The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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The waves rocked the large sailboat back and forth as kids were playing and the smell of burgers on the grill wafted into the air. Chris' family's sailboat was where the majority of their time was spent. All the other families that had sailboats would meet at one spot and tie all of the boat up together so that they could all hang out. All of the children would swim around as the parents cooked and drank and had a good time.

As all of the children were swimming, one of the fathers walked to the rope railing on the edge of the boat and divided the kids into teams and explained the game as 'a little bit of water polo but a lot more fun.' Without further explanation he tossed a fully greased watermelon into the water and the children all swam as fast as they could to grab onto it.

Chris swam hard to grab onto the watermelon as his brother Craig grabbed his ankle under water, pulling him backwards. All of the boys started to rough house to gain control of the game. The game lasted until it got dark and they couldn’t swim for any longer.

After the first time they played this game it seemed to become a tradition. Over the years no matter how many times they played the game or how old they got it never seemed to change. Even when graduation day rolled around the tradition was upheld that following weekend.

Watermelon Games on the Sailboat

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