as well. Maggie had recently graduated college, and was trying to enjoy herself. Peter was the breadwinner, making money by setting up computers for the government. Eleanor herself worked part time at a thrift store, and did her best to take care of her kids.

            “I don’t WANT to go on Soarin’! I want to go on the Viking ride!” said Ryan.

            “It’s alright, El, I’ll take the kids and you can go on that,” said Peter.

            Eleanor and her sister waited in the line for over half an hour. And the wait would be worth it. During the last few minutes of their wait, the big booming voice of Patrick Warburton explained what and what not to do during the ride.

            Eleanor and Maggie got onto a seat shaped like a hang glider that lifted them into the air. Triumphant music began to make itself apparent, and a movie started to play on the screen in front of them. Eleanor and Maggie had a bird eyes view of many wonderous sights. They saw modern cities and gigantic mountains and sprawling forests pass them by. They flew over the Golden Gate Bridge and almost any biome you can imagine, from burning deserts to the freezing tundra. For a small while, the video showed a man in a hang glider, who felt like a temporary companion on their journey. At the end, Soarin’ took them over Disney Park itself during an intense fireworks display. It was magical. It was like they were really flying. It only lasted 5 minutes.

            “That was great, Maggie!” said Eleanor. Even years later, she would say it was her favorite ride at Disney.

            Eleanor and Maggie walked out and reunited with Peter and the kids a short time later. It was a great vacation. Eleanor and Maggie were spending it with their parents and brother John. They did their best to enjoy it to the fullest. They went to Universal Studios, the Kennedy Space Center, and Daytona beach. Eleanor was with Ryan when he went on his first roller coaster. None of that matched the feeling of flight she got on Soarin’.

Disney Vacation

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