The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This tells the memory of the main character Steve, and how he spent his childhood playing sports in the park.

It was a windy autumn day in Highland Park, Illinois in 1973. "Bye Mom" Steven yelled as he ran out the door. "Don't forget a jacket honey" responded Cynthia as her son ran out the door. Ignoring his mothers request, Steven picked up his bike, which he left laying out in his backyard, and started peddling down the driveway and out on to the street.

After riding for a couple blocks he arrived at his best friend Todd's house. he dropped his bike down and ran up to the door. 'Hi Ms. Margolis, is Todd home?" Steven asked Todd's mother. Before even responding Todd ran out down the steps as if he heard the sound of Stevens voice. "Hey Steve, let's go!" Todd exclaimed in excitement. They both ran out the driveway grabbed their bikes and were off. "Be safe!" yelled out Todd's mother from a distance knowing that her son and his friend weren't listening. 

Todd and Steve were off to the park, which was about a 15 minute ride. They enjoyed riding alongside each other, racing down hills and trying to muster the strength to get up steep ones. The neighborhood was perfect for these two as there were hardly any cars on the road. Once they arrived there were tons of kids their age playing football on the grass field area of the park. Steven and Todd dropped off their bikes in a pile of hundreds of other bikes and joined the game.

It was cold that day, being only 35 degrees, but it was almost as this group of boys couldn’t feel the weather. Next to the pile of bikes, was a pile of jackets each kid took off and threw on the ground. Each one had grass stains and rips or tears in their shirt, but no one cared as they were focused on the game. “It’s starting to get dark and I have to get home soon. Next touchdown wins!” Each kid knew it was time to turn it up a notch, so everyone started to play a little harder.

On this last drive Steve’s team managed to get down the field and in the RedZone. It was 4th down, Steve was the quarterback and started analyzing each match up. He saw Jason was guarding Todd, and he knew Todd was way faster, so I kept his eye on that side of the field. “Blue 80, Blue 80, set….HIKE!” The ball was snapped and Steve dropped back in the pocket. The opposing team brought the pressure with a full-on blitz. Steve scrambled to the right of the field as Todd made a quick 7 yard out and managed to create some space from Jason. With a defender right on his tail, Steven flung the ball to Todd in the endzone, just seconds before getting tackled. The kids watched the ball fly in the air, as if it were in slow motion, then fall into Todd’s hands as we dove in the endzone. Everyone then ran to create a dog-pile on Todd out of excitement in celebration of their victory.

Victory in the Park

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