The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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My mom, Diane, moved out of Philadelphia and into the suburbs of Bucks County when she was 12. It was a huge change in her life and it felt like she was starting a completely new life.

It was a sunny day, the moving truck was fully packed, and Diane and her siblings had to say goodbye to their childhood home. She lived her first 12 years of life in a small row home in Northeast Philadelphia. “Goodbye bedroom! She yelled as she closed the door. It was small, just enough room for their two twin beds. “Goodbye backyard” she shouted;  it was only about 8 by 10 feet of concrete. “Goodbye home!” she cried as she walked down their 4 foot front lawn that was just a steep hill into a busy, traffic-filled road. Her parents never let her play in the front yard because of all of the cars, they always said it was too dangerous. 

They set out to Southampton, a suburb in Bucks County about 40 minutes away to start their new life. The drive felt like forever because she was so nervous to see her new home. Upon arriving, she noticed there were so many kids playing in the street, with their parents nowhere to be found. She asked her mom “isn’t this dangerous?” and her mom laughed, “sweetie it is much different here, your father and I won't have to worry as much now.” 

The truck pulled up to her house and there was a huge front yard with flowers and so much room for activities, she was now getting so excited. “This is the greenest grass I’ve ever seen!” she said with excitement. Her siblings and her ran into the house “I call picking my room first!” her brother Jim shouted. Her mother assured them that there were enough rooms for all of them to have their own room; Diane thought, “it can’t get any better than this!” Instead of running to the rooms because she knew she was the youngest and would get last choice, she decided to explore. 

The house was huge and it felt like she could almost get lost in it for hours. She walked into the basement and saw the sliding door to the backyard. It was the biggest yard she had ever seen, “this looks just like grandma’s farm!” she yelled, giving up on containing her excitement. The grass was glistening, it almost looked sparkly, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

There was a big playset, a swing that all of her siblings could fit on at once, and miles of woods behind the backyard that she could not wait to explore. She started to walk into the woods, “dang it's cold in here” as she entered into the shade. She heard the rustling of the trees, “ nope this is not for a city girl” she laughed as she ran back toward the house. Little did she know, the woods would have a trail to their neighborhood pool and community center, which they would spend every summer day swimming and playing basketball and tennis, making so many new friends.

The air smelled fresh and clean. Instead of hearing the honking of cars in rush hour traffic, she heard other children laughing and playing. She stopped for a minute to just close her eyes and take in all of the new sounds and smells; this was home now and she could not be more excited.

A New Life

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