The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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	I interviewed my Mother over the phone. We discussed her life when she was a kid and how close knit her family was back then and how they would do anything for each other.

“Nan where’s Conny at?” Kelly asked her grandmother who was watching them over the summer, by this time in the day her sister would have been walking out of the school to meet them.

“Kelly go in there and look for your sister.” Kelly entered the school building, it was new to her, they had just moved school districts and she had never been in the elementary school building before because she had just started middle school. She wandered through the halls. Kids past her leaving the building trying to enjoy what little time they had left in the summer day and escaping the horrors of summer school. There was faint sobbing heard around the corner and the squeaking on shoes on the linoleum floors. Two kids ran around the corner cackling as if they just had the time of their life. As Kelly rounded the corner, she saw her sister sitting on the ground sobbing.

           “Conny what’s wrong?” Kelly asked.

“They boys *sniff* took my *sniff* glasses.” Conny struggled to the get words out through her tears.

           “Come on get up,” Kelly said has she helped her small blonde sister off the dirty school floor. “We will go tell Nan, she’ll know what to do.”

               As the two of them made their way out of the school they saw the two boys on the playground. They were still laughing and still had Conny’s glasses. “Nan,” Kelly said to her grandmother sitting on a bench, “Those boys over there were bullying Conny and took her glasses.” Without out hesitation she stood up here joints cracking slightly in her old age.

           “Stay here I’m going to get your glasses back.” Their grandmother took off, being in here early sixties was no limitation to her, she was a smaller woman, so she had speed on her side, the small white streaks in her hair were now very noticeable in the sun. She chased after them as fast as she could. Screaming “You messed with the wrong grandkids.” From the other side of the playground Kelly could see the terror in the eyes of the boys, they ran but were not nearly fast enough to outrun an angry grandmother. “Give me those glasses back!!” Nan screamed nipping at the heels of the kids. Kelly watched with her sister from the playground as her grandmother was quickly gaining on the kids who picked on her sister. Her thin white hair being blown back as she ran. One kid tripped but Nan did not care because they didn’t have Conny’s glasses. Kelly saw the other boy turn around and the look of fear came over his face as he saw her fierce grandmother right behind him. He decided to cut his losses and threw the glasses at her and kept running. Nan returned gave Conny her glasses back and they headed home.

Saving the glasses

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