The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This moment taught me that competitive atmospheres are not enough to overcome the comradery of  a tight knit family.

Dear Grandpa Ray,

Since as long back as I can remember you were always quoting the famous outlaw John Wayne. "Saddle up them horses, we're moving out". With a charasmatic ora, you were always there to lead our family in the right direction. I'll always remember going with you to the Bellmont Race track  on your birthday when I was eight years old. I was overwhelmed with excitment as our family spent a day at the track cheering on our picks. As I look back on my childhood I don't remember winning or loosing that day. However I do remember how you brought unity to our family. As the patriarch your postive energy was contagious throughout our whole family.

Love your granchildren,

Derek, Jon, and Keith

saddle up them horses we’re moving out

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