The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I interviewed my mom in the home I grew up in.  This is the story of the first time my mom went to Ireland - as someone of Irish decent, she fondly remembers how it felt to visit the country.

My eyes gazed out of the small, rectangular window across the famous forty-shades of green landscape. I was so excited to finally arrive that the exhaustion I should be feeling from my lack of sleep on the red-eye flight was not impacting me. 

“We have just landed in Shannon. Thank you for choosing to fly with Aer Lingus. You’ll be able to claim your baggage at carousel 6A. Enjoy your stay. ” 

Upon hearing the announcement, I quickly assembled my things and directed my daughters off the plane. We eagerly wandered through the airport in search of Hertz. When we eventually found it, we awaited the keys to our new rental car. It seemed as if it took them hours to finalize the paperwork and to send us on our way. Once we finally packed up the car, we drove towards our cottage in County Limerick. 

The long, gravel driveway was surrounded by huge plots of land containing several herds of cows. When we reached the end of the driveway, we were greeted by Mollie, our temporary neighbor’s border collie. 

The small yellow cottage was soon occupied with our luggage for the following two amazing weeks.

We entered the home, filled with a cozy sense of home. Sunlight poured in from the tall, floor-to-ceiling windows and displayed the cows grazing in the green pasture. The open land seemed to go on for miles. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw a mug being offered to me, the smell of fresh air and coffee filled the air - Olivia handed me the cup of coffee and gave me a smile, “It feels like home, Mom.”

The Trip of a Lifetime

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