The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This is my father's memory of him and his family moving into a new home. Their previous one who not big enough for all of the children

The faded olive green ‘66 Buick Special pulled into the driveway of the Kimmell’s new home, 510 Parkington Drive. Young Keith was finally released from the squished backseat piled with all six of his siblings once the car pulled to a stop. Lady, the sleek blonde family mutt, excitedly leapt from the car and bolted around her new yard. She sniffed the trunk of the spruce tree that cornered the front yard, parallel to the stone wall that boarded from the neighbor’s yard.

The home in front of them was a two story structure, with a cool toned, gray stone exterior. The front of the house had a large, square window that revealed the empty inside. Below the window were full bushes, and a couple of clusters of weeds.The lawn had tall grass that was clearly in need of a mowing. The large wooden door was painted white, but began chipping away in some areas.It was clear that the house was not old, but it could use some fixing up.

Keith’s mother walked up the walkway with the rest of the family in tow, and pulled the house keys from her coat pocket. This was the first time her and her husband were revealing their new home to rest of the family. Keith almost couldn’t contain himself and was beyond thrilled to move into this house. It was more than new beginnings; this was a new room that he would have to share with only one brother. This was a real bed he would finally get to sleep in.

In their previous home, Keith shared a room with both of his brothers, Kevin and Kirk. The room was already a tight fit, and the bunk bed that they had conserved little space. Keith constantly found himself either sharing one of the bunks or on a spot on the floor.

The house key turned and the door swung open, but as the group attempted to enter they were beat by Lady. She burst through and ran around the eggshell colored walls and beige carpet. In the middle of what is the planned living room, Lady stopped and bent into a squatting position.

Everyone erupted into panic and began screaming at her to stop, but nothing could slow her down. When Lady was done taking care of business the room became silent. Keith’s hopefulness for what the new house stood for were ruined. Their new home was desecrated by the shit in the center of the room.

From the rear of the group Kirk, Keith’s older brother, moved to the front and stood in front of everyone with a smirk on his face. He looked at Lady’s work, and then turned back to his family with his hands on his hips. “Looks like we’re stuck with the house now, huh?”.

510 Parkington Drive

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