The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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The year was 2000 and school was letting out in a few days and Isaac was getting anxious.

‘Hey what’s up.’ Julio said, to Isaac as they fist pumped and greeted one another.

“Nothing much,” Isaac replied, as he stuffed his face with a strawberry pop tart.

‘Yeah, I feel you man, maybe we can make a little plan for later today. Shoot some hoops with the guys or something.’

“Yeah that sounds cool.”

Isaac and Julio walked to school and got in right before the bell rang


“Man, that was close my mom would’ve whipped my ass again if I were late, Isaac said.”

‘Oh yeah and you’d be crying like a little baby Waa, Waa, Waa.’

“Yeah whatever Isaac said, as he shoved Julio a little to get him to cut it out.”

Julio said to Isaac, “I got a plan let’s play Truth or Dare.’

“Fine, whatever, you go first, Isaac said.”


“Is it true you kissed Stacie on the lips?”

‘Yep, but she smacked me really hard and kicked me so it wasn’t worth it.’

‘Truth of Dare Isaac.’


‘Okay I’m going to write a love note here for Mrs. Salblonski and I want you to drop it with the book you’re going to hand in.

“Fine so easy she wouldn’t even know it was me so whatever.”

The boys kept playing and minutes later the principal, the librarian, and a police officer were standing behind Isaac.

‘Come with me the police officer said.’

“Umm okay officer”

‘No talking back young man’

“I’m sorry sir”

Isaac thought to himself I’m going to piss my pants and he started to twinkle a little.

On the way out he handcuffed Isaac, placed him in his car, and took him home.

The Police Officer said to Isaac, ‘look son you’re in some serious shit. You think it’s funny to play jokes about killing people?’

“No sir I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

‘Don’t lie you know exactly what you did!’

“I swear sir I don’t, Isaac shrieked!”

‘We’ll see what your folks have to say about it.’

The car drove up slowly to the house and Mom was waiting.

Mom, he shrieked, ‘I didn’t do it. I promise I don’t play jokes about bombs and stuff like that.’

Mom, kept yelling. ‘You think it’s a joke to hurt other people, you think it’s funny to blow up things.’ ‘Go get the belt!’

That day, Isaac got a whooping like no other. The day that he stopped playing Truth or Dare.

Truth or Dare?

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