The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Postcard received via snail mail.

My Dad was 48 when diagnosed with testicular cancer and given a 20% chance to live.

At the time I was living at college and wanted to stop and come how to be with my family.  However, may dad's words can't be forgotten.  He told me I was to stay at college and live my life.  I whined and cried and his response was, "Do what I want, or I won't fight cancer, and I'll die."

Given those options, I supported my family from afar.  His smile, strength, courage, and positive outlook through his struggle for two years now inspire me everyday in life.  While calling him from college for advice on daily stress, he said: "If I can smile from my hospital bed when I haven't left in months, why can't you?"

Surviving Cancer

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