The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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 I interviewed my sister Alexis at her home in Virginia Beach, over Zoom.  She decided to elaborate upon her finding out she was pregnant, with my now three year old nephew, during that time. She thought this memory would always be her favorite moment in time.

It was a brisk, bright morning of December. The ground was covered in an endless amount of snow and the wind was sharp.  Alexis had spent the whole night tossing and turning in their king sized bed. She just felt different. Something about her body was more than changing. Although it was a small subtle hint, she just knew something was off. She couldn’t place her finger on what was wrong, but she just knew it wasn’t the usual “day-to-day” functions. Staring at the pasty white ceiling, she stared off into space and waited until it was time for her to get ready for the day ahead of her. 

Clutching her scarf and jacket while striding into the office, she sat behind her vomit-colored cubicle. All day she couldn’t focus on her tasks, nor could she maintain her typical conversation with the girls on her floor. Everything just felt so forced considering she wasn’t mentally present in the moment. She got up a few times to go to the bathroom, and once for lunch. The longer she sat at her desk, she became uneasy. “Food poisoning?” She thought to herself, while glancing at her half-eaten sushi she ordered not too long ago. “There’s no way that would’ve set in that quickly.” She thought, in an attempt to reassure herself. The longer she sat and ate, she became queasy. 

She abruptly rose out of her office chair and ran to the bathroom. She sat there for a few minutes and got herself together. She soon realized she was better off just going home for the rest of the day, and stopping by Urgent Care. She filled out a few forms and soon made her way to back, where they took a few blood tests and pee samples. The Doctor greeted her with a comforting smile and ushered her to the examination room. 

“Well, congrats Mrs. Nickels. You’re going to be a mother!” Alexis nearly fainted. “Congrats?” she questioned. This couldn’t be real life. She swore up and down she was a victim of a prank war, and she was waiting for someone to bring the cameras. Her body instantly went limp, she felt heavy. After composing herself, she was more than excited to tell her husband. This moment was big for both of them. She knew the wait was worth it, even after nine years. She soon rushed home and tried to collect herself. She knew Freddie was going to be excited, but she didn’t know how she was going to announce the news to him. 

Finally standing in front of her husband, she couldn’t contain herself any longer. Sitting in their armchair, Freddie was focused on the Basketball game in front of him. “We’re having a baby!” she blurted out. Confusion quickly came over his face, but was soon followed by tears of excitement. “No way!” he responded. They sat and recounted all the times they waited for this very moment. They finally had their miracle baby. 

Miracle Baby

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