The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I interviewed Suzanne at her home in Palm Beach, FL. Her move to New York was a key turning point in her life and she never moved back to St. Louis.

Pursuing A New Life

Sue always dreamed of moving to New York City. She grew up watching The Mary Tyler Moore show, and was inspired to pursue her dreams of being a single woman living in a big city. She believed if she could make it there, she could make it anywhere! However, it wasn’t common in the 70’s for a single girl from the mid-west to move to New York City to pursue a career.

A year after graduating Washington University with a degree in fashion design, her friend Terre convinced her to move to the Big Apple. “Anything is possible, and dreams come true if we work hard and believe!” Terre would say.

The two of them loaded up a U-Haul Sue had rented and attempted to squeeze all their possessions in including a ficus tree that was five feet tall. It was quite a sight to seeing that school bus yellow, Toyota Corolla car pulling such large U-Haul. As it slowly rolled down the driveway away from Sue’s childhood home, the sun was warm on their backs and they were ready for an adventure! Terre screamed, “Yahoo! New York City here we come!”

Getting ready for the long drive from St. Louis, Missouri to New York City Sue and Terre planned the journey with some fun sightseeing in mind. One of their stops was outside of Chicago to stay with Sue’s friend, Mary.

At the time, Sue and Terre didn’t realize that the south side of Chicago was dangerous. One of her most memorable moments took place around midnight when they realized that their gas tank was running low. They started to get nervous and knew they had to find a Gas Station sooner than later! They were a hot mess and relieved when they came upon a 24-hour Gas Station. However, the elderly gentleman who limped over to fill their tank was not happy to see two young girls by themselves at the late hour. He kindly warned the pair, “You girls have to get the hell out of town after I finish filling up your tank. It’s too dangerous for you to be here. You ladies could get shot!” As soon as he filled their tank with gas, they drove like crazy maniacs out of the south side of Chicago and headed straight to Mary’s apartment outside of Chicago. They both were exhausted and immediately passed out on the lumpy old pull-out couch in Mary’s Living room. The next morning hey woke with aches and pains but were so happy to have survived their midnight adventure in the South side of Chicago!

Pursuing a New Life

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