The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This tells the story of Steve, and his lack of school spirit in his swim meet.

"You find the circumference of the circle by calculating the formula..." Mrs. Davidson said to an uninterested classroom. Steve sat in the back of the class doodling in his notebook and ignoring the teacher. "Yo Steve, we're all skipping english class and going to Stacey's house. Her parents are away. Are you in?" asked big Ed who was a good friend of Steve. "I wish man, I have a swim meet today so I'm out" responded Steve. "RINGGG", rang the bell to end class as Steve watched all his friends run out of school, get in Ed's car and drive away. Steve then went to English class alone.

Another class went by of Steve day dreaming and making pointless drawings in his notebook. After class Steve packed up his backpack and reluctantly walked down the stairs to the locker room to get ready for his swim meet. Steve loved to swim but the lack of motivation from his teammates as well as lack of support from the school made the experience less enjoyable. "Alright guys once you're all changed, get to the pool for stretching and warm ups" the coach said with minimal enthusiasm. 

After a few races, it was time for Steve's event. "In lane 4 for Harriton High School, Steve Schwane" the announcer said mispronouncing Steve's name. At this point Steve didn't let it bother him. Steve knew who he was going up against and. Brandon Needle, the best at breaststroke in PA. Steve wasn’t scared, he was excited for the challenge. The two make eye contact, size each other up, then put their goggles on and get in position. “3, 2, 1," *BANG* yelled the announcer followed by the sound to start the race.” Steve and Brandon leapt off the podium into the water with graceful dives, both moving like fish quickly and efficiently in the water. Brandon got down to the other end of the pool first, but Steve was on his tail. With just one more length to go in the race Steve turned it up to another level, going 110%. Brandon and Steve touched the wall at what seemed like the exact same time. Both immediately shot up and glanced at the scoreboard. Steve won by a hair and he pounded the water in excitement. He looked up to one solo fan clapping quietly. He put his head down and swam over to the side line to join his uninterested team.

School Spiritless

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