The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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My mother described what growing up in the middle of nowhere consisted of. All the spooks, creatures, and visitors.

Living in the middle of nowhere does not mean that the nights are quiet. While Vicki could not hear ambulances and police cars zoom down the street and hear the drunken screams of nearby pedestrians, she could hear the violins played by grasshoppers and the chirping of cicadas strum through the night. On one night, in particular, Vicki was caught tossing in turning in her salt-box childhood home. 

The air was thick and sticky and the wildlife that should have been outside of her window seemed to be creeping inside her childhood bedroom. Despite her ceiling fan on full blast, she could still feel sweat droplets running down her face and matting her hair on her pillowcase. With a big huff, she threw her head deeper into her pillow to muffle a frustrated scream. 

“I’m so sick of living here! I can’t get sleep for the life of me!” She screamed in her mind. With an aggravated thrust of her body, she stumbled out of bed to use the bathroom. Through groggy eyes, she stumbled into the bathroom and with all the lights off Vicki shimmied her nightgown up and plopped onto the toilet seat. “Sweet release,” Vicki thought. 

Her stream began and she started to feel an odd sensation. Under her butt, in the toilet bowl, something was not right. She felt a slight tickling on her cheeks and Vicki realized that she was not the only thing in that bathroom. Vicki jolted off of the toilet seat flying high into the air without ending her stream of pee. She snapped around and saw a furry friend with beady eyes peering up at her as if she was the one in the wrong. A baby squirrel, completely soaked on its head had found its way into her toilet bowl. A warm puddle had formed at Vicki’s feet and snapped her out of her astonished gaze. “I just pissed. On a live squirrel. In my home.” Vicki shrieked to herself. 

Covered in pee, Vicki sprinted out of the bathroom to her brother’s room and with a yell, she woke him up out of his deep sleep. “GET. THE. DAMN. SQUIRREL!” 

“Wha-what are you talking about spazz?” Billy, Vicki’s brother mumbled, still half asleep.

Hysterical, Vicki broke down and told him what happened. Billy started laughing at the top of his lungs and muttered, “Yea happened to me before, but I noticed it BEFORE I peed. Just open the window and shut the door it’ll be gone by morning.” 

With a huff, Vicki did as Billy said, and went back to her room, but not before cursing the baby squirrel off. She laid back down and stared at the ceiling fan that was still on full blast. “I need to get the heck out of this zoo-like town,” she thought as she drifted off. That night, Vicki dreamed of the big city where instead of squirrels popping out of toilets, it was rats.  

Baby Squirrel

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