The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I interviewed Carol for this story during dinner one spring night. In the story she talks about her beloved child hood pet Sam, the Airedale.

It was the middle of summer as Carol looked down the long freshly paved asphalt road. The sun bounced off the boiling asphalt leaving a mirage above the street that could only be seen from a distance. Wiping the sweat from her forehead Carol turned down Fremont street before eventually reaching her home. As she walked up her long red brick drive way she noticed the empty dog house with “SAM” carved above it’s entrance. This was nothing new. Sam was Carol's dog, an Airedale who was usually gone most hours of the day only to return home at night to sleep. While he was away from his family most of the day Sam had an impressive reputation in their small town of Cheboygan, Michigan. Known for wandering the streets downtown and being a notorious troublemaker while not exactly a good boy in the traditional sense, he still was loved by nearly everyone and seen as a part of the small town's culture.  

Passing the dog house, she climbed the steps leading to the small porch that proceeded the front door. As she reached the top step she heard stopped, hearing a distant whimpering. Turning around to investigate she followed the cry’s back down the driveway and onto the street. This is where she saw the source of the noise, Sam. Who instead of sporting his wiry, black and tan coat was covered in a shiny, black syrup. Approaching Sam she put her hand on him only to notice that it had hardened and was restricting his movements like a set of armor. Screaming now she ran towards the house immediately receiving the attention of her older  brother, Tom. 

“What’s wrong?” Tom said, concerned.

Distraught and Unable to speak through her sobbing, Carol pointed towards Sam who was slowly attempting to waddle up the driveway. As soon as Tom realized what he was looking at he immediately sprung into action. Running towards Sam and picking him up like a lap dog, he inspected the substance. Quickly Tom realized that the mystery material that had covered Sam’s body, was wet asphalt that was now drying. Within minutes of the discovery Sam was no longer covered in the asphalt that was slowly constricting him and was running freely around their yard. Unfortunately as a result he was shaved down to his skin, making him ressemble less of a family dog and more of a monster that would be at home in a crypt.  

Dog Days

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