The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I interviewed my mom in the home I grew up in.  She was captivated by the storm and is reminded of the fond memories she spent in the Outer Banks growing up.

Dad finally started to bring us back to the shore of Lake Nockamixon. I was lying next to my younger sister Danielle and our dog Meggan, watching the waves crash against our boat. Through the silence and crisp air of the November afternoon, a gust of wind struck the boat and forced us into the water. We capsized. 

The rush of the icy cold water covered every inch of my body… everything happened so quick it felt as though the lake water was running through my veins. The sudden shock stopped my brain for a second. Until I finally heard, “Kathy, Danielle, help the dog!” yelled Dad. I frantically scanned around me and saw Danielle splashing and swimming towards Meggan. 

Meggan was swimming circles around the capsized boat. Floating for minutes in the water with assistance from our huge yellow life-vests, Dad finally told us what to do; Danielle and I were instructed to tow the boat to shore ourselves. With a rope, we struggled to swim and pull the boat with us to shore. 

Dad’s tolerance for this day slowly began to run out. When he and the dog finally came ashore, he allowed Danielle and I to leave the boat capsized in the water and come to dry land. The darkness of the night made it difficult to figure out our location. Dad led our shivering, wet bodies to the closest home he saw. 

The young couple at the door of the warm, cozy home welcomed us in. Dad used the cord phone to reach Mom to tell her about what happened. As time passed, before the sun set, Mom drove the station wagon to the lake to rescue us from the day.

Capsized on Lake Nockamixon

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