The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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The average day of my sister and Grandmother when my sister was very young and would go over my grandmother's house a lot.

Raising 3 boys wasn’t always a paradise for Dorothy so when her granddaughter Brianna was born it changed her life.

 Brianna would always go to her grandma’s beautiful chestnut hill apartment when her parents would go off to work. In the apartment were pictures of young Brianna which sat on the coffee table, many pictures of Dorothy’s past adventures and of course lots of family photos. A piano lined the back wall which also had the original songs she wrote.

“Mimom, Mimom play some piano for me”.

“Of course,”

Dorothy would never say no to her smiling grandchild. She would sit down and Brianna sat on her lap. She played the best of hits from the nursery song album.

“The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout” sung in perfect pitch or else it wouldn’t have been sung at all.

“And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again” When the music stopped Brianna would grab “Mimoms” hands and place them back on the piano so that she could play another song.  

After the songs were done it was time for lunch.

“I want tuna and grapes”

“That sounds familiar,” Dorothy said laughing

“Can I help you make it?”

“Yes you can”

They went into the kitchen were mayonnaise, mustard and relish greeted them. As they opened the tuna can and poured it into the bowl Brianna’s excitement grew.

“Alright so you put the mayo on the tuna fish first, then you add mustard and last but the most important is the relish.”

“Then I mix them?”


“Now you spread it over the bread, and you’ve got your sandwich.”

The sandwich was cut into triangle slices just like Brianna liked it. The green grapes were cut up into circle like small pieces so that Brianna wouldn't choke.

“Why do you like tuna so much?” Dorothy asked

“I don’t know grandma it just tastes so good and it’s better than chicken nuggets”

When Brianna parents came to pick her up, she started to get sad.

“I don’t want to go. I want to stay here forever”

“You say this all the time. You’ll see me tomorrow.”

“I’ll miss you mimom.” Brianna said

“I’ll miss you too”

“Can we have tuna again?”

“Of course.”

As the door closed Dorothy heard Brianna start to tell her parents about her exciting day and a smile ran across her face.


Another Day at Grandma’s house

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