The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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The afternoon bus will be here soon if we want to make it to La Boquilla on time” Luis said to the boys. It was a hot Saturday in July and they knew the beach would be packed with tourists around this time. They had pretended to be tour guides before, so no one was hesitant to do it again.

“The whole crew gathered at the bus stop to start heir day of adventures, which included giving tourists their own private tour of La Boquilla.”  In celebration of Juans 15th birthday, our entire friend group strolled up and down the beaches providing tours to pay for best Bandeja Paisa and Cazuela de Mariscos that night. La Boquilla’s clear water and tranquil environment was almost a healing experience for everyone no matter how many times they visited there. The water cooled the hot temperatures down for visitors and the huts provided shade for many.

La Boquilla was also a fishing village on the beach. Many local families would cook fresh caught fish on the spot and share them with the tourists who watched as if they’ve never witnessed people cooking fish outdoors near a beach. “Juan, use your English skills and get us another round of Mariscos for tonight!”

They saw a family of three looking around the beach and taking pictures on a camera model that the boys had never seen before. It helped that all the boys grew up in this fishing village and knew the history and hidden historical places in this beach village. “You know what Carlo? I really don’t think this can be called “scamming.” We’re all natives of here, and we really give the tourists a better experience of the beach instead of them just laying down and getting sunburn. This is what you call a tour!” said Luis.

“But there are still rules; ever since this beach became a corporate commodity to those rich fellas, everything must be done through them” said Carlo.

It was hard to act as tourist guides when they looked like regular young boys, so some families would be skeptical and say no. However, the family of three seemed curious after Juan nailed his explanation of the tour in English. Off they went to the fishing side of the beach and on their way to making their first pay...unless they got caught.

Back in Colombia

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