The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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“Come on you have to go with us.” Vlad proclaims as he is trying to convince Igor to go to the concert at the Petrovsky Stadium.

            “I don’t know. I have to get up early in the morning for work.” Igor replies trying to get his stuff ready  as Vlad approaches him and grabs the stuff from Igor’s hands and tosses it on the bed.

            “We are going let’s go. It will be fun, it’s one of your favorite bands.” He says pulling Igor out the door so they can meet up with their friends. It takes about 20 minutes for them to get to the stadium and they all make there way in with the rest of the crowd.  

“How’s everyone doing tonight?” The main singer asks which is then followed by stomps and yells from the crowd. The show finally begins, and the crowd goes crazy. Song after song Igor and his friends are jumping up and down jamming out to every song. Vlad turns to Igor and says, “Aren’t you happy that I made you go?” Igor shakes his head and rolls his eyes signaling to Vlad that he was right. As the show progresses, everyone’s singing along, swinging side to side together in harmony, and waving their lighters from one side to the other.

            “Let’s go!” Vlad says pulling Igor with him.

            “Where we going?” Igor asks following Vlad and the rest of the group through the crowd.

            “We meeting up with Klas’s girlfriend and her friends.” Vlad replies as they hop over a few sections to meet up with the girls. They finally get to Klas’s girlfriend and her friends as they are all facing the stage and jamming out to the music. Klas introduces his girlfriend Olga to the group and then lets Olga introduce her friends to his group.

            “Guys this is Marina, Lina, Alexandria, and……Irena! Irena!” Olga says waving over for Irena to turn around as she is focused on the band performing. Igor says hello to the girls as they are introduced one by one.  As soon as Irena turns around to say hi, Igor and her lock eyes and genuinely smile at each other forgetting about everyone else in that moment. Igor eyes Irena up from head to toe, admiring her beauty from her deep green eyes to her dirty blonde hair that sits perfectly on her shoulders to her red and black outfit that hugs her body just right to show her hourglass hips. Igor isn’t the only one checking her out, Irena is doing the same with Igor admiring his broad shoulders and muscles that can be seen by his fitted blue shirt, his deep brown eyes, and his black hair that sits so perfectly tucked away behind his ear.The interruption of the band taking a break brings Irena and Igor back to reality. Irena looks away trying to hide her blushing but before she does Igor notices. From that moment on he knew that she had peaked his interest in her.

Finding The One

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