The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Dear Greg Bonaparte,

Amazingly amused as you and I sat down to talk about an experience

you helped bring to life. In a peiod of maneuvering through obstacles

within an impoverished community still you made the right decisions

essentially contributing to you're success today. However, there were

some adversities you've had to overcome for example, being bullied

and threaten growing up often made life miserable by cruel indignation

of neighborhood gang hoods.


I'm sure at the hands of local gang members falling succomb to their

heckling punishments very easily could've had a different ending.

Being victimized by the hard urban streets of North Philadelphia was

usual for many teenagers lowering self esteem and confidence. In

stead of those circumstances Greg's determination increased along

with the fortitude too persevere which impressed me the most.


In order to fulfill a destiny indicative to what was best for Greg

couseling or assistance was needed having their best intent for him.

Fortunately for Greg an awesome group of people who cared for -

example, school teachers, organizations like - New Urban Youth they

crucially guided him on the best path. Thus enabling Greg to

advocate currently on behalf of under served communities youth who

now face familar abuse as he did in the 1960'S. In addition Greg is

also actively participating in gang prevevtion networks with others

who've endured the same egregious fate from criminally antagonistic

motivated lost teens.


Lastly strickly focused on my mentor's soliloquy being blown away

about how he avoided violence and mayhem fueled by delinquents. Sure

Greg's awareness gave him plenty to ponder about. When the pressure

was on for instance he thought of joining forces affliating with thugs

for protection. On the one hand declinning their allegiance was it a good

idea ? probably not, hence sending his life sparrowling downward in

trajectory would've been inevitable on the other hand.


In the end a wonderful interview transpired between myself and

mentor Greg Banaparte, leaving a feeling of optimism for our urban

city youth's future. As a result I my respect for him elevated and admir-

ation because of his defeat over all of the odds battling adversarial foes

ultimately lifting his hands victorious.


Thank you,


Raymond King


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