The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Original artwork created by Alex Mashett (one in a series created for Ray's family).

I worked for many years as the steward at a prestigious golf club in New Jersey.  There, I met just about everyone who was anyone.  President Eisenhower, General Westmoreland, Old Man Pew, senators, mayors, you name it.  If a war had broken out we would’ve been screwed because they were all down at the club having cocktails and eating filet.  Of all these encounters, I remember one in particular.

Bing Crosby had come from California with Bob Hope.  While they were out playing, one of the boys in the locker room called me over: “Ray!” he said, “Ray! You got to see this!”  In those days the guys in the locker room had to shine the player’s shoes while they were on the course, and when they pulled Mr. Crosby’s shoes, they found a secret: Bing Crosby wore lifts!

He wasn’t as tall as he looked on TV…or apparently even as tall as he looked in person.

A Secret I’ve Known About Bing Crosby For Many Years

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