The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This tells the story of Steve and him studying for his final in law school

"As we see in McColluh vs. Maryland, the precedent states...." The professor was interrupted by the bell signifying to end class. "Don't forget your final exam is tomorrow. You're responsible for all the material we've learned this semester. Best of luck." 

Steve packed up his bag as his classmate approached him. "What do you think Steve? How scared are you?" Trisha asked. "Well, at least I slept 2 nights because I know I'm not sleeping tonight." Steve responded. Trisha laughed and responded "Give me a ring if you have any questions or want to talk through anything." 

Steven went back to his studio one bed room apartment. It was a mess as he had no time to clean. There were dishes in the sink, clothes scattered around the room, his bed was not made but he didn't care about any of that. All that was on his mind was this final.

He goes over to his old coffee maker, which hasn't been washed in sometime. He pours in water and puts in coffee grounds to make another pot. He walks away as the coffee begins to brew, but it started making that uncomfortable sound again with no coffee pouring out. Steve gives it a kind of aggressive tap on the side and coffee begins to pour into the pot. He clears off his tiny desk in the corner of the room which was covered in notebooks and loose leaf paper from his studying from nights prior.

He walks back over to the coffee pot, takes a mug out of the dish washer unsure of if it was clean or dirty, rinses it out and pours himself a cup. He sets his mug down on the desk and takes out several old, and dusty textbooks and plops them down on his desk. He lets out a sigh and then gets to work.

Hours would go by without Steve even picking his head up. The only time he would leave his desk was to refill his coffee mug as he never let it get empty. The only time he would stop writing would be to stretch his hand out from getting writing cramps or the occasional putting his head in his hands realizing how nervous he was for this exam. It was dark in the room the blinds were shut and no sunlight could come in so Steve couldn’t even tell what time it was.

He then heard the “RINGGG” of his alarm signifying to him it was time to get ready for his exam. He had not slept, he had not eaten, he had not moved in 12 hours. He goes over to his bathroom window, eyes blood shot, hair a mess but Steve does not care. He brushes his teeth and leaves for the exam.

He walked over to class got in his seat next to Trisha, who appeared to be in the same condition he was in. "You ready?" Steve asked. "As ready, as I'll ever be" Trisha responded. "The exam is being distributed please stop speaking." Steve received his exam and went to work, the rest was history.

The Final

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