The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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In the story, Marcie and her sister got busted by the cops weeks after they threw a high school house party.

It was about 4am and the six-year-old golden retriever began growling and barking. Everybody in the house woke up, and Ann realized somebody was breaking into the family home. She snapped awake, and frantically ran to the phone and dialed 9-11. The police officer arrived on the warm July night and said, “Hmm this place seems familiar.”

“No? We have never called the police before,” Ann and her confused husband replied to the young officer.

“Well I know this dog, she listens so well.” Ann and Mike stood in awe and confusion as to how the police officer had known their dog. “Come Taffy,” the police officer called. The family dog sprang off the couch and trotted across the hall, into the dining room to greet the tall man in uniform. “See,” the officer said, “I told you I’ve been here before.” Ann’s two high school aged daughters were in a corner laughing. They walked through the kitchen to grab a glass of water. The police officer jumped out of his chair. “Oh, I know when I was here. I was at this house about five weeks ago to shut down a party. I didn’t recognize this place without all of the cigs on the floor or the keg in the yard.” Both daughters, Marcie and Cheryl tried to sneak away in embarrassment. They both went to the other room.

            Marcie said, “Shit Cheryl, we almost got away with it. We had the best banger of the summer, and we almost got away with it.”

            After the police report was filed for the robbery the police officer left. Afterwards the girls tried to sneak back to bed but were stopped by their infuriated mother. She yelled “Girls! Why was a police officer at our house five weeks ago and saw cigarette buds on the floor and a keg in the yard?” The two girls look at each other with a blank stare. They had no excuse, so they had to come forward about their wild party. The truth be told that the two girls had to call the police on their own party in order to make the rowdy high schoolers leave. As they were telling the story, their mother’s eyes widened. She was shocked and speechless. She called the two girls stupid and irresponsible and took their car keys away as a punishment. 

Almost GOt Away With It

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