The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Donna writes:

I was listening to Elvis on my record player that Maine winter day when my mother said, "Hurry!  Grab your skates and come out with me, the ice is perfect, and there's wind."

We laced up at the dock in front of our home and pushed off from shore.

Using our coats as sails, we let the strong, gusty wind blow us all the way to the end of Sebago Lake Basin without our having to take a single step.

Buttoning our coats and laughing, we turned into the wind and made our way home along the shoreline.

Using Our Coats as Sails

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Lake Sebago, Maine

Donna writes: "I loved this time with my mother, who was in a body cast for much of my childhood. She was a woman who knew how to play and enjoy each moment, despite the many challenges in her life. Years later my grown daughter decorated a pair of skates for me in honor of that memory. I hang those skates each Christmas and remember. More recently, I painted a watercolor of those decorated skates. The memory of that joyful 1950s afternoon remains vivid in my mind despite my Alzheimer's."

Decade: 1950s
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Recorded by Matthew Ross Smith on October 15, 2013
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