The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Received via snail mail.  The sender writes:

I'd have to say that being 11 is the worst possible age there is to be.

If I could take that whole year back I would.  I was a horrible, terrible person who cared only about myself and how people saw me.  I was a bully.  I singled out one girl that I used to be friends with, but our friendship had broken up the year before.  I was angry and I wanted to hurt her like she had hurt me.  I started spreading rumors.  Terribly vicious rumors you would never have thought an 11 year old could spread.  I made things up about her sexual orientation and everybody believed what I said.  Her life was ruined.  Everybody hated her until she graduated in 8th grade, two years later.


I was a School Bully (and I Regret it So Much)

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Middle School

Received via snail mail. The sender writes: "I regret it now. How stupid I was to only care about how others saw me. Trying to rally everyone behind me to hate one girl who had really nothing to hate. Her life fell apart around her. Her parents divorced, she skipped school a lot, she went to counseling regularly. Her life will never be the same because of me. And I wish I could take back everything, but I can't. All I can do is regret."

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Decade: 2000s
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Recorded by Matthew Ross Smith on October 18, 2013
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