The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This is significant because they were my mother's second child and they have cerebral palsy.

Days for Carmen were always busy at age 25, she had a little 6-year-old at home, was pregnant with her second child, but to top it all off she was working 6 days a week managing the Domino’s on 167th and Morris Ave in New York City. Being pregnant once again was a surprise, but the nausea had hit her like a freight train, and she just knew, she was expecting. Even though she could barely keep anything down she was excited to meet her sweet bundle of joy. For Carmen working in the food industry was the most unfavorable part of this whole ordeal because the smell of marinera sauce made the nausea worse, but she worked through it because she always tried her best to provide for her family.  

Throughout the pregnancy the only thing the young mom could keep down were egg rolls and ice. ‘Funny, I used to hate these before.’ She would think to herself, every time she would eat yet another egg roll, rubbing her stomach with a grin.  Then the unexpected happened, a pool of fluid hit the floor, as her water broke 12 WEEKS EARLY. "What this wasn't supposed to happen now," the concern clearly evident in her voice. She called her boyfriend, Jesus, "Jesus my water just broke I need you to take me to the hospital!" One the other side of the phone call Jesus just laughed. He was older than Carmen, age 31, but still the couple started a bit young.

"I'm not gonna fall for it this time Carmen." Jesus said still laughing. "Even funnier the second time." With that he hung up. See two days earlier was April Fools' Day and the mom had pranked everyone saying that the baby was coming early. In hindsight she probably jinxed it, so maybe that wasn't such a good idea. So, she had to call herself a cab to get to Jacobi Hospital. And at 3:07PM on April 3, 2000 the baby was born at 30 weeks. 

"Mommy, I know you are lying because if I was a big sister then why can't I meet the baby?" Kassandra, Carmen's first born, asked stomping her feet. So, Carmen had to explain to the little girl that the baby was too small to bring home because they could get hurt. The couple would go to the hospital any chance they could to visit their baby. The hospital stay took a huge toll on the family and Jesus started working a lot more, even taking up a truck driving job. But after some time by July Carmen was allowed to bring her baby, Kailin home. In the time that the baby was in the hospital, she found out that they had cerebral palsy and that they would need a lot of help growing up. Carmen started working a lot more so that she could make sure that she had enough for both of her children even if one needed a little more. Because at the end of the day these children were her little miracles, and she wanted to make sure to set a good example for the two of them.

Miracle in the City

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