The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This was a day where I learned a lot about my dad. This day still sticks with me as it really had an impact on my life and who I turned out to be today.

The part I changed about my postcard was adding more detail to some of the quotes. I noticed when I did this earlier, I kept mention how Jay sr. explained things but I never really got into much detail on what he actually was explaining or not putting in quotes. I went back and revised that as instead of having it very broad, I narrowed it down to what actually happened and not just skimming through it like I originally did. I think the story was being very broad to begin with but adding some distinct detail really helps the reader feel for divested into the story.

It was a beautiful Sunday when Jalat or as people refer to him as Jay Sr. was going to work like he usually would on Sundays. He owned a liquor store that people thought of as a place to hang out because of the atmosphere Jay Sr. had brought to it. He opened the doors as people waited outside for his arrival. As he was going along with his daily routine his son, Jay jr. showed up to bring him lunch. He stuck around for the rest of the day as he had nothing better to do on a Sunday. He observed as his dad was working. This customer came in and was short a couple dollars and Jay Sr. let him have it anyway. His son asked him saying “why did you let him have it? Wont you lose money on it? What if he comes back thinking you’re going to do this for him every time? “Jay sr. explained to his son saying “this is more than just business it’s more of building up a relationship with the customers. I know I won’t be able to compete with the bigger chain names but that’s why you have to take that extra step and build personal relationships so people will come back because of the type of service they were provided with regardless of the price.” Jay Sr.  then jokingly started to question whether or not Jay Jr. was actually going to school for business or not. His son had smiled as he knew he was joking. He explained saying “in order to be able to compete with the bigger guys you have to do something a little bit extra to make people feel they are valued customers. Jay Jr. began to understand why he got the reputation he did. Jay Sr. explained more in depth that business is more than just accumulating cash rather it was a way to build connection as well as build relationships. When Jay Jr. heard this he remembered it instantly.

This meant a lot to Jay Jr. as he was an aspiring business major who recently just started college at Rutgers University in Newark. He knew if he could use the same tactics his father used that he would one day be a successful business man himself. He also uses that in his daily life as he looks a the bigger image and indulges more than just numbers in reality but rather sees the most he can get out of anyone he meets.

Sunday Funday

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