The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Postcard received via snail mail.  The anonymous sender writes:

It was a hot day in Green Bay and I was out walking the dogs with my mom and two sisters.

As we were passing by the cemetery, we saw an elderly man in a winter jacket walking toward us, on his way to pay his respects.  He looked pretty grumpy and my mother told us not to let the dogs jump on him or lick him.

But of course, as we passed him, the great dane planted a sloppy kiss on the man's hand and the two small dogs went right for him.  

The man, straight-faced, reached into his pocket.

We thought he was going for a handkerchief to wife off the drool, but instead he pulled out for balloons with smiley faces on them.  He embraced the dogs with baby talk and kisses and gifted each of us with a balloon.  Then he proceeded to give us more "just in case they pop."  

We exchanged farewells and he continued on to the cemetery, but not before turning around to yell: "Keep smiling!"

An Encounter in a Cemetery

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